9 Best Christmas Tree Stands In 2021 — An Unbiased Review

Christmas without a Christmas tree inside or outside your home does not feel like an occasion. Whether you place outside or inside, you need a proper Christmas tree stand to fix the tree. The tree can be artificial or natural because most of the stands have the feature to accommodate gallons of water. In fact, a Christmas tree stand is a perfect gift to give. Buying a quality Christmas tree stand is necessary because a Christmas tree is quite tall and heavy, and the stand must be able to withstand it with full safety. A mishap can not only ruin the occasion but also put lives in danger. Therefore, we have handpicked the best Christmas tree stands of different prices and capacities so that you can select the best out of these as per your requirements. Check out these best Christmas tree stands below.

List Of Best Christmas Tree Stands In 2021

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#9. Rotating Christmas Tree Stand For Artificial Trees

Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for Artificial Trees


This is a rotating Christmas tree stand. This four-legged tree stand is perfect for artificial looks. You can use this stand for accommodating a tree of seven and a half foot length and a base of 1-1/4 inches. The stand can hold a tree up to 80 pounds in weight. Moreover, this is a rotating tree stand which you can adjust based on your tree weight. There are also three settings in the base which are very easy to operate. Besides, you can change the settings or rotate your tree while the light is still on.

You can use the on and off set for rotation or changing any setting of the stand. Furthermore, the rotating stand is very convenient so that you can view your tree from all angles. It can rotate 365 degrees and can complete about ¾ circles every minute. You can also power the stand up to 400 watts. You can use the stand for the decoration of your Christmas tree. The stand is easy to reassemble. Besides, the stand is durable and quite sturdy for use.

#8. Christmas Tree Stand- No Screws

Omega Christmas Tree Stand- No Screws

By: Omega Plastics Inc.

This Christmas tree stand is very durable and easy to assemble. It has no screws so that you can set up quickly at home. The clamps on the tree stand to make it possible to hold the tree securely at the base. The stand has nylon clamps which are unbreakable, and overall, the stand is also quite sturdy too. You can fix a 10 feet tree on the Christmas tree stand. The stand can hold up to 1-gallon water. Moreover, you can store it very easily as the stand is collapsible. The pot and legs of the stand are made of durable copolymer resin. You can use it indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the material also does not make any scratch on the floor. The sturdy material also does not crack at low temperature and is leak proof. The leg span of the stand is about 30 inches which are very large and can accommodate larger trees. The base design is such that the trunk can sit easily and securely on it. The stand is very easy to set up and does not take much space when the parts are separated.

#7. Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Santa's Solution Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand

By: The Christmas Tree Company

This is a stand made of solid steel. The steel stand is very sturdy and durable. It can comfortably accommodate an 8 feet tree. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. The base of the tree stand is so constructed so that the weight of the tree is evenly distributed throughout the stand. It easily absorbs the weight of the tree so that the base is secure. When you place the tree on the stand, it has a centering system so that it creates the perfect balancing system for the tree. As a result, the stand holds the tree securely at the base.

The steel body also has a powder coat paint finish. This gives a stylish look and elegance to the Christmas stand. Besides, it also provides strength and durability to the structure. The steel body is also lightweight so that you can set up the stand at any corner of your house. You can use the stand for holding a big Christmas tree for the festive season.

#6. Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand

Good Tidings CNCC163 Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand

By: Good Tidings

This is a tabletop Christmas tree stand. This is a sturdy tree stand which can hold a tree trunk of 3 inches diameter. It has a reservoir which can hold up to 0.75 gallons of water. The water reservoir is enough to keep your tree fresh and hydrated. The stand body has polypropylene construction so that it is sturdy and strong. Moreover, the stand comes with rust-proof spikes, so you do not have to worry about rusting. The stand has plastic bolts which are easy to use and turn for easy setting.

If you want a small tree for decorating inside your house, this tabletop stand is perfect for the occasion. Even for a small Christmas tree stand, it can hold water so that you can keep the trees looking fresh. Moreover, you can fix sturdier trees in the stand as it can adjust to the tree securely. You can easily put the stand on your table or desk. It can hold any tree and would look very pretty sitting on your table or tool. It is one of the best Christmas tree stands to opt for.

#5. Emerald Innovations Swivel Straight Tree Stand

Good Tidings Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand For 10' Tree

By: Good Tidings

This stand is very good for holding a 10 feet tall Christmas tree. The stand can fit your tree easily, and the weight of the tree is spread evenly on the stand. The stand is made of a polymer which protects the stand from rust. The material also does not cause any harm to the floors or crack to the stand material. Besides, the stand has larger bolts and has a screw tightening system. With this method, you can easily set up the Christmas tree stand.

You can also adjust a tree of about 5-inch diameter in the separate trunk receptacle in the stand. There is also a separate water reservoir which can hold water up to 3.5 quarts. It eliminates the need for constant refilling of the water reservoir. There are also drain-slots provided in the stand. It helps to prevent water spills and also prevents the area from getting messy. With the help of screws, you can easily set up and install the Christmas tree stand in your house. The material used to make a stand is strong and durable and prevents crack or damage to the tree stand.

#4. Express Tree Stand Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand For Up To 10' Trees

By: Good Tidings

This Christmas tree stand has the capacity to hold the real trees with a trunk diameter of 7-inch. The stand, without any doubt, can hold up to a 10-feet tall tree. You can get a water reservoir inside of this Christmas stand. This reservoir can hold up to 2 gallons of water with ease. It is a medium-size tree stand. Additionally, with the support of the push-pull ratchet mechanism, you can spontaneously install and remove the tree from the tree stand. Before the final set up, the galvanized pins in the middle of the base centralizes and safely lock the tree in the stand.

Moreover, the stand looks amazing with the leather-coated finish with the reinforced screw holes and an intense tumble protector. The total weight of this tree stand is 4.6 pounds. The tree stand is constructed with robust plastic material. Besides, this Christmas stand has a prolonged shelf life. The item also requires almost zero maintenance, and you can use it year after year, without trouble.

#3. 29 Inch Rolling Tree Stand

TreeKeeper, TK-10259, 29 Inch Rolling Tree Stand

By: TreeKeeper

The main advantage of this Christmas tree stand is that it has four rolling wheels for easy shifting. This tree stand can effortlessly hold up the tree with a length of 6 to 9-feet. The product is ideal for artificial trees. A pair of locking castor helps to maintain the position of the tree with the correct protection. The inner collar design also provides safety to the tree trunk. This 29-inch width of the tree stand can easily hold the tree trunk of the same diameter. With the aid of the six-point bolt feature, the tree stand also keeps the tree in the straight and safeguarded position.

You can simply add an additional height of 2.90-inch of the Christmas tree from the floor. The support bracket has a height of 7-1/2-inch. The stand is made of durable plastic for convenient storage and mobility. This stand is durable enough to last longer. You can also easily set up and take down this tree stand. It is the ultimate money saver. It is one of the best Christmas tree stands on the list.

#2. Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand


This imported quality Christmas tree stand is constructed with the welded steel. They stand gracefully holds the tree with the maximum height of 12-feet. It can also hold the tree trunk with 7-inch of maximum diameter. The tree stand can also expand the legs up to 29.75-inch. This tree holder is capable of holding 1.7 gallons of water in the artificial basin of the stand. The four pieces of T-nut tipped eye bolt successfully holds the tree standing still with safety. Moreover, the steel spike base provides a proper steadiness to the tree stand.

This is a stand with superb durability and needs a minimum amount of maintenance. The cylindrical steel legs are strong enough to bear the hefty load of the tree without any bending over. It does not cause misplacing. The hardware of this tree stand is of decay-proof ‘gold-tone’ zinc-dichromate. This Christmas tree stand is ideal for the larger trees. Furthermore, the power-coating finish of this tree stand makes it resistant to rust and gives additional durability.

#1. Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

By: Krinner

This is one of the bestselling Christmas tree stands on the list. The stand has a sturdy construction, and there are various sizes available to choose from to fix your tree perfectly. You have to use the foot pedal system to set up the Christmas tree in less than a few minutes. Therefore, there is no extra assembling required with no screw to tighten. To be specific, the tree stand has a 20-inch diameter, and the base weight is 18 pounds. Therefore, it can make the heavy trees stand without any risk.

As a matter of fact, it is a perfect fit for a Christmas tree up to 12 feet tall and 7 inches in diameter. It can retain as much as 2.5 gallons of water. There is also an automatic water level indicator which is very convenient to prevent water overflow. The product is made in Germany, and that is why you can trust its quality. You can use it to place artificial as well as natural Christmas trees. The base also has a deep green coating which goes well with the Christmas theme. Besides, his green coating also prevents rusting and corrosion making it highly durable.


As far as the quality of the construction goes, all the above best Christmas tree stands have the best possible structure. But while buying, you have to check the height of the Christmas tree the stand of your choice can withstand. There are different sizes available, and the base diameter is also an important consideration for stability as well as from space availability perspective. They are very easy to set up, and you do not need a professional to set it up for you. Some of them have motors to make the tree rotate.

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