Top 10 Best Built-In Microwaves In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Forget about finding the space on the counter for your microwaves because built-in microwaves are way better. Perfect for small kitchens, you can install them in your cabinets or wall so that you can save some space. This type of microwave looks neat and nice, and it makes a great compliment in modern kitchens. Below is a list of 10 best built-in microwaves that you might want to check out. Let’s take a look and see which one you like the most.

The List Of Best Built-In Microwaves In 2021

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD372S Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In with Inverter…View on
Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven with 1200 Watts of Cooking Power, Sensor Cooking, Popcorn…View on
Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN766S Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In with Inverter…View on
Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven, 24-Inch 1.2 Cu. Feet, Stainless SteelView on
GE JNM3163DJBB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, BlackView on
Dacor DMW2420S Distinctive Series Counter Top or Built Microwave, StainlessView on
FRIGIDAIRE Built-in Microwave Oven, 2.2, Stainless SteelView on
Advent MW912BWDK Black Built-in Microwave Oven with Wide Trim Kit PMWTRIM, Specially Built…View on
Advent MW912B Black Built-in Microwave Oven specially built for RV Recreational Vehicle,…View on
Frigidaire 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Steel Built-In MicrowaveView on

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#1. Flexible Built-In Microwave

By: Panasonic

Comes with even a lower price; this is one of the best built-in microwaves to have in mind. The great thing about this microwave is that it generates a steady stream of power at all temperature settings. On top of that, it also offers shorter cooking time along with consistency across a wide range of cooking techniques. That way, the heat is always even for every single meal that you prepare.

That is not all, this microwave also comes with inverter technique from its 950 watts power as well. No matter if you poach, braise, or steam, the results are always flawless every time for you. There are also auto cook options for certain foods as well, such as pizza, soup, pasta, and more. Plus, with its stainless steel design, this is one durable and high-quality microwave to have. Don’t forget to check it out, this is one of the best built-in microwaves whose quality will not let you down.

In Summary:

  • Stylish and sleek
  • Large capacity turntable
  • Smart and compact design
  • Versatile food preparations
  • Intelligent and intuitive controls

#2. Multifunction Compact Microwave

By: Panasonic

This is another compact microwave from Panasonic that you might want to have. The thing is that it comes with a more affordable price with an extremely compact size. That allows you to fit in a small space with ease while cooking and preparing multiple meals like using the larger ones. The special part is that this microwave features the power of 1200 watts which is so powerful despite its size. Plus, with 11 power levels and smart controls LED, there is nothing that this microwave can’t do.

Another thing that we like about this compact microwave is that it features inverter technology. That means it can evenly heat food from edges to center with perfect results every time. There are many functions in this microwave that you can use, and cooking options are just endless. With both style and quality, this is one high-quality microwave that you should have. Let’s take a look and see if it matches your preference.

In Summary:

  • High power cooking
  • Compact and sleek design
  • 11 power levels with LED control
  • Inverter turbo for effective defrosting
  • Inverter technology for even heat distribution

#3. Stainless Steel Countertop / Built-In Microwave

By: Panasonic

Panasonic is here to offer you a functional microwave for either built-in or countertop use. This stainless steel microwave features 1250 watts of power which are so powerful. It delivers a seamless stream of cooking power for even cooking and delicious flavor effortlessly every time. That is not all; it also has inverter technology with turbo defrost for easy and convenient preparation and cooking. There is a wide variety of meals and snacks that you can prepare using this microwave, with quality as well.

That is not all, this built-in microwave features the compact design along with a thinner and lighter design. In case you want to use it on the countertop, it does not take up so much space at all. It comes with smart cooking settings with a genius sensor that adjust power and times for different foods. Plus, with the 14 preset menu items, there is nothing that this microwave can’t do. You really should take it into consideration, this is one of the best built-in microwaves to have.

In Summary:

  • Keep warm feature
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Unique inverter technology
  • Healthy and delicious results
  • Smart cooking settings with genius sensor

#4. Stainless Steel Drawer Microwave Oven

4. Stainless Steel Drawer Microwave Oven

By: Sharp

Here we have another high-quality built-in microwave that you can easily install into the drawer. The great thing about this option is that it comes with a concealed control panel that opens to an easy-to-read angle. You can do so with an easy touch automatic drawer system to smoothly open the drawer. On top of that, it also allows for easier cooking while saving prep and cleanup time for you as well.

The whole microwave itself looks really nice, and it makes a nice compliment in your kitchen. With its 1000 watts power, this microwave can cook and prepare a variety of snacks and meals. Plus, with its interior light, you can always check up on your food during the cooking process with ease. It can be a little pricey to some extend, but its quality and performance will not let you down. If you want a high-quality built-in microwave with a stylish and sophisticated look, this is the choice to choose.

In Summary:

  • Sensor cook
  • Large cooking space
  • Easy to read 45 degrees angle
  • Easy to one-touch open system
  • Stainless steel and durable design

#5. Over-The-Range Microwave

By: GE

This is a cabinet microwave that offers both style and convenience for you and your kitchen. The nice thing about it is that it comes with many settings that you can choose for various preparations. On top of that, the operation of this microwave is quick and easy for you to control with a simple touch. Plus, with the auto and time defrost, this is one functional microwave to take into consideration.

The microwave features the power of 950 watts which is ideal for daily food and preparation. There are two speeds venting system that removes smoke, steam, and odors which is simply unique to have. It is convenient and easy to use, and its quality lasts for years of use. As for its size, it is not too big or too small. Just perfect to fit in the cabinet for you to use conveniently at home. Plus, with a good price, this is the cabinet microwave that you should have in mind.

In Summary:

  • Convenient cooking controls
  • Controllable turntable operation
  • Quick and easy operating modes
  • Easy to read, use, clean, and take care of
  • Venting system for smoke, steam, and odor removal

#6. 2-In-1 Stainless Steel Microwave

By: Dacor

The amazing thing about this microwave is that you can use it as either a built-in or countertop microwave. That makes it convenient for you to install and use it in accordance with the space that you have. This option comes with a blue LED display that is very easy to read and use. With it, you will be able to prepare and cook a variety of food and snacks with ease. Plus, with its 1100 watts power, cooking daily meals or snacks around the house is very simple.

The awesome part is that there are many preset buttons to make things even easier for you. From popcorn and fresh vegetables to rice and poultry, this microwave can do them all. Not to mention that there are pre-programmed settings for frozen food, and more, this is one great microwave to have. It looks great and works great, and it makes a nice compliment in the kitchen as well. You should check it out, this 2-in-1 microwave is super cool.

In Summary:

  • Sensor modes
  • Blue LED display
  • Multiple pre-set settings
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy and convenient to install and use

#7. Stainless Steel Built-In Microwave

7. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave

By: Frigidaire

The special thing about this built-in microwave is that it delivers effortless reheat for you. That makes it ideal for busy users who reheat their food after a long day at work. On top of that, it also comes with other cook settings that you can use as well. There are 30 setting options that offer a multitude of ways to meet your cooking needs. It also has a large and smudge-proof window that you can keep track of your food during the process as well.

The part that we like is that it comes with a large capacity that fits a variety of different dishes. Plus, with the glass turntable, it can hold big bowls and large casserole dishes effortlessly for you. You can control every cook setting with just a simple touch which is so easy and convenient to use. Not to mention that its surface is easy to clean, this is one great choice to choose.

In Summary:

  • Powerful and quiet
  • Large glass turntable
  • One-touch button operation
  • Easy and convenient to use and clean
  • Finger resistant and smudge-proof surface

#8. Black Built-In Microwave With Wide Trim Kit

By: Advent

Here we have another built-in microwave from Advent but with a trim kit for easy installation. Just like the previous option, this one comes with very similar functions that you can use with ease. The only difference is that it comes with a wide trim kit that makes installation a breeze. It also comes with directions for you to follow for a fast and smooth installation as well. With its compact size, it fits great in small space which is simply nice. This built-in microwave is very functional, and it makes a great compliment in any space. Not to mention the cook settings that it offers, this is one nice choice that you should have in mind. Let’s take a look and see, we think you may like it.

In Summary:

  • Quiet operation
  • Easy access door
  • Rotatable glass turntable
  • 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 pre-programme cook settings

#9. Built-In Microwave For Recreational Vehicles

By: Advent

Looking for a built-in microwave that is compact and nice for your RV? Here you are looking at one, with decent quality and great design as well. This microwave comes with 900 watts of cooking power along with 10 adjustable power levels. It is effortless and convenient to use, and it allows you to cook and prepare a lot of things. There are 6 pre-programmed cook settings that you can use with a simple touch on the button.

Also Check:

Its one-touch electronic controls come with digital display for both style and convenient use. The best part is that it comes with glass turntable that rotates the food to provide even cooking. Plus, with the easy access door, this is simply one of the best built-in microwaves to consider. This option is ideal for RVs, trailers, camper, and many more. Don’t forget to check it out, this built-in microwave might have what it takes to meet your requirements.

In Summary:

  • Easy one-touch control
  • Rotatable glass turntable
  • 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 pre-programme cook settings
  • White cavity and black enclosure

#10. Black Stainless Steel Built-In Microwave

10. Black Stainless Steel Built In Microwave

By: Frigidaire

Comes with over 30 cooking options, this built-in microwave is one of a kind to have. With it, you will be able to cook and make a variety of snacks and meals right from home with ease. You can control all of that with just one touch which is so easy and convenient. This microwave comes with 1200 watts of power which are powerful enough to prepare, defrost and cook for you.

The part that we like the most is definitely its digital display that is easy to read and operate. There are even specific options for daily use that you can press like popcorn, potato, waggies, and more. It is compact, and it does not take too much space at all which is quite easy to install. Plus, with its sleek and stainless steel construction, this is one high-quality built-in microwave to have in mind.

In Summary:

  • Over setting options
  • Smudge-proof surface
  • Sensor cooking options
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Compact and durable construction

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Built-in Microwaves

Why not save time on research by suing this buying guide for built-in microwaves. We have researched the top features that will help improve cooking performance. The details are based on several factors, such as size, type of installation, versatility, power consumption, and much more. They are as follows:

Size and Installation

The dimension of the best built-in microwave matters a lot in terms of installation space. Some designs can only fit into a 24-inch cabinet structure and other much larger room. Ensure you measure the setup areas before buying your unit to prevent drilling holes and other amendments. Also, consider the weight of the cooking equipment. Some are too bulky, leading to a cumbersome assembly.


The other factor is the multiple functions your microwave offers. Check the available cooking presets to see what food method it can handle. The common ones include brown, bake, roast, grill, or microwave, depending on the model. Now, you can enjoy a tasty grilled steak at home to save money you could have spent on eateries. Other microwaves even have a popcorn option that allows you to enjoy tasty popcorn at home.

Temperature Levels

Does the microwave come with multiple temperature levels? Look at the available options to get one that has a variety of choices. Usually, it ranges from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest setting. Use the maximum rate for cooking tough foods such as steak and much more. For soft foods like veggies, don’t go beyond the medium level.

Power Consumption

A cooking gadget that heats foods quickly uses high energy. The faster the cook-up time, the higher the electricity consumption. Note that there are models that use less than 1000 watts and other more. If the electricity bill is the primary concern to you, check a microwave with low-power use.

Size of The Turntable

Most people prefer to heat-up food at once without repeating the action. That’s where a turntable comes in to ensure you have simple cooking. Check the size of the plate, which generally in inches. Some microwaves have 10.5-inch turntables that accommodate small to medium-sized dinner plates.

LED Brightness

Lastly, look for an LED bulb the microwave has. It should be bright enough to allow a simple selection of the dials. Also, the indicator comes in handy in poorly-lit places or at night.

The Common Measurements of Built-In Microwaves

Built-in microwaves come in 3 standard sizes. Standard, compact, and combination. The most common height dimension is 39.2cm, 28cm, and 46cm, respectively. When it comes to width, make sure you always measure the aspects of the installation space. They are 60cm, 50cm, and 60 cm, respectively. Lastly, the depth can be separated into two measurements, up to 32cm/33cm and above. Note these are the typical sizes but may vary with a manufacturer. A standard, combination, and a compact microwave measure 45-60cm, 45-60cm, and 29-39cm, respectively.

Benefits of Using a Built-In Microwaves

  • Convenience: For someone who cooks often, this is the best cooking appliance. It is installed in a fixed position and is easy to operate and can fit in different locations. Most gadgets and equipment are damaged due to regular movement.
  • Saves Countertop Space: The fact that you can install in walls or kitchen cabinets means that the countertop space is free. You can place more kitchen appliances on the countertop or use it for other kitchen functions. In this way, you can clean up with more ease and comfort.
  • Complements the Kitchen Appliances: Additionally, most manufacturers ensure it comes with a sleek design. This completes the overall look of your kitchen and gives it a more superior appearance.

Apart from the many benefits, there is quite a range of built-in microwaves. The different features and usability make them stand out from other cooking appliances.


It is true that built-in microwaves are pricey, but their quality is also incredible. We hope that the list of best built-in microwaves above is useful for you. Don’t forget to pick one or two from us.

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Built-In Microwaves

5. Built In Microwave Oven Black 0.9 Cuft. Rv 980b 300x201 1

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Built-In Microwaves

Change the way you cook and warm foods for delicious results. Using the best built-in microwave ensures there is no overcooking and overheating. The newer designs are compact and suitable for a small installation space. Also, you don’t have to worry about kids playing with the preset knobs. For a fast-paced family, this gadget is an ideal choice. You can brown, roast, grill, and even bake a dish when you have limited time. Besides, frozen food items quickly thaw using advanced Defrost functionality. In this review, we look at the best built-in microwave in the market.

#11. Stainless Steel Countertop Built-In Microwave

By: Panasonic

Panasonic is a leading brand for household products such as sound systems, microwaves, and much more. The above unit has a spacious interior measuring 1.6 cubit foot suitable for small to medium-sized plates. It can accommodate a standard cup when heating a drink and other liquids. The lovely finish makes it simple to style the kitchen’s design. Also, it is a much friendly tone to work with than different shades. Enjoy faster heat-up times with high power of 1250 watts. The consumption is lesser than other heating devices to save on energy and cut down electricity bills.

Featuring a Microwave Inverter technology, it provides a steady stream of cooking, warming or heating power. That leaves you extra time to do other essential tasks in the kitchen. Another thing is an advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost that speeds up your defrosting period. You can keep your dish warm up to 30 minutes before eating. Furthermore, this product has an automatic sensor that adjusts the times and power for different foods.


  • It has a spacious 1.6 cubic foot interior
  • Lovely silver finish
  • High 1250 watts power
  • Innovative microwave inverter technology
  • Keeps meals warm up to 30 minutes

#10. Built-In Convection Microwave

10. Master Chef 5 Ovens In 1 2422 In.built In Convection Microwave 300x228 1

By: Master Chef Oven

If you want the best built-in microwave that offers a versatile service, stop looking. Master Chef Oven has a 5-in-1 design suitable for multiple tasks. You can bake, roast, grill, brown or, microwave depending on preferences. Not only to lessen food preparation time but also adds convenience in the kitchen. The above unit uses 1000 watts to cook and warm meals. Also, a quick start button makes it super easy to use. Pick your preferred settings and set the time to get your desired results.

Using the latest technology, it cooks food half the standard cooking period. Also, this item is quicker than using an electric or gas oven to save time. Now, you have a reliable product suitable for baking muffins, cookies, brownies, and biscuits. Save your car fuel every time you go out to an eatery to get grilled steak. Instead, use this device with a Broil and Grill options. Not only great for pork chops, fish, steak, but also hot dogs and hamburgers.


  • Versatile 5-in-1 design
  • Perfect for baking, roasting, grilling
  • Uses half the standard cooking time
  • Comes with Broil and Grill functions
  • Consumes 1000 watts

#9. Compact Built-In Microwave

By: Summit Appliance

Summit Appliance has one of the best built-in microwaves in the market. Boasting of a compact structure, it uses minimal wall space during installation. Also, the construction ensures you have simple handling and maintenance when assembling into a 24″ cabinet space. Use the included digital controls to pick a setting that meets the food application. Whether you are warming or cooking, it delivers the expected results. Another essential function is the Cook Menu that offers extensive heat choices. Press a button and set the time to give you a smooth operation.

The above accessory adds appeal to any setting such as kitchen and even dorm room. As earlier stated, it is small and useful for warming meals. Plus, the stylish stainless steel finish improves the current look. Not only to add shiny but also modern effects. With three defrost selections, timed defrost, weight defrost, or speed defrost, help to decrease cook time. Get that frozen steak or fish and defrost before you cook it to save time and energy. Built from quality material, it is durable, and performance are a guarantee.


  • It has a compact stricture
  • Suitable for 24″ cabinet space
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Quality stainless steel
  • Comes with three defrost settings

#8. Stainless Steel Built-In Microwave

8. Frigidaire 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave 300x182 1


Tired of using small to medium-sized plates every time you want to warm up food? You don’t have to any longer because Frigidaire microwave has a spacious 2.2 cubic foot design. You can enjoy warming up your tasty dish without performing multiple operations. Also, this gadget uses up to 1200 watts, perfect for heating foods evenly. The other designs fail to distribute heat evenly, leaving patches of food untouched. Pick your suitable power levels from the 9 options to suit your cooking needs.

Attractively housed in quality stainless steel, not only is it fingerprint-resistant but also rust-proof. Pick your cooking options comfortably without worrying about smudges. Moreover, this equipment is versatile to heat snacks, leftover dinner, appetizers, and even breakfast foods. Your guests will enjoy hot meals at any time of the day or night to improve the entertainment in your home. The design of this equipment measures 24 x 14 x 20 inches, suitable for on-the-go families. It provides easy meal preparation while complementing the surrounding decor.


  • Spacious 2.2 cubic foot design
  • It has 1200-watts power
  • Comes with 9 power levels
  • Has a dimension of 24 x 14 x 20 inches
  • fingerprint-resistant stainless steel

#7. Black Built-in Microwave

7. Advent Mw912bwdk Black Built In Microwave 300x191 1

By: Advent

We understand that not all people live in big houses. That does not mean you hinder your cooking lifestyle by using inferior products. Advent microwave is the best option for RVs, trailer, motorhome, camper, dorm rooms, and other places. It has a dimension of 19 inches wide x 13-3/8 inches high x 14 inches diameter to fit a small cabinet installation area. Also, the included wide trim kit improves the setup process to leave the room clean- looking. Make use of the electronic controls with quality digital display. With a simple touch, you can adjust the cook settings, clock, cook times, Timer, and power levels.

Furthermore, this equipment has 6 pre-programmed cook settings for preparing popcorn, pizza, beverages, and frozen entrees. Also, the sturdy glass turntable rotates your meals to deliver even cooking. No more eating foods that have cold patches after heating them on a cooking gadget. Access your plate or cup easily inside the microwave with the ergonomic door. Plus, the black outer enclosure and white cavity, improve the look of the overall design.


  • For RVs, trailers, motorhome
  • It has a 13-3/8 inches height
  • Quality digital display
  • Comes with multiple cook settings
  • Sturdy glass turntable

#6. Stainless Steel Countertop / Built-In Microwave

By: Panasonic

Get a steady cooking power with the best built-in microwave from Panasonic. It uses the modern heat-up technology that warms and cooks foods through without leaving cold patches. Besides, it uses only 1200watts pf power, making it among the lowest to save electricity bills. The above gadget is 1.2 cubic ft to accommodate small plates when heating leftover dinner, breakfast snacks, and appetizers. Made of lasting stainless steel, it does not rust, break or leave smudges when picking a setting. Other materials fail to withstand constant use resulting in high repair costs.

Moreover, this equipment has a Turbo Defrost friction that quickens the defrosting time. You can now put inside your frozen meat, fish, and other foods to save on meal preparation time. The use of Inverter Technology creates steady power for consistent results. Also, this mechanism prevents overcooking to retain the essential nutrients and minerals. With a compact design, this microwave accommodates the sturdy 13.4-inch turntable. Not only is it lighter and thinner, but also more efficient to devote more space to interior capacity.


  • Provides a steady cooking power
  • Uses modern heat-up technology
  • It has a 1.2 cubic foot
  • Efficient Turbo Defrost function
  • Comes with a 13.4-inch turntable

#5. Lightweight Built-In Microwave Oven

By: Contoure

There is a reason why Contoure is among the top brands for household appliances. It has come up with this microwave oven that weighs around 27 pounds. Not only is it lighter than other models, but it improves the installation process. Carry it and set up to the location that is ideal in the kitchen to have a comfortable operation. Besides, the overall assembly prevents kids from playing with the buttons to prevent damage. Now, you can fit it in an RV, dorm room, and other space-limited areas. The above machine weighs just over 161 dollars and has multiple functions. Use the 10-1/2-inch glass turntable to accommodate a standard dinner plate.

If you want to improve safety in your household, especially if there are kids, this item is the best option. Boasting of a child safety lock, you can restrict operation. Select a power level that meets your food needs from the 10 adjustable options. For tough meals, the highest setting works best and soft foods, pick a medium to low. That will help to prevent overcooking and loss of essential nutrients. Monitor the progress of the cooking without opening the door, thanks to an interior oven light.


  • Has a 27-pound weight
  • Fits an RV, dorm room and small kitchens
  • Comes with a 10.5-inch turntable
  • It has a child safety lock
  • 10 adjustable power options
  • Convenient interior oven light

#4. Countertop / Built-In Microwave Oven

4. Panasonic Countertop Built In Microwave Oven 300x180 1

By: Panasonic

It is time to switch your cooking methods to a more reliable one. Panasonic microwave has an advanced Cyclonic Wave that circulates heat efficiently in 3D waves. That results in quicker and versatile food preparation, even for the most robust textures. With 20 cooking presets, you can choose one that fits your meal. For instance, an Inverter Turbo Defrost helps quicken the defrosting time. The child safety lock maximizes security to eliminate kids playing with the buttons. Also, this item has a convenient Timer for setting a certain cooking period to prevent under-cooking or overcooking.

You can improve your movie watching at home when you have tasty homemade popcorn. Use the popcorn button to make popcorn at home without running to the stores. In addition, this unit has a small footprint to use less installation space. Besides, the structure has a more extensive interior and less room for all the electronic parts.

We love the lightweight construction of this product, which weighs 8 pounds less than other conventional microwaves. An advantage of using this cooking equipment is its microwave sequencing system. Not only to thaw foods quickly but also evenly.


  • Advanced Cyclonic Wave System
  • Heats food in 3D waves
  • It has 20 cooking presets
  • Convenient child safety lock
  • Weighs 8 pounds less than traditional designs
  • Innovative microwave sequencing system

#3. Microwave Wall Oven

3. Ge Pt7800shss Microwave Wall Oven 288x300 1

By: GE

Do more cooking without using extra kitchen space. The GE model combines a microwave and a standing oven suitable for small places. It works well in areas such as RV, condo, and apartment to serve multiple food applications. With halogen interior lighting, the lower part of the oven is easily visible. Not only to allow simple monitoring of the food progress but prevent opening the door. The above gadget weighs 205 pounds and ensures 34.4 inches in diameter, suitable for kitchens. Place your large dinner plate inside the 30-inch turntable to heat a more significant amount of meal.

The microwave has a beautiful interior, thanks to the stainless steel finish. It looks great and ensures there are no rust issues. Now you can warm, cook, or thaw foods with added confidence. Featuring functional beepers, they emit a beeping sound when a food cycle is complete. Open the sturdy door to stop the beep sound. You don’t have to keep checking the remaining time every time you prepare a dish. Additionally, a high-performing fan improves the interior temperature to prevent overheating. It is much quieter than the conventional microwaves to facilitate a peaceful cooking action.


  • Combines a microwave and a standing oven
  • The halogen interior lighting improves visibility
  • Weighs 205 pounds
  • Stylish stainless steel interior
  • Convenient beepers to alert end of a cycle

#2. Stainless Steel Countertop / Built-In Microwave With Inverter Technology

By: Panasonic

Thaw your foods quickly, efficiently, and evenly with the best built-in microwave by Panasonic. Featuring an innovative Turbo Defrost system, it uses less time than other conventional models. Another thing is the keep warm feature suitable for soups, veggies, gravies, desserts, and sauces. This function allows you to warm your meal in the oven for a few minutes until ready to serve. Set your reheat and cook times quickly with the Quick 30-Second Timer. It has up to 5 minutes intervals to support different applications for a variety of foods. Note that the power level comes preset at P10, and can adjust it to a lower setting.

With 1250 watts high power and Inverter Technology, this gadget delivers even heat distribution. Now, you can enjoy delicious results without the long wait-up period. Moreover, Panasonic microwave has a 15-inch turntable made of quality material to withstand excessive heat pressures. You can place a standard on a large dinner plate to save warming and cooking times. Selecting one of the preset from the Cook Menu display is easy. Lightly press your suitable function, set the time, and wait for the process to complete.


  • Quickly thaws foods with the Turbo Defrost
  • Warms soups, veggies, and sauces
  • Quick 30-Second Timer
  • It has 5-minute timer intervals
  • Large 150inch turntable
  • Intuitive preset buttons

#1. Distinctive Series Microwave

1. Dacor Dmw2420s 2422 Distinctive Series Microwave 300x265 1

By: Dacor

We love this built-in microwave because of its sturdy design. You can either install it into a cabinet space or mount it on a countertop. It all depends on the frequency of use, room area, and much more. Designed with lasting material, eliminate the worries of damage. The outer surface is shiny to enhance current aesthetics. Besides, this product has a stainless steel finish that is finger-proof. Whether you pick a setting with a wet finger, the appearance remains smudge-free. Note that the appealing aesthetics don’t compromise on performance suitable for mild and extended use.

Warm your breakfast meal, school snack, or leftover dinner with this device. Using a convenient Warm-Up feature, it is perfect for professional and on-the-go families. Not only to save time but use improves the food preparation period. Dacor is among the best built-in microwave that has responsive Sensor modes. Use the blue LED to pick your settings comfortably. Besides, the indicator is ideal for dark or poorly-lit places.

Using 1100 watts, cooking is much quicker and efficient. You can warm a dish for under a minute or cook full meals using half the time of standard cooking equipment.


  • It has s sturdy design
  • Allows countertop or cabinet installation
  • Made of lasting stainless steel
  • Warms school snack, desserts, leftovers
  • Consumes 1000 watts
  • Blue LED improves the preset selection


Quickly cook your meal at home to save time and effort. The best built-in microwave comes with advanced features to improve performance. For instance, a bright LED helps you have a smooth presets selection. And a quality glass turntable accommodates different-sized dinner plates to warm your foods. Remember to check the functions of the best built-in microwave before purchasing. Not only to avoid disappointments but also give you a reliable service. If you are looking for one that does not fail you in cooking, thawing, defrosting, browning, and even grilling, we are here for you. The above products have multiple functions that meet various applications. Choose one and enjoy a simple operation at home for a quick food operation.

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