The 10 Best Carpets For Stairs in 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Are you tired of a dull-looking staircase in your home? If so, you can invest in the best carpet for stairs that improves the look and also performance. The premium designs either come in one piece or a few treads depending on preferences. It helps prevent slips and falls when walking up or down the stairs. Also, you can pick a color from a wide variety to complement the existing decor. In this review, we focus on the best carpet for stairs in 2021.

The List Of The Best Carpets For Stairs In 2021

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#10. Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13

By: Elogio

Elogio company has joined the leading carpet brands to give you these safe stair treads. With non-slip design, the set contains 13 pieces that transform your slippery staircase into a sturdy, friendly, and secure step-hold. Also, it has strong backing made of premium material to ensure the safety of family, kids, and even pets. Whether you have ceramic, tiles, or hardwood floors, you get maximum traction. Alternatively, you can use these rugs on a wooden surface for desirable traction. That encourages your cat or dog to walk or run up the stairs, confidently without muffles or other sounds. Plus, their paws get maximum protection and a soft stepping.

Furthermore, this item is easy to use. The solid construction allows you to have an effortless DIY installation. Use the supplied carpet tape to improve the hold. When you want to perform a thorough cleanup, remove the treads easily without leaving residues. It is also safe for damp and vacuum cleaning for more convenience. Boasting of a premium style, these product offers a soft and comfortable service. Your feet will thank you for the cozy feel as well as longlasting tenderness even for high-traffic areas.

In Summary:

  • Non-slip design for more safety
  • Reliable backing ti minimize falls
  • Suitable for family, kids, and pets
  • Dampens muffle and stepping sounds
  • Effortless DIY installation

#9. Skid-Resistant Carpet Stair Treads

By: Gloria Rug

The previous designs of stair carpets only have a dull color. If you want to stand out from the rest, use this stylish red floral rug. The color plus intricate details make it perfect for a modern home. You can now gift to a loved one such as mother, family, and other friends on any occasion. As a housewarming gift, it has better practicality. With a set of 7, each tread measures 8.5 inches x 26 inches to fit most standard staircases. Containing a premium rubber backing, it helps prevent sliding and slipping to hold the mat into a secure position. Your children and pets can enjoy a safe stepping on the stairs as frequently as possible.

The Gloria Rug has a unique design for antique style homes, thanks to eye-catching and robust stitching. That means lesser risks of yarn pulling, fading, and accelerated wear to give you more valuable service. Use it as a decor piece to complete the look of your indoor space for a contemporary feel. Cleaning this product is as easy as washing your clothes. With a machine-safe construction, throw the pieces inside your washing machine for effortless cleanup. Ensure you use the cold water and delicate cycle without bleach for the best results. Hang dry to improve the look and smell of the mat.

In Summary:

  • Modern red floral design
  • Comes in a set of 7 pieces
  • Each tread measures 8.5 inches x 26 inches
  • Does not fade or shrink
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine-safe construction

#8. Indoor Stair Mats Set of 14

By: Shape28

Comfort meets safety when you invest in the Shape28 indoor stair mats. Get a hassle-free installation without using sticky tapes or hardware, which might cause damage to your stairs. Simply, assemble these 14 mats by setting them on a suitable staircase. With kids and pets, mess is unavoidable. There is no need to worry about cleaning, thanks to a machine-safe construction. Spot clean with mild detergent and warm water, or place inside your washing machine on the cold setting. Then, air dry for nice-looking and odor-free results.

Designed with a durable microfiber, this product can withstand anything you throw its way. The material is fade and stain resistant to ensure a quality service for years. Thanks to an ultra-thin and soft finish, your feet get incredible cushioning. That makes it comfortable and safe for kids as well as pets. To improve stability, the anti-slip backing reduces the risks of falling and a secure hold. The reusable design lets you replace or relocate them as requires.

In Summary:

  • Comfortable and safe
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy cleaning in a washing machine
  • Withstand pressures from excessive use
  • Offer a soft and comfortable stepping

#7. Millenium Stair Tread Treads Greek Key Design

By: RugStylesOnline

Change your tired staircase look with an inexpensive and attractive rug. The above one has a unique Greek Key design suitable for indoors. Lay the 13 pieces on your stairs to get additional pop of color in most home decor. The other feature that makes this among the best carpet for stairs is a simple cleaning. Throe it inside a washing machine without using detergent or spin dry setting. Make sure you set the delicate cycle and use cold water them lay flat or hang to dry. The approximate tread size is 8.5 by 30 inches, a piece to fit standard staircase designs.

We love the Meander Brown color and smooth edges perfect hardwood floors. The tone blends in well with most decor, such as a cabinet, furniture, and other accessories. Moreover, this product offers excellent protection against stains, fading, and mildew, as well as creates superb traction. The slip-resistant backing is easy to wash, perfect for marble and even hardwood floors. Now, walk up and down the stairs with added confidence, not worrying about falls.

In Summary:

  • Inexpensive and stylish
  • It has a modern Greek Key design
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Supports hand and flat drying
  • Each piece measures 8.5″ x 30″
  • For marble, hardwood and more floor types

#6. Solo Collection Stair Treads

By: Mod-Arte

If you want stair treads that bring out a modern and contemporary feel into your home, look no further. Mod-Arte has a beautiful solid color to complement a variety of home designs and existing decor. The set contains 13 pieces of rugs, each with a dimension of 8.5 inches x 30 inches. That means you can have a simple installation, cleaning, and maintenance. Vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt. Note that a beater-bar vacuum cleaner can cause yarn snag or pulling if used in excess. When cleaning this product, wash with either a machine or hands without deforming or shrinking.

Made of fade and stain-resistant material, you get a stress-free and extended use. The treads also have a convenient skid-proof backing for more stability. Also, it helps prevents pets and kids from slipping or falling down the stairs. The above collection provides a variety of 6 trendy color pallets in different sizes and quantities. Choose a set that meets your staircase carpeting needs in your home. For more convenience, the use of robust material makes it more reliable and longlasting. Not only to prevent constant shedding but also tear.

In Summary:

  • Offers a modern and contemporary feel
  • Contains 13-piece rugs
  • Simple to install and clean
  • Machine or hand washing cleaning
  • Stain-resistant material
  • A variety of 6 color choices

#5. Stair Treads Trellisville Collection

By: Sussexhome

The many designs for the best carpet for stairs, you can use the above one to get the best value. Boasting of a family-friendly layout, it is perfect for homes with pets and children. The design is made of lasting polypropylene for more durability, mainly in spill-prone and high traffic areas. Now, you can enjoy a comfortable underfoot feel without spending too much money on accessories. Cleaning this rug is super easy by either vacuuming or washing each piece with soapy water. Then air dry outside to improve its longevity.

Elegantly designed to support use in places with pets, these colored stair treads don’t shed as quickly as the rest. They also work together to add a fashion statement in both traditional and modern homes. Use the included carpet tape to get the best rug anchoring solutions free of floor damages. It bonds the pieces to either a smooth or rough surface and does not leave a sticky residue. The above set contains 13 pieces of rugs, each measuring 9 inches by 28 inches. Besides, the gray and white combo makes it more stylish and outstanding than the typical single-colored designs.

In Summary:

  • It has a family-friendly design
  • For households with pets and kids
  • Longlasting polypropylene material
  • Easy to maintain and vacuum
  • String carpet tape for better rug anchoring
  • Lovely gray and white combo

#4. Non-Slip Shag Carpet Stair Treads

By: Sweet Home Stores

Dress your dull, dull staircase with the Sweethome best carpet for stairs. It has 14 lovely pieces that offer a cushy comfort for you and your pets. Your dog or cat can walk up and down the stairs without getting their paw stuck in between joints. Constructed with fashion, function, and protection in mind, this rug is perfect for small and large families. The collection has a high pile design built from authentic polypropylene for better stain resistance. Also, the fabric has firmly- bound edges for longevity to serve you for many years.

We love the soft textured fiber. This item has to caress your bare feet for a comfy stepping. In addition, the rubber backing ensures a secure footing for all users to keep the pieces in place with excellent slip resistance. With exceptional design and quality material, it provides warmth, protection, and noise dampening of your floors. Use them in cold days, especially winter, to add a cozy effect in your home. Easily maintain these carpets with a stain-resistant and non-shedding structure that bear high traffic pressures. Whether you use it in your office or home, you get a lasting service.

In Summary:

  • The set has 14 soft pieces
  • Suitable for families and pets
  • Provides excellent fashion and protection
  • The soft fiber caresses your bare feet
  • Quality design to improve warmth and noise dampening

#3. Stair Treads Collection Indoor Slip Resistant Carpet

By: RugStylesOnline

Let us look at another best carpet for stairs from RugsStlesOnline. It has a dimension of 8 inches by 30 inches per piece to cover a broader stair area. Use it as a style or functional accessory in your home or other places. Boasting a modern dark grey finish, it is easier to manage and keep clean. Vacuum regularly to eliminate in-ground doer from forming and also odors caused by frequent stepping. Moreover, this rug is lightweight and folds easily when not in use. Place it in a safe and damp-free space to avoid mold formation.

Set this carpet on multiple surface designs such as hardwood to get excellent stability. With an anti-skid rubber backing, it adds more safety to minimize accidental slips. Also, the use of premium UV Olefin ensures no UV elements cause harm to your health and the environment, ideal for indoor use. Easily clean and vacuum this product, thanks to its low profile. Not only that, but the corrugated construction offers better liquid flow to dry quickly. Use a double-sided rug tape to keep these stair treads in place.

In Summary:

  • Each piece measure 8 x 30 inches
  • Covers a broad area
  • Acts as beauty and functional rug
  • Modern dark grey finish
  • Provides excellent stability
  • Minimizes accidental falls and slips

#2. Sydney Polypropylene Rug Set

By: Natural Area Rugs

For more than five decades, Natural Area Rugs is still a leading brand that offers quality area rugs. You can beat the price of this one which is less pricey than most and yet provides durable performance. Besides, this item is made of premium polypropylene, which has excellent wear resistance than other fabrics. Your children can run, walk or crawl up the rug as frequently as they want, and still, it retains its original structure. Plus, the material is easy to maintain and clean for more convenience. Vacuum with a standard cleaner in one direction to get the best color consistency.

The above handmade carpet comes in a 13-set packaging, each piece measuring 9″ x 29″. You can design the placement style according to your preferences to enjoy a personalized underfoot feel. Besides, this product is easy to install, thanks to the multiple parts. Use a double-sided adhesive rug tape for more stability on hardwood floors and improve sound dampening. With an attractive black finish, it adds both style and simplicity in most places. You can use it in your home, office, or other indoor areas with a staircase.

In Summary:

  • Affordable and durable
  • Premium polypropylene for excellent wear resistance
  • Easy to vacuum and maintain
  • Comes in a 13-set packaging
  • Measures 9 x 29 inches

#1. 25′ Stair Runner Rugs

By: Marash Luxury Collection

If you live in a house with standard staircases, improve the flooring by using the best carpet for stairs. Not only that but also the style and overall look of the whole setting. Marash brand runner rug measures 26 inches wide by 25 feet long, suitable for medium-sized stairs. With a soft underfoot feel, your footing is much more comfortable than stepping on the hardwood floor. Also, you minimize leg bruises and bumps during accidental falls, thanks to the premium construction.

Designed from premium heat-set Olefin, this material is super strong and easy to clean. Use standard cleaning solutions and water to remove dirt and debris. At the same time, your toddlers can crawl up the stairs in a much cleaner, germ-free, and safe area. The fabric is also plush and comes in an elegant black finish to suit most modern room settings. If you are worried about stains and mildews, this mat is the best option. With multiple fibers, they provided excellent sunlight and abrasion-resistant for more durability. That means you can air dry outside in direct sunlight without any damages.

In Summary:

  • For standard staircases
  • Improves the stair look and flooring
  • Measures 26 inches wide by 25feet long
  • Offers a soft underfoot feel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The fabric and fibers deliver superior abrasion resistance

5 Simple Steps for Cleaning The Best Carpets For Stairs

Cleaning, fabric, and cleanup tool work together to give you either a hard or easy cleaning. For a stair rug, ensure the material is reusable and re-washable before purchase. That will eliminate cases of yarn pulling, fading, and even shrinking. The following are the 5 steps to get dirt and stains off your stair carpet.

Choosing a Cleaning Gadget

The cleaning tools you will need include a stiff brush to help loose in-ground debris on the stairs, a cordless vacuum cleaner that sucks up dirt from the mat, a shampoo for a good scrubbing. Also, get an absorbent towel and carpet cleaner to soak up excess water.

Step 1: Remove Debris and Dirt

Use your stiff brush and work on the loose and in-ground dirt. The reason for this gadget is because vacuuming regularly fails to work on the stubborn debris. Ensure the brush has stiff bristles or connect an attachment for a vacuum cleaner for the best results. Start at the top and work down the staircase. Once done with a step, use your brushing tool to sweep dirt down. Not only to make the task easier but keep all the debris at the same spot.

Step 2: Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner works best because it lacks the lengthy cords which limit smooth maneuverability. It removes sucks in the loosened debris from the best carpet for stairs. Use a powerful vacuum, especially a lightweight one, because some designs may fail to suck up all the dirt. Also, a bulky model tends to cause hand and wrist fatigue during lengthy vacuuming.

Step 3: Shampoo Your Stair

A carpet shampoo works best to give your stairs the perfect clean. Shampoo by hand with a soft scrubbing British. Note that this step is quite labor-intensive and time-consuming. So, make sure you set enough time to get through the tightest corners.

Step 4: Drying Your Stairs

After shampooing the staircase, excess water remains on them. Avoid leaving the water to dry naturally because it might take days. This leads to mildew and mold formation such as bacteria, which are unsafe for your health and also the floor surface. The most practical method to dry the stair rag is with a wet/dry vacuum or carpet cleaner. A compact model is more portable and cleans hard to reach areas. Rent one of you lack one at home to save additional costs. Alternatively, use absorbent cloths or towels to soak up any water or moisture.

Step 5: Vacuum The Carpet

The final step is to vacuum the carpet after removing excess water. When you completely dry the stars, vacuum to freshen and give an appealing look to the mat. In this process, you remove debris and dirt to leave the area odor-free.

Additional Tips

You can protect the best carpet for stairs by vacuuming regularly. Even if you perform cleaning more than two times a week, it prevents future damage. The more you clean up, the less chance of dirt and getting compressed and stuck into the. Also, shampoo your carpeted stairs to keep them odor-free, clean, and fresh looking.

Best Carpet For Stairs – Buyer’s Guides

Buying a carpet may seem to be a simple job, but it is not. It can be hard, especially when you do it for the very first time. There are some factors like thickness, durability, and various other protective properties that will determine the quality of the carpets you are buying. Below are criteria that we think you should look at before deciding to own carpet for your stair:


The durability is the most crucial factor for carpets that you buy for your stairs. The reason is that the stairs will face heavy traffic, and due to constant wear and usage, the mats can get damaged easily unless they are a quality product. The carpet should be tailor-made for heavy traffic and not like the ones you have in your room that are occasions used and rarely undergo pressure situation.


There is a misconception that a thicker carpet will be more sustainable. The fact is that many thinner carpets are most sustainable in reality. It all depends on the stair type you have as well as the carpet you buy. If the stairs are high, the thick carpet will be ideal. But if the height difference between two stairs is low, thick ones can cause an accident by wrapping around the edges. Furthermore, if each stair is lengthy, a thick carpet can be ideal as there are fewer chances of a safety hazard. Therefore, be wise in choosing the thickness of the carpet as per the construction of the stairs you have.


The grip of the carpet is hugely significant, and the grip is directly related to the safety aspect. Most of the carpets have rubber grip so that they will experience no slippage by any chance. But many pet owners worry that their pets will slip. While buying a rug, you should check explicitly whether such carpets are tailor-made for pets or not. Moreover, they must be waterproof so that the water gets absorbed without spilling here and there that can cause slipping accidents.

Joined Or Separated

There is no doubt that the joined carpets look the best for any staircase as they are continuous and the overall design gets highlighted perfectly. But they are only suitable when you are covering the entire staircase breadth-wise. If you are covering only the central part, then there are chances of nosing at the edges. Furthermore, if the height difference is excellent between the stairs, the separated ones are the best option you have.


There are various reasons for putting a carpet on the stairs. Apart from the aesthetic part, the carpets must absorb the noise created between the surface contact of the stair and boots. If the stairs are out of wood, the noise will be higher, and the carpets are responsible for dampening the noise.

Furthermore, the carpet will absorb the soil and dirt particles from the feet. They must also provide comfort to the feet so that it feels great to climb the stairs. They must be soil resistant as well as oil-resistant. Along with that, they must be easy to clean as they are likely to get dirty regularly and you also need to wash it regularly as well.

Bonus – Different Types of Carpet Fibers

In Conclusion

Using stair treads is an inexpensive and lasting method to protect your stairs. You can get the best carpet for stairs that meets your style and also functionality. Make sure the material is stain-resistant and fade-resistant to give you stress-free maintenance. Most previous and newer designs are designed with polypropylene because of its super easy maintenance. Another thing is the size of the stair treads. Measure your stairs to know which one fits perfectly. If you want the best carpet for stairs, choose one or two from our list. Not only to save you time but give a lasting performance.

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Carpets For Stairs

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Carpets For Stairs

There are two reasons why people have their stairs covered with carpets. Firstly, they enhance the beauty of the staircase in multiple folds. Your staircase suddenly transforms itself into an inviting space. The second reason is that it will absorb the dust of the feet, keeping your rooms clean and tidy. Apart from that, the carpets on your stairs will add a comfortable feeling to your feet and reduce the noise considerably. In this article, there are beautiful and best carpets for stairs listed below. View and compare these carpets and choose the ones you like to bright the beauty of your staircase to a whole new level.

#13. Premium Carpet Stair Treads 

By: Dean Flooring Company

This 31 inches by 9 inches stair carpet can change the set-up of the interior in an interesting way. There are 13 pieces of mats available in one set, and these carpets are designed in popular ways to give you a safe experience. The anti-slip feature of these carpets can help you to step on this carpet smartly and safely without any worry. You can also easily install it on the stairs by using the double-sided tapes.

This carpet is also very easy to maintain and made of high-quality polypropylene to give you a long-lasting result. You can remove the spots from the carpets by using the vacuum cleaner. It can help you to step on the hard wooden floor comfortably.

In Summary:

  • Unique design with eye-catching patterns.
  • Sticks to all types of floors.
  • 13 pieces pack for the entire house.

#12. Softy Stair Treads Brown Striped Rug

By: Ottomanson

The carpets that are made of good-quality polypropylene can give you the best result in covering your stairs and keeping these safe to step on. The rug in the trendy styles is suitable to the modern interior and the stain-resistant capabilities.

These machine-made carpets are sure to be hassle-free and easy-to-maintain manner. You can also place these carpets on the tiles, wooden stairs, or marbles by using the double-sided tapes to secure their places. They are also made to be anti-slip carpets and can be used for a durable and long-lasting period to satisfy the users.

In Summary:

  • Machine-made for perfect precision.
  • Stain-resistant and highly stable.
  • Reduce noise and hard-to-wear and tear.

#11. Skid-resistant Carpet Stair Treads

By: House, Home and More

The simple look of these carpets can quickly match the modern interior for some houses. Within the purchase, you will get a total number of 15 stair runners in an ivory cream color to suit your every stair surface. Moreover, the mats have the round-shaped edges on each of the corners to stop fraying. This made-in-the-USA carpet has the measurement of 8X30-inch. The thick and high-grade rubberized bottoms of the carpets also reduce slippery and can keep everyone safe from tipping over.

On top of that, the carpets also have the construction of premium-quality Olefin fabric. Furthermore, this Olefin fabric is highly water-resistant and is easily cleanable. As a result, these carpets easily resist stains and permit a stress-free. The mats allow your pets to walk safely on them. Just like others, the best was to keep it in place is to secure them by applying double-sided tape on the bottoms of the mats. These durable carpets for stairs come at an affordable price.

In Summary:

  • Superior quality olefin carpet, resistant to stains.
  • Skid-resistant rubber on the back for secure walking.
  • Protects the surface and creates traction.
  • Prevents fraying and easy to clean.

#10. Stair Treads Non-Slip Modern Step Mats

By: Casa Pura

This carpet is one of the most famous carpets that are known for their durability and long-lasting usage. There are 15 mats available in one set of when purchasing this carpet. These 10 inches by 26 inches carpets hardly ever slip from the floors of the stairs. The durable grips of these mats can keep them in the proper place.

If you have an overactive pet and you afraid of placing a carpet on the staircase, then this carpet can help you in the best way by providing you with the safest covers on the stairs. The modern styles and high-quality materials of these carpets are additional benefits you will get.

In Summary:

  • Non-slip and adhesive with long-lasting grip.
  • Suitable for all surfaces of floors.
  • Suitable and secure for pets of all kinds.

#9. Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13

By: Elogio

You get a total of 13 pieces of long-lasting stair treads on this cost-effective purchase. The non-skid carpets also turn your slippery stairs into the slip-resistant and beautiful surface for your family members as well as your pets or even your kids or children. Moreover, the mats come with complimentary carpet tape to keep them in place which means you do not need to buy an additional double-sided tap.

On top of that, these carpets effectively reduce the loud noises coming from stuff like high heel shoes. These mats are highly compatible with any surfaces of the stair, such as ceramic, hardwood, and you name it. The carpets also have the creative design with soft fabric construction to deliver a smooth and comfortable foot-feel on barefoot. Furthermore, these mats with its robust construction can last for an extended time, even in the busy areas. They will definitely add shine to any office or home décor. And lastly, these mats are easily machine washable and can also be allowed for vacuum cleaning too.

In Summary:

  • Slip-resistant with high traction.
  • Premium design with safety and comfort.
  • Durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

#8. Non-Slip Rubber Backing Resistant Carpet Stair

By: StepBasic

If you want to get the best gripping facility on your carpets, then you can opt for this item. These stable and smart-looking carpets can cover your stairs in the possibly best and safest way. You can place the carpets either on the stones, tiles, or wooden stairs. Still, you can get the best result.

These carpets come in 8.5 inches by 26 inches and are perfect for covering the steps in a trendy and comfortable style. These carpets are not only easy to maintain but also designed with anti-bacterial and anti-fade features. For your information, you can also clean the carpets with mild soaps at your home to get a fresh look.

In Summary:

  • Anti-bacterial property and fade resistant.
  • Available in multiple color options.

#7. Non-Slip Washable Stair Treads Carpet With Skid Resistant

By: Soloom

This stair carpet is made of a high-quality thick material which can last for long and gives you certain safety. The rubbers on the backside of the rugs make them easier to use. These rubbers assure the safety of the carpets. On top of that, you do not need to use the anti-slip tapes to keep the carpets in the proper position. Instead, the rubbers on the backside of the carpets do this job efficiently just by itself. Additionally, the modern designs of the carpets are in attractive colors and are also suitable for your stylish interior as well.

Lastly, these carpets are also designed in the strain resistant manner to give you a better result in regular use. You can also maintain the carpet easily by hand wash or machine wash at your home.

In Summary:

  • Adhesive rubber back for a non-slip property.
  • A thick and durable material used.
  • Stain resistant and washable.

#6. Grey Meander Ornament Tread Rugs

By: Home Way

Made of commercial-grade and machine-made robust nylon fabric, these 7 stair carpets come with what they call the decorative trellis design. These mats with low pile also allow a convenient cleaning. Moreover, each of these stair treads has a measurement of 9 X 27-inch. The design of these mats can fit with many modern home decoration. The anti-skid rubberized back of the mats keeps your family members and pets safe from slipping on the stairs.

What’s more, The carpets also offer resistance against stains. Furthermore, the colorfast feature of these mats retains the beauty of them for a really long time. The mats do not fade quickly as they are effectively cleanable with warm water and mild soap. The mats highly reduce the loud noises, and they are highly resistant to wear and tear too. As of the market right now, you sure can get this set of stair carpet with a cost-effective price. It is undoubtedly one of the best carpets for the stairs you can buy for your family.

In Summary:

  • Heavy-duty nylon carpet with colorful trellis.
  • Non-skid rubber backing for enhanced safety.
  • Fade and stain resistant plus easy to clean.

#5. Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set of 13

By: Antdle

The set of stair carpet contains a total number of 13 pieces. These carpets also involve the construction of eco-friendly polypropylene fiber with anti-skid PVC material backing. Moreover, the carpets are entirely safe to use on the slippery stairs to prevent accidents. Each carpet comes with a measurement of 30 X 8 X 0.3-inch. The double stripe bump design on the surface of the mats offers a non-slip and safer walking surface.

Additionally, every stair carpet is highly resistant to water and moisture. The mats also have the bump design to effectively capture more dirt and dust. All of these carpets are easily machine washable. Furthermore, you can customize the mats according to your requirement. The mats will hardly lose their shapes and sizes ever after repeated wash and rough handling. These carpets are ideal for indoor stairs as you get the set of stair carpet in a pocket-friendly price.

In Summary:

  • Polypropylene fiber carpet with skid resistant bottom.
  • Wear resistant and advanced durability.
  • Double stripe design with anti-skid effect.
  • Machine washable includes double-sided adhesive tape.

#4. 25′ Stair Runner Rugs 

By: Marash Luxury Collection

This carpet is available in 26 inches by 25 inches size to cover the stairs at your home. This carpet is made of high-quality materials that are heat set and long-lasting at the same time. The pile of 8mm is used on the carpet to make it more comfortable to use without any worry.

On top of that, you can clean the carpet by using the dry-cleaning technique. Also, you can clean the marks on the carpets by bottling with a fresh sponge and cloth. No matter what, you can always expect that this carpet can be a long-lasting item for your home use.

In Summary:

  • Continuous carpet for stairs.
  • Eye-catching design with sunlight resistant property.
  • Made High-quality material that is easy to clean.

#3. Comfy Collection Stair Tread

By: RugStylesOnline

This perfect style carpet can cover your staircase in the best and smartest way possible. These carpets not only offer you the anti-slip facilities but also provide you with the rubber backing features to keep the mats in the proper places with more stability.

These are also very easy to clean and maintain. You can keep these carpets on the stairs that are made of stones, hardwoods or marbles, or some other materials. These double-sided carpets are a strain and mildew resistant which make it one of the essential items for your shopping cart.

In Summary:

  • Tailor-made carpet with ideal color for wooden floors.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Resistant to stains, fade, and mildew.

#2. Indoor Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread

By: RugStylesOnline

This popular carpet set for the staircase is made of high-quality materials that are durable and easy to maintain. You can get the stain resistant and fade resistant facilities from these carpets. These durable and long-lasting carpets can keep your staircases protected and help you to step on them safely.

One noticeable thing is that the UV olefin is the primary material which is used by the expert manufacturers to create these carpets. And on top of that, besides being both-side carpets, they also have strong grips that keep the mats at the proper place and help you to run on them safely. What’s more, you can clean it by vacuuming.

In Summary:

  • Tough and strong.
  • 100% UV Olefin
  • Waterproof and machine washable.
  • Made to avoid fading, staining, or slippage.

#1. Softy Stair Tread Mats

By: Ottomanson

Coming in a size of 9″ X 6″, these carpets are made of 100% Polypropylene. These best carpets for stair probably contain all the hight qualities that carpet should have, especially non-slip, wear, and fade resistant. This anti-slippery carpet can give you the safest facility to protect your indoor staircases.

The high-quality materials like soft shaggy pile are used in this carpet to make them more durable and comfortable in everyday use. These carpets, not only assure your safe steps on it, but it also helps you to keep the staircase away from the scratches and marks. About the cleaning, these carpets can be cleaned easily by vacuuming on a regular basis.

In Summary:

  • Soft grip and quite comfortable.
  • Machine washable, and no fraying.
  • Stable and stain-resistant.
  • 100% Polypropylene


Even though your stairs may look decent without carpets, they tend to look even better when there are carpets on them. Ideally, you get the carpets on your stairs to reduce the annoying noise that is generated due to the contact of shoes and stair surfaces increase the comfort, as well as to protect your stairs. We have listed above some best carpets for stairs that you can get for your house. Grab the ones of your choice and enjoy having it at your house.

Unavailable Products:

Caprice Bullnose Carpet Stair With Adhesive Padding

By: Tread Comfort

This carpet can give you the best comfort when you step on the wooden stairs. The strong grips of these carpets can protect you from slipping and falling off the stairs. The elegant finishing touches on the carpets and bound edges of these carpets make these more useful and attractive.

These strain resistant and anti-slip carpets can help you to get the best result in getting a trendy and smart interior. You can maintain these carpets easily at your home and keep these clean and away from bacteria.

In Summary:

  • Tailor-made to absorb dust from feet.
  • Soft padding for a comfortable grip on feet.
  • Highly-comfortable and no fuzzing or staining.

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