The 10 Best Calligraphy Pens in 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guides

Calligraphy is a form of writing that required skills and practice. Such writing is written on wooden pieces, memorial documents, stones and various other surfaces. There are many who have taken calligraphy as their professional while others consider it as a hobby.

If you want to do something really productive and creative in your leisure time other than just surfing the internet, calligraphy is a perfect hobby. You will need calligraphy pens to start with, and the following is the list of best calligraphy pens you can find in 2018.

The List of Top 10 Best Calligraphy Pens in 2018

#10 Fountain Pen / Calligraphy Pen Medium Metal Nib With Ink Converter

By: VisuartPRO

This product comes with case gift set, and it is made from the most standard materials merely to give the best writing experience. It offers a combination of style as well as functioning. For safety purposes, its design does not incorporate ink cartridge.

Additionally, it is designed with a medium nib for ideal line thickness and uniformity in ink flow. This product is offered in a stitched box merely to provide sleek as well as professional look. The design favors both experts and beginners. The product works best with bottled ink by use of conventional ink converter that merely draws the ink via the nib.

In Summary:
  • Premium-quality for superior writing.
  • Smooth gliding and consistent ink flow.
  • Medium nib with balanced line thickness.

#9 Bianyo Metallic Calligraphy Pens for Coloring Drawing Lettering

Bianyo Metallic Brush Marker Pens, 10 Colors Calligraphy Pens for Coloring Drawing Lettering

By: Bianyo

This calligraphy pen comes in ten colors. These include but not limited to light green, white, red, green, purple, blue, grey, brown, gold and silver. It comes with a supple calligraphy tip line width of about 1-2mm thus enabling accurate work with a soft brush tip. This product comes with non- toxic water built ink which is free from acid.

On top of that, it works on glass, paper, plastic, pottery, stones, ceramics, and wood. This product works best on dark cardstock or any other thing black. It comes with 100% warranty in case of any default in the product which is rare.

In Summary:
  • Premium-quality for superior writing.
  • Smooth gliding and consistent ink flow.
  • Medium nib with balanced line thickness.

#8 Arts Pocket Brush Pen, Ohuhu Calligraphy Brush, REFILLABLE

By: Ohuhu

This calligraphy pen offers complicated touch to your writing. It ensures flexible as well as excellent hand feel. The design of this product provides a self- filling mechanism that allows you to fill the pen with ink or supplement the three included spare ink cartridge.

What’s more, this product is recommended for both beginners as well as experts. It is also encased in a supple high standard case. This product offers the best travel companion since it comes with three bonus refill cartridge that enables you to write at any given time. It also comes with supple nylon hairs that are soft and provides accurate control.

#7 Speedball Calligraphy Set

Speedball Calligraphy Set

By: Speedball

This is original calligraphy as well as lettering kit that is perfect for the beginner. This product comes with the triple-reservoir design of nibs that permits increased ink capacity as well as prolonged, smooth and continuous ink flow. The product is packaged in one jar of about 59.1ml first black India ink, one speedball pen nib handle and three fashions of pen nibs ( C1, C2, and C3).

These designs are suitable for roman, gothic alphabets, scrolls, scripts, emphasized line drawings, and Italic alphabets. This product is made in the USA. It Weighs about 4 ounces and comes with 5.1 x 2.5 x 7 inches dimensions.

In Summary:
  • Different line patterns are possible.
  • Different types of nibs are available.
  • Featured under Amazon’s Choice.

#6 Set of 4 Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, 6.0 mm

Set of 4 Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, 6.0 mm

By: Pilot

This calligraphy pen is the most significant innovation in calligraphy pen scheme. This product comes with different nib sizes of about 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8mm and 6.0 mm respectively. The nibs contain similar plates that allow writers to generate sharp lines.

Also, it includes many gradated colors merely by transferring ink from one pen o another thus enables the use of two assorted ink colors from one pen nib. Each of these contains similar pens, two ink cartridges, nib cleaner, converter used to clean the pen unit and instructions as well as care guides. This product is made in Japan.

In Summary:
  • Different pens have different nibs.
  • Four different line thickness is possible.
  • Featured under Amazon’s Choice for high ratings.

#5 Metallic Calligraphy Brush Marker Pens

By: Artbrush Tower

This product comes in ten colors. These include but not limited to pink, white, olive, green, purple, blue, black, brown, gold and silver. This product is designed with waterproof as well as non-toxic ink which is harmless to your body. It is packed with durable pp box possessing one dark instruction card. This product comes with the following warranty and services; three years warranty, 24- hour online client service, 90- days’ warranty.

With this condition, the product is ideal mostly for grownups coloring books, dark cardstock, sketchpad, scrapbooking, pottery, glass, DIY photo album, wedding design, black paper, greetings card, calligraphy and so on. This product can also be used in the classroom or even used by grownup book drawers.

In Summary:
  • Multiple color options are available in different pens.
  • Waterproof and Non-toxic ink and flexible tip.
  • Amazon’s Choice product for Calligraphy pens category.

#4 Speedball 2880 Elegant Writer 4 Calligraphy Marker Instructional Set

Speedball 2880 Elegant Writer 4 Calligraphy Marker Instructional Set

By: Speedball

This product is designed for both the beginners as well as the expert calligraphers. It comes with three nib width design to incorporate various lettering methods. It is packaged with an instruction booklet which is easy to follow and includes tips and procedures for any beautiful writing.

Furthermore, it is ACMI AP as well as anti-toxic. It possesses better-quality ink flow which is acid-free. This product makes the best gift item. It weighs about 2.4 ounces and comes in 7 x 0.8 x 6.5 inches dimension. The product comes in various sizes thus the advantage of a feel for different size fonts.

#3 Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen, Red, Carded with 2 ink cartridges

Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen, Red, Carded with (2) ink cartridges: Fine (73400)

By: Sheaffer

This product features an opening in the barrel merely to offer easy monitoring of the supply of ink at all times. It comes with Sheaffer strip with typical ink cartridge packaged on a bubble card. This product also features a stain-free -steel nib. This product is ideal for writing bridal invitations, award certificates, handwriting notes, holiday cards, school artwork among others.

In addition, it possesses a discernible ink supply that is designed to help know when the ink cartridge should be changed. It comes with ‘white dot’ which is a symbol of quality as well as prestige. Lastly, it offers Skrip ink assortment cartridge merely for extra creativity as well as options.

In Summary:
  • Stainless steel nib with greater durability.
  • Window to watch out the ink supply.
  • Comfortable grip for various letting techniques.

#2 Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack

Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers

By: Tombow

This product is perfect for fine art, faux calligraphy, brush lettering, watercolor design, illustration, journaling and many others. It comes with a set of nine colors as well as one blender pen having the flexible brush tip and satisfactory tip in one marker. The brush tip of this product is made of durable and flexible nylon fiber that enhances medium or bold strokes especially by altering brush pressure.

Likewise, its excellent tip provides consistent lines. It also comes with a colorless liquidizer pen which softens and balances colors to offer the watercolor effect. This product comes with toxin-free, acid- free odorless, blendable, non- bleeding as well as water- built ink.

In Summary:
  • Ideal for all calligraphy techniques.
  • Flexible brush tip for all angle variations.
  • The thickness of strokes changeable with brush pressure.
  • Featured as Amazon’s Choice.

#1 Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen 2 Pens Set

By: Tombow

This product features flexible brush tip merely for various lettering as well as drawing methods. The brush tip of this product is made of durable and flexible nylon fiber that enhances medium or bold strokes especially by altering brush pressure. This product is beneficial for calligraphy as well as art drawings. It comes with the soft tip as well as hard tip water built pigmented black ink.

Moreover, this product possesses as well a pen cap with pocket clasp. It comes with a blue plastic template that provides a guide on writing Kanji characters, especially on cash gift envelopes. Its barrels are made of reused polypropylene plastic. Watch the video below to see how can you use this pen in various ways possible.

In Summary:
  • Soft and hard tip with water-based ink.
  • Suitable for lettering and drawing.
  • Brush pressure variations for different thickness.
  • Featured as Amazon’s Choice for calligraphy pen category.

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More About Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy Pen – Buying’s Guides

It is important to understand not every calligraphy pen is alike. There are different types of calligraphy pens available based on their features. If you are new to calligraphy, you can get confused easily and hence; the following guide will come extremely handy while purchasing them.

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The nib of a calligraphy pen refers to its tip, and the tip is what determines the thickness of the lines drawn with it. There are different types of nibs available. Some of them are designed to produce fine lines, and there are some for that produce bold lines. As a calligraphy artist, you need to have all the different types of nibs at your possession because different parts of the calligraphy art may require different nibs and lines.

As a matter of fact, one should try all of them and select the ones with which he is comfortable and specialized. Now, there are specific pens available whose nib can be changed while some come with a set of pens with different nibs attached to them. It is apparently more convenient to have separate pens with varying nibs, so you do not have to change nib and spill ink by mistake.

Calligraphy Pen Type

As stated earlier, there are different calligraphy pens available based on their features. For example, previously, most of the calligraphy pens had to be dipped in the bottle of ink to draw. In the modern times, the pens come with cartridges for working conveniently. But filling up ink in those cartridges can be tiresome, and ink can spill anytime.

Therefore, a new type of calligraphy pen has come out which come with pre-loaded cartridges, and these cartridges are replaceable, and there is no requirement for refilling as the cartridge are used and throw ones. Check out the different types visually on this video here.

It is important to remember that every calligraphy artist has his own set of pens to work with. That is why you should try out all of them, and once you get comfortable with a particular type, you should stick to it irrespective of pros and cons and deliver consistent performance to blow the minds of the audiences.


The grip part is one of the crucial things that most of the people forget to consider. Every calligraphy work needs enough time to do them perfectly. If the grip is not ergonomically designed to provide comfort to the finger, they are not going to be the best buy. Your fingers should not be fatigued for hours. Not only that, the grip is responsible for the control a person gets as well as the precision he wants to do a perfect perfectly.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional calligrapher, you need one versatile set of calligraphy pens to make beautiful calligraphy works. Calligraphy is all about your creativity and techniques, and you have to implement them with the range of calligraphy pens you have. Keep the above-mentioned parameters in mind so that you can make the best purchase and get started to create your masterpiece.

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