Best Cat Litter Mats In 2021 Review — The Top 11 Products

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If you have pets at home, especially cats, then you need to buy the cat litter mat. Cats make a mess in the home, and their paws are always dirty, and they are expert at littering the home. The cat litter mat cleans the cats’ paws efficiently. If you can train your cats properly, they will go and wash their paws on the mats whenever they feel like. Therefore, your furniture items and the entire house will stay clean, and you will not curse yourself for owning a cat. It also prevents the spreading of various diseases, especially in your kids. In this article, we have already chosen the top 11 best cat litter mats for you to consider. Let’s go through the following list.

Best Cat Litter Mats In 2021 Reviews

#11. Premium Traps Litter From Box & Paws


This cat litter mat comes in many different colors and is available in a set of two. You can arrange the mat according to your own preference, and it is also very easy to clean. This is very large, and you can even stitch them together to make it larger. You can use it for various other purposes like a resting mat as it is very soft and comfortable. Moreover, this is designed to grab more cat litter as it has a pattern on it.

It is also made up of high-quality material, and you just have to flip and beat it to remove the litter. Besides, the PVC made mat is very durable and as a tough design. It is slip-resistant and will keep the cat litter in one place. Additionally, this will not make more mess on the floor and will also remove the litter for your cat’s feet. This is a perfect mat which will assist you in keeping your pets at home. This is a value for money product and helps to keep litter on the mat.

#10. Extra Large Easy To Clean Mats

By – Jungle Shack

This is a very large cat litter mat which comes in an attractive chocolate brown color. This will look very good in your home and can be added as a piece of decoration. As it is large in size, the mat will easily fit in any large box. The patterns on it also make the mat perfect for cat’s paw. Additionally, this is very easy to clean, and you will only have to shake it out and clean with soap and water. This will keep your home clean and is a useful product for people who love cats.

Moreover, this has also got the zipper on three of its sides which help in keeping the cat poop inside. It is waterproof and will prevent leakage. It will also ensure that your floors will remain clean and you can maintain hygiene in your home. This is lightweight, durable, and is also very soft. It has the ability to hold messy litter as the grooves in it can trap cat litter very conveniently.

#9. Durable Cat Litter Mat

By – LittleTiger

This is another great cat litter mat which is very easy to clean. It is available in three different colors, and it can be cleaned with a brush, or you can even use a vacuum cleaner. This is very large and allows your cats to rest and play on it. With this, you will avoid messy floors, and it is also very soft. Moreover, this is waterproof and slip-resistant and will keep the cat litter in one place. Furthermore, it is also leak-proof and is a non-toxic product.

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This mat is phthalate-free and is very safe for your cat as well as your family. It has PVC material construction and is very comfortable. Besides, this is also durable and has got a stylish pattern on it. This is very easy to use and looks like a doormat and is a versatile product. It is lightweight and has also got rubber on its backside. This is perfect for your home and will prevent the spreading of cat litter.

#8. Large Cat Litter Mat

By – Pieviev

With this cat litter mat, you will be able to prevent the scattering of cat litter in your house. This comes in a layer honeycomb design and will gather the litter on the top layer. Once done, this will let through the bottom layer. Moreover, this is waterproof and will ensure that no liquid will pass out from the bottom layer. Besides, this will protect your carpets and floors, and there will also be no urine stains. This is very safe and will not harm your kitties.

Besides, it is made up of durable materials and is also non-toxic. This will last for a long time and will retain its original shape even when you fold it. It is very comfortable and is phthalate-free and is safe for the cat’s paws. This is also very easy to clean and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or with water and soap. This is very soft, and your cats can even lie down on it take a rest.

#7. Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mat


This is an attractive looking cat litter mat which has got deep grooves and is ideal for catching the cat mesh. This is very large and will ensure that your floor will remain clean. Besides, it will ensure that your cat’s paws will remain clean and it is also very soft. Moreover, it is durable and is designed to last for a long time. This is also slip-resistant and will ensure that the cat litter will not be spread on the floor. The premium quality mat will keep your house clean and is safe for your kitten and family.

Moreover, this is phthalate-free and also comes with easy cleaning. You can wash with soap and water and rinse off, or else you can vacuum clean it. It is available in many different colors and comes in two different sizes of extra-large and jumbo. It is lightweight and is ideal for cat lovers. Additionally, this is also very thick and is suitable for the sensitive paws of your kitten.

6. Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat

By – Gorilla Grip

With this cat litter mat, you will be able to keep your floor and carpet clean. It has the ability to trap cat litter and avoid the mess in your home. It has a gorilla grip and is a very durable product. This will give you long-lasting effectiveness and is designed very toughly. Moreover, it is very advanced and will ensure that the cat litter does not spread on the floor. It is also safe and gentle and is phthalate-free.

This is slip-resistant and will keep the cat litter in one place. With this, you can maintain the hygiene of your family, and it is also very easy to clean. You can clean it with soap and water or else given a vacuum blow. It is also lightweight and is an ideal product for cat owners. Additionally, it is very soft on paws and captures the litter effectively. It comes in a generous size, and your feline friend can also lie on it and rest. There is no doubt that it is one of the best cat litter mats available.

#5. Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

By – Petlinks

To clear the clutter collected by your cats is a distressful job. You can use this cat litter mat to prevent your cat from spreading litters with their tiny paws. You can, without any difficulty, clear the litter scattering by simply trapping the litter in the mat. The litter absorbent with a large number of small holes can collect the litter deep inside the mattress near your cat’s feeding zone. The mat works perfectly when your cat steps on it.

The flexible design of the mattress allows stress-free cleaning. This durable product also comes with proper children-safety. The original design of the mat successfully splits up the pads of your Catspaw to reduce and capture from every step it takes. Besides, it withstands thousands of tests to provide both the pet-safety and environment-safety with accurate customer satisfaction. The superior quality of the mattress offers durability. Considering all the features it has to offer, one can easily nominate it as one of the best cat litter mats.

#4. Jumbo Litter Mat

By – Easyology

This cat litter mat is large enough to hold two litter boxes. The Phthalates and BPA-free, harmless, over-the-top soft and long-lasting litter mat is totally a pet and child-safe product. The super thick, non-tear able PVC material with extra-large size, the mattress is sufficient enough to absorb all the litter from your cat’s paw. Moreover, the mattress can trap 37% more litter than any other mattress. The light-weight of the product allows easy water wash with the quick-dry facility, shake off the system, or vacuum cleaning.

Besides, it does not get stuck to your cat’s nails. This mat is perfect for sensitive kittens. The rubber back of the mattress also causes no harm to your floor and sticks to its own place after your cat’s so much of the dive-bombing. This is a waterproof mattress with speed dry option. You can get this heavy-duty mat at a cost-effective price. You can also use it to decorate your home.

#3. Cat Litter Mat With Litter Lock Mesh

By – Pawkin

The mattress helps you to maintain proper hygiene for your home. The Phthalates-free material of this item saves you, your family, and pets from forming the cancer-causing poison carcinogens in your bodies. Additionally, the jumbo size and no-slip back prevent the misplacing of the mattress, even if you have very active kittens. The thick mesh material of the mat is also very much effective in absorbing all the litter from your cat’s paw. Yet, the stylish but traditional look of the mattress can enhance the beauty of your décor.

It is very much easy to clean. You only need to shake the mattress or run a vacuum machine to clean it up within minutes. Moreover, this hardy PVC material of the mat is liquid-resistant, water-proof, and allows speed dry. The cat will love the ultra-soft texture of the mattress. Besides, you can feed your cat on the mattress. The durability of the product deserves a good price. You can easily opt for this one of the best cat litter mats for a value purchase.

#2. Large Litter Mat

By – Easyology

There are various color options available to match with your home décor. The product is soft, comfortable, durable, and efficient. It has PVC material construction, and the mat is very thick and extra-large. Besides, the product is also wear-resistant, and there are grooves available to catch litters more efficiently. Moreover, the mat is ultra-lightweight, and it is water-resistant. Cleaning the mat is super easy and convenient.

Additionally, you can use a vacuum cleaner or rinse or clean it by shaking. The design is quite pretty, and the company offers a money-back guarantee. The material is BPA-free, and hence, it will not harm your pets. The soft feeling will be loved by your pets. On top of that, the pets can clean their paws easily on it. The natural rubber back will prevent sliding and protect your floor. Additionally, it is toxic-free and ideal for sensitive cats.

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#1. SpreadZtrap Cat Litter Mat

By – DzelCat SpreadZtrap

Owning the best litter mat shouldn’t be a struggle. Also, you shouldn’t settle for the second-best or a substandard product. By picking this option from our company, your feline friend will enjoy maximum satisfaction. Also, you will have more peace of mind in knowing it’s a topnotch unit and is safe from your cat or even kitten.

One noticeable thing about this product is that it can be quickly disinfected. This is because it is made from plastic rather than rubber. It comes from one of the leading firms in the region and is engineered in Canada. You thus can be certain of its high quality and reliability. Since its launch into the market, it’s enjoyed and continues to receive numerous amazing reviews and comments from satisfied customers.

They talk about the cat-friendly design as well as non-toxic and safe materials. Also, it has a decent dimension of 19 x 16 x 0.415 inches and works great with both small and large cats. And wishing just 756 grams, you’ll have no trouble carrying or moving around with. While other mats are made of rubber, this one is made off safe ABS plastic. It provides a better surface for your furry friend to sit, sleep, nap, or play on. What’s more, the material is much lighter for better handling and also cleans better.

What’s More?

It comprises 2 layers that strongly attach together. This ensures that no dust, dirt, moisture, odor, grains, or any other debris is trapped inside. The pieces are easy to detach for easier and better cleanup. also, the surface is very comfy to the cat and won’t scratch, irritate, or cause any discomfort. What’s more, it doesn’t have any stickiness and also supports good airflow.The mat is also waterproof to maintains a dry surface and won’t absorb any liquids, spills, sweat, saliva, urine, or any other. This helps to keep the flooring clean, odor-free, and also hygienic. When not using it as a cat litter mat, the versatile piece also works great as a boot tray or food mat.

In Summary:

Can be disinfected very easily
Topnotch and safe for cats
Comes from one of the leading firms in the region
Engineered in Canada and of high quality
Cat-friendly design and non-toxic material
Decent dimension of 19 x 16 x 0.415 inches
Works great with small and large cats
Weighs just 756 grams and very portable
Made off safe ABS plastic
It comprises 2 detachable layers
Comfy and easy-clean surface

Benefits Of Cat Litter Mats

    The mat helps to prevent your cats from dragging the litter around.
    It can keep your cats’ comfortable while cleaning their paws and bodies.
    Cat litter mats help to clean the cat’s paws after they come off from the litter.
    It is easy to clean and take care of, and some of them are machine washable.
    Without litter mats, your cat will look for objects to clean their paws. Those can be your carpets, sofas, and other softer items that can get the litter off their paws.
    When the cat’s paws are clean, it also helps to prevent the disease from spreading as well. Cat litters consist of bacteria and germs, and that is not what you want all over your floor.

Things To Consider When Buying Cat Litter Mats

    Comfort: Cats are picky, and that is why you have to choose the most comfortable litter mats for them. Find a litter mat that is gentle on their paws, the softer the better.
    Durability: This is going to be something that your cats will use on a daily basis. Since you are going to wash it very often, the litter mats that you choose should be durable. Look for the ones with a double layer so that it can hold up longer without smelling too bad.
    Easy Maintenance: The best cat litter mats should be easy to clean and wash. Go for the ones that are either machine washable or vacuum-able so that cleanup will be easy and fast.
    Effectiveness: You have to make sure that the litter mat that you choose can effectively trap the litter. That way, there will be as little litter on your cat’s paws as possible. High-quality litter mats will trap the litter which results in cleaner paws and a cleaner floor for you.
    Odor Resistant: Always check the description and look for the mats that can trap odor. That way, the area will smell fresh so that you won’t have to worry about unpleasant odor at all.
    Water Resistant: If you cannot find the waterproof ones, at least look for the water-resistant option. The litter mats should be able to contain moisture well because cats urinate on the mats instead of using the box sometimes. That is why you want to make sure that the mat can prevent such accidents from reaching the floor.

How To Train Your Cats To Use Cat Litter Mats

    Choose an attractive cat litter mat to grab the attention of your cats.
    Place the mat outside the litter box where your cat could sit immediately after coming out of the litter box.
    Use positive rewards and appreciation when your cats use the litter mat. This is to encourage your cats to use the litter mat more often and get used to using it.
    Keep the litter mat clean so that it is comfortable and convenient for cats to use.


The cat litter mats have grooves and patterns that trap the litter from the paws of the cats. There are different patterns of grooves available like loops, honeycombs, and likewise. Moreover, the best cat litter mats we have handpicked are very easy to clean, and some of them are washable in the washing machine. They are also waterproof, and the bottom grip is well worth mentioning so that the cats do not carry the mat with them. There are different colors and sizes also available and based on your requirements, you should choose accordingly.

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