Top 12 Best Cheap Tents — Products Review In 2021

In this fast-moving world, it is essential to have a holiday or free time. The main reason is that too much work and less play will make your life pretty dull. There are ways you can enjoy and still have numerous health benefits. These include swimming, hiking, reading, dancing, camping, plus more. In this article, we have put more focus on a useful item one needs during a camping or hiking activity. Cheap tents are quickly and widely accessible and are very common. Like many other people, you’ve probably used it several times. And just like most, you desire high quality and affordable accessory.

Tents that are cheap or affordable are a favorite pick, and thus, in this article, we will show you the criteria that needed to be considered when buying and the list of the 12 best cheap tents you can find in the market.

Criteria To Consider Before Buying

  • Durability: The materials used to construct the tent should be strong and long-lasting. Steel, canvas, fiberglass, polyester, and aluminum last longer compared to the other materials.
  • Poles: the poles in use should be strong enough to not only hold your tent’s weight but also have a firm grounding. The primary reason is that it gives you peace of mind in any season and a safe stay.
  • Awning: Some tents have canopies that help to keep your shoes dry during a rainy season. A good one is high quality and provides a nice shelter and protection.
  • Rainfly: This accessory offers a good air circulation throughout your unit because it uses breathable fabric.
  • UV Protection: Another factor is the protection against UV sun rays. Your skin’s health is the primary reason why you need to consider this feature. There are materials that not only offer UV protection but also have water-proof, rust-proof and stain-proof elements.
  • Strong Zipper: A double-stitched zipper has more strength than a single-stitched one and is also more durable.
  • Easy Assembly: It should take you a few minutes to assemble. Some designs are pretty straightforward and require zero setup skills.

List Of Best Cheap Tents In 2021

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#12. Two Person Tent

Happy Camper Two Person Tent By Wakeman Outdoors

By: Happy Camper

This best cheap tent is not only affordable but also easy to set up and long-lasting. The center height is 3.5 ft. while the length and width are6.25 by 4.8 ft, respectively. It can accommodate 2 people comfortably and also has adequate space for movement. The sturdy nylon material with the rain fly keeps water out for a dry stay while the fiberglass poles offer excellent support in all weather conditions.

It features a large ventilation window for smooth airflow inside the tent and a sizeable D-style door for easy entry/exit. A well-designed interior storage pocket offers a clutter-free space, plus the carrying bag gives you easier portability and storage. It has a bold blue color that adds a nice aesthetic effect to the overall look.

#11. Pop-Up Canopy TentAmazonBasics Pop-Up Canopy Tent - 10_ x 10_, Blue

By: AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics tent prides on having a cathedral style roof that provides maximum headroom. The durable material is water-resistant and offers UV protection to enhance the comfortable stay. The simple structure allows a quick and seamless setup. It features a white powder-coated steel frame that prevents corrosion, peeling, and chipping and is more durable compared to other materials.

The adjustable legs improve stability in both flat and uneven terrain. It uses a simple collapsible system that folds down up to 5-foot long and also improves transport and storage. The tent includes a black wheeled carry bag for convenient storage while the angled construction offers 96 sq. Ft. of shade.

#10. Lynx 1-Person TentALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

By: ALPS Mountaineering

The ALPS tent is made from lightweight 75D 185T polyester fly which is UV-resistant. It has factory seals, and floor seams to withstand any weather and are also reasonably stretchy. The 7000 series aluminum poles offer long-lasting performance while the #8 zippers improve safety and also provide a smooth operation as you zip up and down. It includes storage pockets for secure storage and retrieval of your items.

It comes with a gear loft for you to keep everything close by your side. The doorway gives you easy access in and out of your tent while the Free-Standing design up and movement. It has guy ropes to add more accessories during your mountaineering activities.

#9. Montana 8-People TentColeman Montana 8-People Tent

By: Coleman

Coleman boasts of a roomy interior that measures 16 by 7 feet which can fit 8 people comfortably, 3 queen-size airbeds, and still leaves enough space to store items. It has an E-Port that gives you an easier time to connect electrical power to your tent. The WeatherTec mechanism with patented corner welds and the inverted seams ensure no water spills inside the tent.

The simple design offers a 15-minute fast setup that requires zero-installation skills. This best cheap tent comes with a carry bag for smooth and easy transportation and an extended door awning to keep you dry even in the rainy season. It features a hinged door for easy and smooth access in and out of the tent.

#8. Waterproof 2 Person Backpacking TentsMountaintop Waterproof 2 Person Backpacking Tents for Camping Hiking Traveling

By: Mountaintop

This tent uses a waterproof 210D Oxford material with an electric glass fiber pole to offer long-lasting performance and water resistance. It is inclusive of 8 tent pegs with 4 wind ropes to provide a secure and convenient setup. The carrying bag provides smooth storage and portability and features dual doors that give natural back and front entry/exit access to avoid disturbances during sleep.

A well-made Rainfly and awning ensure a dry, comfortable stay, and it measures 28.5 by 6.1 by 6.1 inches to fit 2 people perfectly. The sturdy material is waterproof, anti-tear, moisture-proof, and breathable to allow smooth airflow inside your tent and superior performance.

#7. Automatic Tent Instant Self Pop Up Tent

By: Night Cat

This tent has the hydraulic mechanism which offers an automatic setup with the fiberglass poles. The 210D Oxford fabrics prevent mosquitoes, rain, and wind from getting inside your tent. It comes with a rain fly 190T PET fabrics that offer UV protection. The item features 8 tent pegs and 4 strong ropes to give you a more straightforward setup.

The versatile construction allows you to use it for camping, beach, park, and indoor activities comfortably. It has a large interior to accommodate 2-3 people and still leave enough room for your items. The double-layered construction is more durable and waterproof.

#6. Sundome 6-People Dome Tent

By: Coleman

The Coleman Sundome uses a WeatherTec system and patented corner welds to ensure water does not seep inside your tent. It measures 10 by 10 feet with a 6 feet center height that can fit 6 people and 2 queen-size airbeds comfortably. The nicely designed tent has a hooded Rainfly that guard against rainfall and windy conditions.

It comes with mesh pockets located on the tent walls’ side to store small items in an organized manner. The continuous pole sleeves offer easy set up within minutes. It is inclusive of 2 large windows with the ground vent allow proper air flow for a more comfortable stay and has a carrying bag that easily expands while the rip-strip provide secure storage and portability.

#5. Instant Cabin

By: Coleman

Coleman tents boast of a modern design that easily blends with its surroundings. It is the one that uses 150D Polyester taped seams that offer more durability and easy cleanup as compared to other materials. It comes with pre-attached poles for a faster and easy setup that takes approximately 1 minute. The WeatherTec system includes patented welded floors and inverted seams that ensure water does not flow inside your tent.

It features an integrated vented Rainfly that offer added airflow inside the tent naturally. It is 8 by 7 feet footprint and 4 feet, 10 “center height that can fit in 4 people comfortably. The item includes a steel pole that is strong and durable.

#4. Lightweight Single Person Tent

By: Winterial

The Winterial tent boasts of a 3-season camping construction which gives you a worry-free use in any season. It has a large zippered door that offers a natural/exit action. The simple design makes setup a breeze with no skills required. It features a dual-use system that can be used for hiking or backpacking. This best cheap tent comes with a ventilated roof mesh and a Rainfly to offer protection from rain.

It weighs 3 pounds which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. It includes 2 aluminum poles to give a more secure and sturdy hold. The trendy item has pre-sealed seams and 3 bundles of sturdy cord that are easy to install and offer increased stability.

#3. Sundome 4-Person Tent

By: Coleman

The Coleman tent has a spacious interior that measures 9 by 7 feet in width and 4 ft. It has an 11-inch center height to ensure sitting and standing is a smooth process. The full windows with a ground vent allow smooth airflow around the tent. The simple construction plus the continuous pole sleeves help you to have a straightforward setup that takes approximately 10 minutes. It uses WeatherTec system plus patented welded floors and strong inverted seams to keep you dry throughout your stay.

It includes a large door for easy access. The hooded fly offers ventilation during windy and rainy weather while the coated polyester fabrics on the fly provide an extended lifespan. It features an interior mesh storage pocket to store and access your items quickly. The external guy points offer stability during harsh weather conditions.

#2. Durable & Lightweight Portable Camping Tent

By: AmazonBasics

This tent is affordable and uses a dome-style construction that offers a roomier interior. It comes with a Rainfly awning and tent wall that provides for sun and rain protection. It has a welded bathtub-style floor with inverted seams to protect against leaks. The dual-use system can be used for either backpacking or camping. It measures 9 by 7 feet with 59″ center height and fits 4 persons comfortably and offers more room to move around freely. The unit is inclusive of assembly instructions for smooth, easy setup.

It comes with a storage bag to guarantee seamless storage and retrieval of your items. It has a carry bag that enhances portability. The sturdy stakes ensure your tent is firmly grounded even during windy climatic conditions. The sizeable hooded door, ground vent, and a mesh allow optimal airflow around the tent.

#1. Easy Setup Beach Tent

By: Pacific Breeze Products

The Pacific breeze tent is 87 by 47 by 49 inches and offers a roomy interior for you to fit in comfortably. The internal pockets provide secure storage and retrieval of items. It comes with a robust, lightweight fiberglass frame that is easy to install during setup. Water-resistant PE floor stops water seeping into the material and ensures you are comfortable.

It features a carrying case, sand pockets, and stakes and has a simple design that gives you a more relaxed setup process within minutes. Also, it is made from breathable polyester which offers wind-resistance and sun protection for indoor and outdoor activities. It comes with large windows to allow proper airflow around the tent. The blue exterior gives it a more ocean-like look which complements the surroundings.

Note: To see and get helpful tips on how to fold your tent easily, see the video below:

Benefits Of Camping

It is good to start camping with inexpensive tents to see if you are camping or not. In case you are new to camping, there are some benefits to this outdoor activity that you should know about. From mental health to physical health along with other skills, camping help with them all. Let’s take a look and see what they are with us below.

Absorbing Sunshine

Sunshine from deep in nature is way better than that the sun that you get in the city. It feels nicer on the skin, and it is not as harmful as the one that you usually walk under in the city. Plus, you will get to watch the sunrise when you go camping which is a beautiful experience.

Establish Friendship

People tend to bond better when they travel, and camping makes things even better. You will experience your adventures and hardships together, learn from one another, protect each other, and more. The more adventures you take, the more you grow as a person no matter what your age is. People never stop learning and being friends with others, and camping is great to strengthen the bond you already have.

Fresh Air

It is nice to escape the city once in a while to go for some fresh air with nature. Camping is very beneficial because you get to spend more time near trees, lakes, and other natural beings. The fresh air and relaxing feeling that you will get is soothing, and it helps to reduce stress as well. Research shows that outdoor camping in nature can also help to improve your blood pressure as well. Spending a few days outside and far from the polluted air is great for your health which is why camping is great

Mood Improvement

Have you noticed that you feel better and fresh after you travel? Things go the same with camping, and it is a whole new experience that one should have at least once. A camping experience is way more adventurous and exciting than traveling to some extend. That is why

Physical Fitness

Camping takes energy on both traveling and setting up things. Such adventure does not only teach you new skills and things but also get you to do some nice exercise as well. You will have to set up the tent, collect the firewood, cook, and more. Apart from that, you have to hike to a great distance to reach the camping area that you like. You will also get to hike to nearby places like mountains or streams as well. All of these activities in a natural place is very beneficial to your physical health.

Things To Bring Along With When Camping

Comfort & Shelter

  • Torch or lantern
  • Pillow and sleeping bag
  • Camping table and chairs
  • Mallet, spare peg, and puller
  • Portable chargers, cables, and external chargers

Kitchen Essentials

  • Matches or lighters
  • Pots, pans, and kettles
  • Portable stove and fuel
  • Cooking and eating utensils


  • First aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste


If you are unsure of how to spend your free time, then you should think about camping or backpacking. It does not require too much packing and expense. The main component you need is a tent which is widely available, and many are affordable. The list above has all the best cheap tents within this price range plus have amazing features. Some of the features are sturdy poles, awnings, interior pockets, carry bag, and many more. No more scouting for a tent that fits your budget because this list has the top cheap tents that you can trust.

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