The 10 Best Carpets For Stairs in 2018 — Reviews & Buying Guides

There are two reasons why people have their stairs covered with carpets. Firstly, they enhance the beauty of the staircase in multiple folds. Your staircase suddenly transforms itself into an inviting space. The second reason is that it will absorb the dust of the feet and your rooms will stay clean. Apart from that, the carpets on your stairs will add a comfortable feeling to your feet and reduce the noise considerably. There are beautiful and best carpets available for the stairs, and they are listed below for you to choose from and beauty your staircase like never before.

The List of Top 10 Best Carpets For Stairs in 2018

#10 Soloom Non-Slip Washable Stair Treads Carpet with Skid Resistant

Soloom Non-Slip Washable Stair Treads Carpet with Skid Resistant

By: Soloom

The stair carpet is made of a high-quality thick material which lasts for a long time and gives you certain safety. The rubbers on the backside of the carpets make these easier to use. These rubbers assure the safety of the carpets. You have no need to use the anti-slip tapes for keeping the carpets in the proper position. The rubbers on the backside of the carpets do this job efficiently.

You can also maintain the carpet easily by hand wash or machine wash at your home. The modern designs of the carpets in attractive colors are suitable for your stylish interior as well. These carpets are also designed in the strain resistant manner to give you a better result in regular use.

In Summary:
  • Adhesive rubber back for a non-slip property.
  • A thick and durable material used.
  • Stain resistant and washable.
  • One of the bestsellers in the new release category.

#9 Dean Premium Carpet Stair Treads – Santa Fe Beige 31″ x 9″

Dean Premium Carpet Stair Treads - Santa Fe Beige 31 x 9

By: Dean Flooring Company

This 31 inches by 9 inches stair carpet can change the get up of the interior in an interesting way. There are 13 pieces of carpets available in one set, and these carpets are designed in trendy ways to give you a safe experience. The anti-slip feature of these carpets can help you to step on this carpet smartly and safely. You can also easily install it on the stairs by using the double-sided tapes.

This carpet is also very easy to maintain and made of high-quality polypropylene to give you a long-lasting result. You can remove the spots from the carpets by using the vacuum cleaner. It can help you to step on the hard wooden floor comfortably.

In Summary:
  • Unique design with eye-catching patterns.
  • Sticks to all types of floors.
  • 13 pieces pack for the entire house.

#8 Ottomanson Softy Stair Treads Brown Striped Design Skid Resistant

Ottomanson Softy Stair Treads Brown Striped Design Skid Resistant – Non Slip

By: Ottomanson

The carpets that are made of good-quality polypropylene can give you the best result in covering your stairs and keeping these safe to step on. The rug in the trendy styles is suitable to the modern interior and the strain resistant capabilities.

These machine-made carpets are made in hassle-free and easy to maintain manner. You can also place these carpets on the tiles, wooden stairs or marbles by using the double-sided tapes to secure their places. These anti-slip carpets are made in a long-lasting and durable manner to satisfy the users.

In Summary:
  • Machine-made for perfect precision.
  • Stain resistant and highly stable.
  • Reduce noise and hard to wear and tear.

#7 StepBasic Non-Slip Rubber Backing Resistant Carpet Stair

StepBasic Non-Slip Rubber Backing Resistant Carpet Stair

By: StepBasic

If you want to get the best gripping facility on your carpets, then you can opt for this carpet. These stable and smart looking carpets can cover your stairs in the best and safest way. You can place the carpets on the stones, tiles or wooden stairs to get the best result.

The 8.5 inches by 26 inches carpets are perfect to cover the steps in a trendy and comfortable style. These carpets are not only easy to maintain but also designed in anti-bacterial and anti-fade features. You can clean the carpets with mild soaps at your home to get a fresh look.

In Summary:
  • Anti-bacterial property and fade resistant.
  • Multiple color options are available.

#6 25′ Stair Runner Rugs – Marash Luxury Collection Stair Carpet Runners

25' Stair Runner Rugs - Marash Luxury Collection Stair Carpet Runners

By: Marash Luxury Collection

This carpet is available in 26 inches by 25 inches size to cover the stairs at your home. This carpet is made of high-quality materials that are heat set and long-lasting at the same time. The pile of 8mm is used on the carpet to make it more comfortable to use and durable at the same time.

You can clean the carpet by using the dry cleaning technique. You can also clean the marks on the carpets by bottling with a fresh sponge and cloth. This durable and safe carpet can give you a long-lasting result.

In Summary:
  • Continuous carpet for stairs.
  • Eye-catching design with sunlight resistant property.
  • High-quality material and easy to clean.

#5 Casa Pura Stair Treads | Non-Slip | Modern Step Mats

Casa Pura Stair Treads - Non-Slip Indoor Stair Protectors - Modern Step Mats

By: Casa Pura

This carpet is one of the most popular carpets that are known for their durability and long-lasting features. There are 15 mats available in one set of this carpet. These 10 inches by 26 inches carpets never slip from the floors of the stairs. The strong grips of these mats keep these in the proper place.

If you have an overactive pet and you afraid of placing a carpet on the staircase then, this carpet can help you in the best way by providing you the safest covers on the stairs. The modern styles and high-quality materials of these carpets are additional benefits you will get.

In Summary:
  • Non-slip and adhesive with long-lasting grip.
  • Suitable for all surfaces of floors.
  • Suitable and secured for pets of all kinds.

#4 Tread Comfort Caprice Bullnose Carpet Stair with Adhesive Padding

Tread Comfort Caprice Bullnose Carpet Stair Tread with Adhesive Padding

By: Tread Comfort

This carpet can give you the best comfort when you step on the wooden stairs. The strong grips of these carpets can protect you from slipping and falling off the stairs. The fine finishing touches on the carpets and bound edges of these carpets make these more useful and attractive.

These strain resistant and anti-slip carpets can help you to get the best result in getting the trendy and smart interior. You can maintain these carpets easily at your home and keep these clean and away from bacteria.

In Summary:
  • Tailor-made to absorb dust from feet.
  • Soft padding for a comfortable grip on feet.
  • Highly-comfortable and no fuzzing or staining.

#3 Comfy Collection Stair Tread Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Washable

Comfy Collection Stair Tread Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Washable 8 ½ x 30 inches

By: RugStylesOnline

This perfect style carpet can cover your staircase in the best and smartest way. These carpets not only offer you the anti-slip facilities but also provide you the rubber backing features to keep the mats in the proper places. These carpets in sober and classy get up can help you to get the best interior look.

These are also very easy to clean and keep maintained. You can keep these carpets on the stairs that are made of stones, hardwoods or marbles. These double-sided carpets are a strain and mildew resistant.

In Summary:
  • Color tailor-made for wooden floors.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Resistant to stains, fade, and mildew.

#2 Stair Treads Collection Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread

Stair Treads Collection Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Carpet Stair Tread (8 in x 30 inches)

By: RugStylesOnline

This popular carpet set for the staircase is made of high-quality materials that are durable and easy to maintain. You can get the strain resistant and fade resistant facilities from these carpets. These durable and long-lasting carpets can keep your staircases protected and help you to step on them safely.

These both-side carpets have strong grips that keep the mats at the proper place and help you to run on them safely. You can clean it by vacuuming easily. The UV olefin is the main material which is used by the expert manufacturers to create these carpets.

In Summary:
  • Tough and strong.
  • Waterproof and machine washable.
  • No fading or staining or slippage.

#1 Softy Stair Tread Mats,Skid Resistant, Rubber Backing

Softy Stair Tread Mats, Skid resistant, Rubber Backing, Non Slip Carpet, 9x26 inches

By: Ottomanson

This anti-slippery carpet can give you the safest facility to protect your indoor staircases. The high-quality materials like soft shaggy pile are used in this carpet to make these more durable and comfortable in use. These carpets not only assure your safe steps on it but it also helps you to keep the staircase away from the scratches and marks. These carpets can be cleaned easily by vacuuming on a regular basis.

In Summary:
  • Soft grip and quite comfortable.
  • Machine washable and no fraying.
  • Stable and stain resistant.

Buyer’s Guides

Buying a carpet may seem to be a simple job, but it is not. There are some factors like thickness, durability, and various other protective properties that will determine the quality of the carpets you are buying.


The durability is the most crucial factor for carpets that you buy for your stairs. The reason is that the stairs will face heavy traffic and due to constant wear and usage, the mats can get damaged easily unless they are a quality product. The carpet should be tailor-made for heavy traffic and not like the ones you have in your room that are occasions used and undergo pressure situation rarely.


There is a misconception that a thicker carpet will be more sustainable. The fact is that many thinner carpets are most sustainable in reality. It all depends on the stair type you have. If the stairs are high, the thick carpet will be ideal but if the height difference between two stairs in low, thick ones can cause an accident by wrapping around the edges. Furthermore, if each stair is lengthy, a thick carpet can be ideal as there are fewer chances of a safety hazard. Therefore, be wise in choosing the thickness of the carpet as per the construction of the stairs you have.


The grip of the carpet is hugely significant, and the grip is directly related to the safety aspect. Most of the carpets have rubber grip so that they will experience no slippage by any chance. But many pet owners worry that their pets will slip. While buying a carpet, you should check explicitly whether such carpets are tailor-made for pets or not. Moreover, they must be waterproof so that the water gets absorbed without spilling here and there that can cause slipping accidents.

Joined Or Separated

There is no doubt that the joined carpets look the best for any staircase as they are continuous and the overall design gets highlighted perfectly. But they are only suitable when you are covering the entire staircase breadth-wise. If you are covering only the central part, then there are chances of nosing at the edges. Furthermore, if the height difference is great between the stairs, the separated ones are the best option you have.


There are various reasons for putting a carpet on the stairs. Apart from the aesthetic part, the carpets must absorb the noise created between the surface contact of the stair and boots. If the stairs are out of wood, the noise will be higher, and the carpets are responsible for dampening the noise.

Furthermore, the carpet will absorb the soil and dirt particles from the feet. They must also provide comfort to the feet so that it feels great to climb the stairs. They must be soil resistant as well as oil resistant. Along with that, they must be easy to clean as they are likely to get dirty regularly and you also need to wash it regularly as well.

Bonus – Different Types of Carpet Fibers

Watch this YouTube video to understand the different types of carpet fibers.


Even though your stairs may look decent without carpets, you need to get the carpets on it to reduce the annoying noise that is generated due to the contact of shoes and stair surfaces. If the surfaces are wooden, the noise level will be higher. The carpets are designed to reduce the noise and increase the comfort factor. Do not worry if you have pets at home as they will not skid by any chance.

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