12 Best Christmas Light Projectors — Unbiased Review In 2021

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The Christmas season is around the corner, and you, like many other people, are not only anxious but also excited about the festive season. You are looking forward to decorating the house as part of the merrymaking. However, one thing you will agree with me is that fitting the decorations can be a chore. You need to install countless balloons, ribbons, lights, figurines, and many other things. This not only takes the right amount of effort but time as well. You also cannot forget that you will need to remove the decorations once the holiday is over. A better way of getting the same effect but using minimal effort by investing in the best Christmas light projector.

This accessory will emit amazing colors, patterns, and effects, too, make the surrounding lively. What’s more, you only need a single piece instead of many lights. There are all types of options in the market. However, not every item will be okay. You may fall victim to cheap knockoffs that are not energy efficient or breakdown sooner rather than later. In this review, we have outlined the best Christmas light projectors in 2021.

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List Of Best Christmas Light Projectors In 2021

#12. Christmas Projector Laser Lights

By: Fiery Youth

This light projector is fully loaded with many lighting patterns. This helps to not only make the surrounding more lively but also to spread the Christmas spirit. The lights are made of heat resilient materials and are unlikely it melt or burnout. What’s more, they didn’t get very hot during use, and this helps to keep the surrounding cool. The quality pieces have good coverage of 2100 square feet, and one piece is enough for most applications.

To make installation and removal easy, this projector is very basic and does not have unnecessary frills. Even an amateur can fit it who has never handled such kind of light before. And to improve functionality as well as convenience, this piece also comes with handy remote control.

#11. Laser Christmas Lights Outdoor Projector

By: Cheriee

If you want a powerful and reliable light projector for Christmas, you have certainly found it. The Cheriee light projector is very famous in the market and has been around for some time. You have probably seen it in homes, schools, offices, vacation homes, and many other replaces. One of its mains positives is the vibrant colors that go a long way in enhancing the mood in the surrounding. It can cover up to 800 square feet and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The changing lights together with the unique lighting effects are even more effective than the traditional way of using decorations like ribbons, balloons, and lights. On top of that, this piece sets up in very few minutes. You just need to identify the location, hook it to power, and turn it on. You also can program it you suit your desires.

#10. Projector Lights With 12 Pattern Gobos


Coming with 12 lighting patterns, this projector light should make the Chrisman’s season memorable and joyous. It has 12 pieces that emit different light colors and keep changing to enhance the appeal. The unit is resilient to the weather and environmental factors. It can be used indoors and outdoors. You also get different shapes and designs that are symbolic of the season. These include heart shape, Santa, snowflake, clover, star, high heel, butterfly, pigeon, skeleton, Christmas tree, and maple leaf.

It is made from waterproof materials to endure moisture and wet conditions whereas the simple design improves the setup. The unit covers a surface of 300 square feet and is energy efficient to keep power bills low. Besides Christmas, this light projector is also useful in Halloween, disco, banquet, weddings, clubs, KTV, family parties, and bars.

#9. Christmas Laser Lights With 18 Patterns


This projector light is certainly, what will add the merry to the cosines festivity in your home. You can also use it in other places including the business premise, holiday home, and mobile home. Thanks to its unique lighting effects, it will look amazing in different settings. The 18 color patterns look amazing and improve the ambiance. On top of that, the lights are long-lasting, and you will certainly use this piece in many Christmas festivities.

The lighting effects come in a broad range of colors to bring out a crisp and vivid effect. In addition, they have amazing coverage and should work well in small, medium as well as large spaces. To give you had better control, the piece features a responsive remote control that can be operated from as far as 15 meters.

#8. Laser Lights Christmas LED Projector Star Laser Shower


Why struggle to decorate your home, office, or another place with many decorative pieces? With this Christmas light projector, you will still make the surrounding lovely within a short time. Simply select the right position, place it, turn it on, and let it do the rest of the work. It features many lighting effects that are symbolic of the festive seasons. It also boasts of many colors to add the merry to the occasion.

Setting up the unit is easy, thanks to the simple design. The included instructions are also simple and even a complete beginner should be able to install the accessory. Other than Christmas, this piece is also suitable for Halloween and other functions.

#7. Outdoor Projection Light With Stake

By: Lighting Store Diret

Featuring Christmas themed patterns, this light projector should be finding its way into your Christmas decoration options. You’ll see Santa, Elk, Snowflake .and more. The Coherent Animation Effects is what brings the room to life and will especially appeal to kids and the youthful. The unit is safe for use outdoors and indoors thanks to the waterproof nature. For outdoor use, you get a stake to support it.

It has good coverage and consumes little power, the unit works with 120 V AC power and does not emit too much heat. This helps to keep the surrounding cool and also extend the lifespan of the projector.

#6. Waterproof Halloween & Christmas Projector Lights

By: Jeniulet

Decorating for Christmas is simpler and less stressful when using this light projector. It is small, compact, and can be placed in many different positions. The unit emits different light and patens to vary the surrounding to your desires. All you need is to place it near a power outlet or use a power extension, select the right mode, and then it run automatically.

It uses 120 V AC power has a coverage of up to 322 square foot. The efficient energy lights only consume 0.5 amps of power. You, therefore, don’t need to fear that the power bills will escalate. The waterproof piece is okay for the indoors and outdoors. And apart from X-mas, it’s also appropriate for Halloween, family Parties, Clubs, and Weddings.

#5. Christmas Laser Lights

By: Auxiwa

Decorating your home, office, or any other place during Christmas should not struggle. With this christmas light projector, it will take lesser time and effort. However, the outcome will be amazing and festive. It can be placed ion many locations and won’t take up too much space. This is attributed to its compact space-saving design. It works instantly and emits good illumination to suit different environments.

The Plug and Play piece just needs connecting to a power outlet and switching it on. You also have several modes to pick from, depending on your desires. The Green and Red laser lights can reach as far as 600 square feet and are ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

#4. Halloween & Christmas Projector Lights With 2-In-1 Moving Patterns


The Ocean Wave Halloween Christmas Projector will make Christmas merrier and more memorable. It’s good for the home, business premises, vacation home, and mobile home. The vibrant and unique lighting effects look amazing in various environments. This is due to the 10 color and 12 Slides. On top of that, the waterproof lights are perfect for outdoors and indoors.

The broad color range brightens the mood while the energy-efficient bulbs consume little energy. The projector relays the illumination on a 10-15 feet surface. Moreover, the remote control is effective from as far as 40 feet. Installation is easy, and you also get a stake for outdoor use.


Coming with several illuminations and patterns, this projector will add fun and life to Chrisman. It is okay for outdoor and indoor applications and is also waterproof (IP65) to endure the wet environment. The different light colors and patterns improve the mood while the LED characteristic keeps energy consumption low.

The unit covers a surface of 600 square feet and operates from 100 feet. For easy operation, it comes with a multifunction remote and has a wireless RF controller that works from as far as 50 feet. It’s also fit for Halloween, disco, banquet, weddings, clubs, KTV, family parties and bars.

#2. As Seen on TV Motion Laser Lights Star Projector

By: Star Shower

If you wish for a vibrant and colorful Christmas light projector, you can count on this piece. The Star Shower unit is popular and ranks among the most reliable. It’s appropriate for homes, schools, offices, vacation homes, and other places. Installation is easy and simple, and you don’t need-scaling ladders on steeping on benches or stools. The item has good coverage and produces good illumination. It’s fit for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Thanks to the unique lighting effects, the mood and ambiance in the room will be joyous and lively. Furthermore, this best Christmas light projector is less labor-intensive in comparison to the traditional decorations. However, the effects are better. Assembly is very easy and requires no tools. Simply pick a location, connect to power, choose amide, and leave the rest to the projector.

#1. Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector With Wireless Remote Controller

By: 1 BY ONE

This light projector provides amazing illuminations and many lighting patterns. This makes the surrounding fun and vibrant. The lights are durable and heat resistant to prevent burnout or melting. What’s more, they operate automatically, and you have several lighting modes to select from.

The unit has a 2100 square-feet coverage and works with a remote that operates from as far as 25 feet. For quick, easy installation, this projector is simple. Even a novice won’t struggle to install it. Removal is also easy, and it’s also energy efficient. Other than for Christmas, the accessory is also ideal for Parties, Halloween, Landscape, and Garden Decoration, among other situations.

In Conclusion

Theirs goes our brief reviews of the top Christmas light projectors. Our team of experts spent many hours comparing, evaluating, listening to consumers, and talking to experts. In addition, as evident from the ratings and comments, the above pieces are, without a doubt, the best ion the market. They produce bright colors to liven the event. Are made of top-grade materials to handle the applications and are energy-efficient to minimize power usage.

What’s more, the pieces are easy to install even by a novice, and in case of challenges, the manufacturer includes simple instructions in the package. Removal, just like installation, takes a very short time. It also does not require tools or lots of knowledge. In addition, thanks too theory basic and simple nature, you only need a piece or two to create the perfect environment. If you desire the best Christmas light projectors in 2021, then you will find this review quote handy. Pick one or few of them, and enjoy this Christmas to the max.

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