Top 12 Best Cheap Keyboard Pianos Review In 2021

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A digital piano is an advanced version of a traditional acoustic piano. A full-fledged piano can cost a lot and that is why many opt not to buy it though they want it. For them, we have the cheap keyboard piano that they can buy for themselves as well as gift their kids. There are various benefits of playing piano from an early age in terms of developing various skills and living a better lifestyle. The following list contains the best cheap keyboard piano for people of all ages.

List Of Best Cheap Keyboard Pianos In 2021

#12. Mini 24 Key Grand Keyboard Piano


Available in two different colors, this keyboard piano is very cute and is ideal for children. This is a perfect musical instrument for children to showcase their skills. It comes with many demonstration songs and features butterfly LED lights which are very safe for your children. Furthermore, it is portable and lightweight making it suitable for transporting.

In this piano, there is a lid which will allow you to adjust its height. Moreover, the piano is very safe for children and it also durable. It comes in a perfect shape making it a cute product. It has piano legs, and there is also a jack for a microphone. The piano is very easy to use and has 24 keys.

#11. 61 Lighted Keys Simulation Piano Keyboard

By: Joy

This keyboard piano is just like a traditional piano and has 61 keys. It has many timbres, rhythms, and demo songs and has high-quality sound and effects. Furthermore, you will enjoy the piano with its lighting effects. It comes with a complete set of an AC adapter and headphones, and there are also other items like a piano stool, music note stand, and keyboard stand.

Moreover, it has many patterns and functions like rhythm programming, record & playback, MP3 player, and much more. In addition to this, it has an LED screen where you can see all the functions, making it ideal for learners. In the LED screen, you will see twinkling marks which will hit the right keys.

#10. 61 Key Portable Electric Piano Music Keyboard


This is one of the best cheap keyboard pianos which operate with batteries. It has the functions of rhythm programming, as well as record and playback and is very suitable for beginner learners. It has 61 keyboard percussions, and there are also timbres and rhythms. Moreover, this comes with an LCD display where you can perform the various functions. This also comes with a complete set of demo songs.

This keyboard piano is lightweight and is available in three different colors. Furthermore, you will also be getting a music note stand where you can easily keep the note and concentrate better on the music. IT will give you an amazing experience and ensure that you make the best out of it.

#9. 61-Key Portable Keyboard

By: Yamaha

Here is a portable keyboard piano from a popular company which is ideal for beginners. This has many sounds and has over 100 preset songs. In this, you will also find an aux line where you can connect it to any music device. Furthermore, there is also the headphone output, and you can also connect it through your internal speakers. This is an ideal choice for music aspirants as it allows you to connect it with a mixer or computer.

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This is lightweight, and you can take it wherever you go. Moreover, you will enjoy any genre of music and will give you high-quality results. This is easy to operate and has a simple recording function.

#8. Standard Electronic Piano Keyboard Set

By: Joy

With a variety of functions, the cheap keyboard piano will give you the experience of using a traditional piano. It has a high-quality LCD screen where it will guide you with the correct notes making it suitable for music aspirants. This is very sensitive and will ask you to press you from 50 demo songs available. It will also assist you to have better control and got with proper pattern. Furthermore, this is available in a complete set to let you focus on music.

It also comes with the function of a unique music player and has many rhythms and timbres. Moreover, you will get many other functions like tempo control, keyboard percussion, and master volume. This will enhance your performance and has everything to let you know about the basics of music. The product is very sturdy, and the headphone is padded to give you comfort.

#7. Foldable 61 Keys Flexible Soft Electric Digital Piano

By: Lujex

Want to have a keyboard piano which will fit in your bag? This keyboard piano is very flexible and allows you to roll it up. This has many useful functions and allows you to transport it easily. Moreover, this will also assist you to charge any USB device with the USB output. Apart from this, you will find MIDI output, headset, rhythms, and demo songs. This is very functional, and you can select it in three colors.

Furthermore, it meets all the standard parameters and is also fashionable. This is suitable for music learners, and you can also easily connect it with a computer and edit your recorded music. This has an elegant body and will give you a wide range of options. The keyboard is made of silicone rubber and has comfortable touch feelings. This will help to provide a healthy environment, and it comes with a manual.

#6. 61 Key Electronic Interactive Teaching Piano Keyboard

By: RockJam

This is one of the best cheap keyboard pianos, and it comes in a compact size and has the function of record & playback. In this, you will find a sustain pedal which will assist you in getting the tone of the keyboard. This is already packed with demo songs and rhythms and will guide you while learning music. Moreover, this is made up of sturdy material and will ensure that you enjoy music from anywhere you are.

If you want to practice music without disturbing others, then you can even connect it with a headphone and experience virtual privacy. Furthermore, it has an adjustable stand which will even move to allow you easy transportation. The stool is padded and will let you practice comfortably. Also, there is an LCD screen which will assist in interactive teaching. You will also be getting a high-quality headphone, and it comes with multiple connections.

#5. Arius Series Digital Console Piano With Bench

By: Yamaha

This keyboard piano has a similar design like the acoustic piano. This has heavier low keys and lighter high keys on the board. The black matte keys are capable of absorbing the moisture and staying dry even after using a long period at a stretch. This comfortable piano keyboard is also anti-slippery which gives you a good experience. The Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling of the keyboard piano makes the sound of the natural instruments in stereo. The configuration process in this keyboard piano is also very easy. Moreover, you can combine two different voices in this musical instrument by using its dual-mode.

This digital piano keyboard is available with the damper pedal. Furthermore, it allows you to play and listen to the sound through the headphone. You can also connect this piano to your computer or phone by using the USB cable.

#4. 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard With Interactive LCD Screen

By: RockJam

This piano keyboard will give you a nostalgic feel with all of its 54 full-size keys. This compact piano keyboard is easy to carry for its compact get up. There are multiple teaching modes that you can use in this piano keyboard. You will also get 100 types of sound effects to use while playing this piano. Moreover, you can record in this piano and play 8 demo songs in it. The LCD screen of the piano makes it more interesting and user-friendly as well.

This piano keyboard is the perfect choice for beginners as well as professionals. Furthermore, there are 100 rhythms to use in this piano keyboard. You will also get the stereo speakers installed in this keyboard piano.

#3. 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

By: Hamzer

You will get the inbuilt speakers with this piano keyboard which has a modern and professional design. This piano has 61 percussions and 255 rhythms to give you a good musical experience. It has a perfect design for beginners and intermediate-level piano players. The keys are standard in size that keeps you comfortable while playing it. Moreover, the advanced sound option is also there to make your music more enjoyable. You can also control the setting while using it for its LCD display. This keyboard piano has a removable stand that you can use to hold a sheet of musical notes.

You can easily carry this piano wherever you want to perform. Furthermore, you will also get the tempo adjustment feature in this keyboard piano. This modern piano also has a microphone and headphone jack. The microphone is available with the 4-inch cord. The weight of this item is also very light, and you can easily move it according to your need. You can also use the vibrato, sustain, and ensemble options in this piano to get a greater result.

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#2. 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano Set

By: Hamzer

This piano keyboard is preferred by the piano players because of its modern features including 255 Timbres, 61 keyboard percussions, 24 demonstration songs, and 255 rhythms. There is a headphone jack in this piano which delivers an outstanding sound. The keys of the piano have a standard size. The removable stand is also there along with this piano to hold the sheet of the musical notes. Moreover, the LCD display helps the player to adjust the setting in an easy manner.

The tempo adjustment feature and the other facilities like accompanying the volume can make your performance more successful. Furthermore, this piano keyboard is available with a stand which is durable and long-lasting for its hard metal construction. You can also change and adjust its position in three ways according to your comfort. Overall, it is one of the best cheap keyboard pianos to buy.

By: RockJam

This keyboard piano is available with 61 full-size keys that are comfortable to play. You can use its 100 sounds, rhythms, and 50 demo songs as well. Moreover, a good quality headphone is also available along with this piano keyboard. The LCD screen of the piano helps the player to control the adjustment. You can also use the headphone by using its jack to enjoy the music without disturbing others around you.

This piano is available with a durable and strong stool to sit while playing it. The seat of the stool is padded as well to give good comfort. Furthermore, the stand of the keyboard is also very strong and safe. You can also adjust its size according to your comfort. It is one of those keyboard pianos that you can buy blindly.


Depending on the age of the person who is going to play the piano, you need to choose accordingly. Different pianos have different numbers of keys, if you have some knowledge in playing the piano, you should opt for the higher number of keys. For the kids, the lower the number of keys, the better it is. We have listed the best cheap keyboard pianos at different price points to fit your budget. It is an investment that you will appreciate in short to the long run.

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