10 Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks Reviews In 2020

Wake up to soothing sounds and classic melodies every time in the morning. With the best Bluetooth alarm clock, you get more than just a time-reading device. The newer models have more features such as inbuilt FM radio and soft rhythms. Not only that, they use minimal space for the desk, table, or bed stand suitable for multiple places. If you wan t to wake up in style, there are a variety of stylish designs. Plus, you can pick your favorite color that fits with your bedroom theme. In this review, we have the best Bluetooth alarm clocks available online.

List Of Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks In 2020

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#10. Alarm Clock With Radio

AMZLIFE Alarm Clock Radio


Amzlife manufacturer has joined the leading brands for alarm clocks. The above item is perfect for multiple places such as kitchen, office, bedroom, home, and even the kids’ room. The night light features two brightness levels that adjust to give you a comfortable viewing. Its small size can fit in your hand as it takes only the needed space. Don’t be fooled about the compact frame because this gadget stands out. It has an appealing finish, making it an excellent all-occasion gift. Pick either the 24 or 12-hour display from the two time functions. Measuring 5.7 x 3.1 x 2 inches, the best Bluetooth alarm clock is among the tiniest in the market with a bright LED screen. The monitor displays content and time clearly for you to read more comfortably, especially at nighttime.

Moreover, this product doubles as a mirror and reflection object for more convenience. The brightness adjustment lets you set the suitable levels to suit an adult, kid, or sight-restricted person. Using the modern Bluetooth V4.2, this accessory is compatible with most Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and iPods. Also, it supports both TF card AUX line-in to allow personalized music listening. With a quality Bluetooth speaker, it is ideal for doing exercise, cooking, going camping, parties, and even listening to audiobooks.

In Summary:
  • It has a versatile construction for a bedroom, kitchen and more
  • Comes with two brightness levels for comfortable viewing
  • Measures 5.7 x 3.1 x 2 inches to fit small spaces
  • The bright LED improves time reading
  • Quality Bluetooth speaker delivers clear sound

#9. Horizon Bluetooth Clock & Radio

JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio


The JBL Horizon clock fills your room with a fantastic stereo sound. With built-in speakers, you can listen to your favorite radio station, thanks to an integrated FM radio. Pick the radio frequency that improves your mood when you go to sleep. With a fast Bluetooth technology, wirelessly stream music from a compatible device. Connect to a smartphone, iPod, iPad, and other components to play saved songs. Also, the mechanism saves time and eliminates constant waking up to change a setting. The above item comes with dual USB ports that fast charge the clock and other tools.

Boasting of dual independent alarms, wake up to original alarm tones, FM station, music, or a traditional buzzer. Plus, the LED backlight provides a soft ambiance to wake you soothingly. The presence of quality drivers improves the sound quality as it eliminates disturbance and audio distortions. There is no need to worry about battery drains with the included battery backup. It comes in handy when the primary cell runs out of charge suitable for a busy lifestyle. Moreover, this gadget has a compact design to allow placement anywhere, such as a desk, table, and more areas.

In Summary:
  • Fills a room with amazing stereo sound
  • Comes with built-speakers and drivers to improve sound quality
  • Allows wireless music streaming
  • The dual ports fast charge the clock and other devices
  • It has a bright LED backlight for providing soft ambiance
  • A backup battery takes over when the main cell drains

#8. Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock

iHome IBT29 Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock

By: iHome

Upgrade your sleep-wake cycle with the IBT29 best Bluetooth alarm clock. It has a visually appealing and multifunctional design that streams both audio and calls. Also, it gives you a wide range of effects, thanks to the color-changing cabinet. Equipped with an auxiliary-in port and a modern Bluetooth technology, this device plays music wirelessly. Not only that, but it supports a simple wired audio connection. Now, you can connect your media component, such as a smartphone, to enjoy your fave tracklist. Featuring an integrated FM radio and inbuilt alarm tones, pick the sound that meets your waking sessions for the morning alarm. Note that the dual alarm allows you to program two different alarms. Set one for your spouse or for another time on the same day.

This equipment has a speakerphone and a mic for convenience during hands-free conversations. The process is further improved with a digital voice echo cancellation to enhance the tonal sound. Now, you can hear more clearly without worrying about disruptions. Incorporating Reson8speakers chambers consisting of quality drivers, they deliver high-fidelity sound for music and calls. A bonus function is an elegant spherical shape, to improve aesthetics and functionality. Customize the hue or color that suits your mood with the multiple color settings.

In Summary:
  • Offers a visually appealing and practical service
  • Streams both calls and audio
  • Comes with a wide range of effects
  • The quality drivers deliver high fidelity sound
  • Unique spherical shape for more beauty

#7. Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock

iHome iBT231 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock

By: iHome

Change the way you wake up or sleep in an advanced session. iHome best Bluetooth alarm clock comes with an integrated FM radio. It has 6 station memory presets for you to pick the one that will wake you up early in the morning. Another thing is the innovative Voice control feature that lets you control different settings using our voice. Download the Melody App to access millions of songs. Utter commands to control content from Spotify, NPR, iHeart, and more. That means a hands-free action, especially if your hands are busy or you are relaxing in bed. The other traditional clocks don’t have a scha4ging system. This one comes with a dual USB charging to support multiple device loading.

If you have Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones, iPods, iPads, and even a camera, you can wirelessly stream your favorite music using the Bluetooth technology. Besides, the speakerphone has a unique digital voice echo cancellation that enhances the sound of your calls. Not only to make them clearer but free from signal interference. We love the compact design of this gadget that takes the smallest desk space. Also, you can fit it inside your bag during portability during a road trip or mobile meetings.

In Summary:
  • An Integrated FM radio offers 6 preset stations
  • Allows voice-activated commands
  • Compatible with multiple apps such as Spotify
  • It has a dual USB charging for various devices
  • Fast connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices

#6. Radio Alarm Clock With Charger

Homtime Radio Alarm Clock Charger

By: Homtime

Get more value for less with the best Bluetooth alarm clock from Homtime. It has two AC power outlets to allow multiple device connections. Plug it into any of your wall outlets to power low voltage devices such as desk lamp, laptop, or printer. Also, the extended distance between the outlets easily accommodates a bigger power adapter. This gadget has a dual USB charging that supports two components charging at the same time. Connect your smartphone in case you feel sleepy when in bed for more convenience.

Moreover, this equipment comes with an integrated surge protection feature. Not only to protect against surges and overheating but keep your clock secure. Now, you have a timing device that delivers a steady power output without worrying about malfunctions. Enjoy a room full of fantastic music, thanks to the full stereo speakers and drivers. We understand everyone has a different sleeping habit, and others love low light settings to enhance sleep. The above accessory gives you four brightness levels that are adjustable to meet your sleeping needs. Another thing is a programmable sleep timer to provide you with sweet tunes between 0-90 minutes to snooze gently.

In Summary:
  • It has 2 AC power outlets to connect two devices
  • Simple to use and set the functions
  • Supports dual USB charging
  • Protects against surges and overheating
  • Quality speakers and drivers deliver excellent sound

#5. Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

WamGra Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

By: WamGra

Do you want an all-occasion gift for all ages? WamGra Bluetooth clock is the best present you can give a loved one such as mother, teenager, and many more. It is stylish, compact, and simple to operate even for children. Featuring a unique bedside lamp that has 48 colors changing lights, you get a gentle sleeping environment. Plus, the Touch activated function lets you control the brightness of the light and colors. This lamp has a classic white finish that takes you to dreamland more natural than using other gadgets. Moreover, the compact frame of this unit is portable for a comfortable pack away in a home, baby room, spa, or dorm.

Get between 6 to 10 hours of use per charge with the large-capacity battery. It has a high power of 4400mAh suitable for extended lighting and great lighting. Plus, the supplied USB cable is super easy to use when charging this item. Apart from a longlasting cell, this equipment provides a superb sound quality. It has a durable Bluetooth speaker with an integrated woofer for unique bass audio. It does not matter if you are using an MP3 play, Bluetooth connection, or AUX connection; you get a fantastic sound perfect for adults and kids.

In Summary:
  • Perfect all-occasion gift
  • It has 48 colors that change smoothly to enhance sleep
  • Touch-activated function to allow simple control
  • Compact design to fit small spaces like a baby’s room
  • A high-capacity that delivers 6-10 hours of continuous use

#4. Sunrise Alarm Clock

LATME Sunrise Alarm Clock


Add more style and functionality in your bedroom with this clock. Boasting of a white/smart finish, it looks cool and sleek in any setting. Place it on a table, desk, or bed stand to get a functional service. You can select your desired time for waking up quickly with the ergonomic buttons. Then, a light turns on between 10-60 minutes before the preset time, which starts gently, then gradually brightens. Latme clock is a modern solution that acts as a sleeping aid. With a unique simulation function, it helps improve your sleep as you drift off with different dimming sounds.

Control this gadget with your voice, thanks to Alexa’s application. Now, you can enjoy a hands-free operation by asking your clock to turn on/off the alarm, FM radio, or light. We love the 4 alarm options you get from this product. You can program four different times for the same day or one alarm for the entire week. Also, you can set one for your spouse and the other for you. The Snooze feature gives you 8-15 additional minutes of sleep, which is repetitive up to 12 times. Using an advanced memory recall feature, this time can remember 15 FM preset stations.

In Summary:
  • Stylish and functional
  • Comes with simple to use buttons
  • The alarm light gradually turns before getting more intense
  • Allows voice activation commands
  • The snooze feature adds up to 15 minutes extra time
  • Excellent memory recall that remembers multiple preset FM stations

#3. User-Friendly & Convenient Alarm Clock

Brandstand | CubieBlue | User-Friendly & Convenient Alarm Clock

By: Brandstand

Brandstand is another best Bluetooth alarm clock available in most stores. It has a small frame measuring 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches, to use only the needed desk or table space. Also, it weighs under 3 pounds, which is lightweight for simple portability. Carry or relocate it to a suitable position as frequently as you want effortlessly. The above gadget is compatible with Bluetooth technology to let you enjoy your favorite songs. Connect to a compatible device and choose the songs that improve your sleeping at night. An added advantage is the simplicity of use. Activate a setting by pressing a button or change the design of the lights.

Furthermore, this accessory has integrated shutters that prevent foreign elements from getting into the outlet. This feature acts as a safety mechanism, especially in households with kids. Plus, the dual 110volt power sockets have a premium construction that delivers an excellent tamper resistance. In case your smartphone, iPod, or iPad needs a recharge, there are two USB A charging hubs. Not only to fast charge but also add convenience. You don’t have to carry additional equipment when you are in bed and need a battery boost.

In Summary:
  • It is compact and measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Compatible with Bluetooth technology to allow personalized music experience
  • Durable shutters to prevent damage from foreign elements
  • It has two USB A charging hubs for device battery boosting
  • Simple to use and manage

#2. Sunrise Alarm Clock

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

By: heimvision

The previous model of sunrise alarms have an irritating white light that illuminates too brightly. This leads to sleep disturbance, especially if you place on a bed stand. HeimVision best Bluetooth alarm clock starts with a soft red-tinted light, which gradually increases into white light. Now, you can wake up in the morning without sudden shocks but a more natural method to feel less tired. Combing sound and light, this device improves relaxation in the morning. It offers seven fair-sounding tones, including Piano, Birdsong, Streams, Beep, Hawaii Wave, Wind bells, Ringtone, and Chord. Also, the sounds come with 20 volume options or the preset FM radio.

Featuring 20 adjustable brightness and 7 LED Time colors, you can personalize the theme. Program a default target light intensity or time that suits your alarm needs. Besides, you can set up to four alarms time separately for various schedules. We take a look at the considerate snooze function to give you 15 extra minutes to prepare your mind to wake up. Press the large “Snooze” button for a comfortable and extended wake-up session. Another thing is a versatile construction. This product doubles as a night light or bedside lamp. Use it at night for a midnight snack, to feed your baby, or visit the washroom. Tap the dial on the top to turn on or off the night light.

In Summary:
  • It delivers a soft red-tinted light for the alarm
  • Comes with 7 fair-sounding tones
  • Allows a personalizes volume options from the 20 levels
  • You can set four different alarm times
  • The snooze button provides extra 15 minutes

#1. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

By: Uplayteck

Wake-up clock offers a multifunctional service to serve different applications. With a musical sleep lamp, Bluetooth speaker, and colorful lights, it’s perfect for adults and kids. Your young ones can enjoy the five changing colors with soothing melodies while preparing to sleep. Adjust the brightness to prevent eye problems and also interruptions. Besides, this item delivers natural sounds like a gentle waterfall, didi, or bird that help generate a good mood as well as peaceful calling of nature. Note that all beeps are muted as the large LCD screen shows the current time.

Equipped with a modern Bluetooth V5.0 technology, you get a 10meter connect distance. Not only that, but it pumps out resonating bass, crisp treble, and detailed mid for more convenience. Pair this device with your smartphone, laptop, computer, iPad, or compatible Bluetooth-enabled components. Also, play your audiobook or play HIFI music just like a music player. Simply, long-press the “M” and “☼” dials to activate Bluetooth. Boasting of convertible illusion lights, the night lamp lets you snooze off and wake up with a gentle glow. Set the disturbance-free mode to get uninterrupted sleep from 10 pm to 7 am.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for multiple application
  • For adults and even kids
  • Comes with 5 soothing changing colors
  • It has soft melodies to improve sleeping
  • Uses modern Bluetooth V5.0 for fast connectivity

Buying Guide For The Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

The traditional alarm clocks cause irritations because of a high shrieking sound. Others even lack a snooze button forcing you to wake up feeling groggy. Instead of going through all of these, you can use a more advanced item. The Bluetooth alarm clock is the best alternative because of its numerous benefits. Let us see the top features you should look for when planning to buy one.

Integrated Sounds

When looking for a Bluetooth alarm clock, check the inbuilt sounds it has. That allows you to pick your favorite tone that will wake you up in the morning. Also, some designs have integrated FM radio with multiple preset channels. It all depends on your preferences to avoid the annoying shrieking tones.

Bluetooth Technology

The next factor is the simplicity of use when streaming music. A Bluetooth system will help you connect to existing Bluetooth-compatible devices. That means you can use your smartphone, iPod, iPad, and more gadgets to enjoy your favorite music tracks. Not only that, but it offers a personalized experience, unlike using the previous models.

Size and Design

Another factor to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth alarm clock is the overall structure. The smaller it is, the easier for placement and even portability. Most designs are small and have a stylish finish. You can pick a model that matches with your existing bedroom decor for lovely decor coordination. Note that the dimensions will allow you to carry the clock on road trips, camping, and other outdoor travels.

Inputs Ports

The most common input you can find in an alarm clock is a USB hub. Some have two ports to allow simple charging of phones and listening to saved music. Plugin your flash drive to enjoy a personalized experience.

Final Verdict

Stop using the traditional alarm tools that irritate every time you wake up. Instead, you can invest in the best Bluetooth alarm clock that will change your morning routine. It has advanced features such as soothing sounds, FM radio stations, and more sounds for gently waking you up. Also, some designs use modern Bluetooth V5.0 technology for fast wireless music streaming. If you want the best Bluetooth alarm clock that offers outstanding service, pick one from the above items. Now, you can enjoy a soft light ambiance as you prepare for school or work.

Old Version: Version 2 - Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

Old Version: Version 2 – Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

The alarm clocks are an essential part of any bedroom. With the progress in technology, the Bluetooth alarm clocks have become popular. Such an alarm clock is a versatile and multi-purpose device. Apart from the alarm function, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker to play any music you want by connecting with your smartphone. Some of them also have FM radio and bulb to use as a table lamp. Check out the best Bluetooth alarm clocks you can buy to add a smart product to your bedroom.

#11. Wireless Charging Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

SVINZ Wireless Charging Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker


This Bluetooth alarm clock comes in both the 12 and 24-hour time format. The Bluetooth alarm clock also has the dual separate wake-up times. Moreover, this alarm clock wakes you up with your favorite FM radio stations or a standard buzzer every day. The Bluetooth alarm clock comes with the snooze functions allow you to have 9 minutes of extra sleep. The four-level brightness adjustment of the display will enable you to set the brightness accordingly.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also comes with the twenty preset FM radio stations. Furthermore, this Bluetooth has the wireless charging station at the top of the device. This charging station is compatible with all the Android and iOS devices. Even, the alarm clock comes with the 1.5A output to deliver steady power to each output device. The 3.5mm Aux-in-jack easily connects with the mp3, mp4, tablet, or other non-Bluetooth devices.

#10. W33 Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio

InstaBox W33 Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio

By: InstaBox

This Bluetooth alarm clock has a wireless charging station on the top side of this device. This wireless charger is also compatible with most of the Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this Bluetooth alarm clock has an elegant digital alarm clock and comes with the snooze option. The gradual wake up mode of this alarm increases volume lower to higher to gently wake you up. The alarm clock ideally reduces the radiation than your smartphones.

The alarm clock also comes with an easy-to-read 3-inch large LCD screen. Furthermore, the four-level brightness adjustment mode allows comfortable viewing. This clock comes with both the 12 and 24 hours switches. The stereo speaker of this Bluetooth alarm clock delivers the room-filling sound. The FM frequency range of this alarm clock is 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz. This alarm clock comes with twenty preset FM radio stations.

#9. Alarm Clock With Radio & USB Charger

Alarm Clock Radio, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Digital Alarm Clock USB Charger

By: Homtime

This Bluetooth alarm clock is a multi-functional smart device. The alarm clock does not only wake you up but also streams wireless music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Moreover, the Bluetooth alarm clock has the Aux-in-jack to connect most of the audio devices. The dual USB charging ports of the clock allow fast charging for your devices. You can wake or sleep to the FM radio. Even, you can put your device in charge while you watch video connectivity.

The alarm clock also provides you with the room-filling stereo sound realized through high-performance drivers and enhanced bass. Furthermore, this Bluetooth alarm clock comes with surge protection to keep your devices safe from the voltage spikes. The 15-16 minutes sleep to music timer with your favorite radio station quickly makes you fall asleep. The clock comes with the snooze and gradual wake alarm options.

#8. Sound Design Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio

Sound Design iBT231B iHome Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio

By: iHome

This is one of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks that come with the voice command activated voice assistance. The Bluetooth alarm clock is also highly compatible with the speakers, clock Radio, and headphones as well. Moreover, you just need to download the voice assistant app to enable the voice command mode of the alarm clock. You can control the music and content from iHeart Radio, NPR, Spotify, and so on. You can wirelessly stream music from the Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The alarm clock also has the speakerphone with the voice echo cancellation to have clear calls. Furthermore, this Bluetooth alarm clock comes with the six preset FM radio stations. The adjustable sleep timer of this alarm clock wakes you up with your Bluetooth audio or FM radio. This alarm clock comes with the Daylight Saving time adjustment. This clock has the 1000V to 240V voltage adaptor.

#7. LED Alarm Clock Radio for Bedroom

FOREV LED Alarm Clock Radio for Bedroom


This multi-functional Bluetooth alarm clock comes with the 4.0 Bluetooth speaker with high fidelity. The clock also has a digital clock. Moreover, this Bluetooth alarm clock shows the accurate temperature. This alarm clock allows you to have a hands-free Bluetooth loudspeaker calls. The alarm clock will enable you to select your favorite tune from the five different alarming tunes. Even, the device includes an MP3 player. This Bluetooth alarm clock is compatible with all 4.0 Bluetooth devices.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also supports the micro SD card and flash drive. Furthermore, this clock comes with the FM radio function. The clock has the inbuilt and high capacity 1800-mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This Bluetooth clock comes with a high power low pitch speaker. The Bluetooth alarm clock supports both the weekly and weekend alarm on this alarm clock. The clock is ideal for people of different age groups or professions.

#6. SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

By: Emerson Radio

The 5V button cell battery of this Bluetooth alarm clock maintains the time and alarm setting properly. The Bluetooth alarm clock also has the 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, this alarm clock allows 2.1 version of the USB charging port to charge up the devices. The alarm clock connects with the 20 Radio stations with digital tuning. This Bluetooth alarm clock has the smartest automatic time setting system. This device automatically sets the date, month, year and time as you turn it on or after every power interruption.

This Bluetooth alarm clock also comes with an easy-to-read 1.4-inch cyan LED display. Furthermore, this alarm clock with its USB charging port charges up the iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity. This alarm clock helps you to wirelessly stream the music from your devices. You can set both the weekly and weekend alarm on this alarm clock.

#5. Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Speakerphone and USB Charging

iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Speakerphone and USB Charging

By: iHome

This wireless alarm clock requires Bluetooth connectivity with the other devices for operation. The alarm clock also streams music from the Bluetooth-enabled devices. Moreover, this alarm clock has a speakerphone for calling options. The speakerphone comes with the digital voice echo cancellation to make clear calls. The dual alarm clock of this device is for separate wake-up times and alarm sources. The alarm clock wakes up with the morning radio, music from the connected Bluetooth devices or four built-in tones.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also comes with a USB charging port. You can easily charge your smartphones, tablets, or any other compatible devices. Furthermore, the compact and sober design of this Bluetooth alarm clock allows convenient placing anywhere. The Bluetooth alarm clock offers both wired and wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth alarm clock plays six preset radio stations.

#4. Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio with USB Charging and Ambient Light

JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio with Usb Charging and Ambient Light


This Bluetooth alarm clock comes with the multi-sensory functionality to wake up people conveniently. The alarm clock also has the room-filling stereo Bluetooth speaker to enhance your audio listening quality. Moreover, the alarm clock allows Bluetooth enabled devices to appropriately connect with it. The Bluetooth streaming helps you to listen to the audios from your smart devices. The sleek and convenient design of this Bluetooth clock makes it look attractive. In fact, it is one of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks in terms of design and features.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also comes with the dual fast-charging USB ports. Furthermore, this clock features two alarms, with an option of original digital alarm tones. This Bluetooth alarm offers a crisp LCD display and ambient light. This alarm clock includes a number of five radio presets. The battery backup of this device helps the people to wake up on time. The convenient design of this Bluetooth alarm clock is perfect for placing it almost everywhere.

#3. CubieBlue Charging Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

Brandstand BPEBL CubieBlue Charging Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

By: Brandstand

This Bluetooth alarm clock connects with most of the Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity. The alarm clock also has a compact and elegant design to show off. Moreover, this alarm clock comes with two USB ports for convenient charging. This Bluetooth alarm clock has two power outlets. The alarm clock allows you to play music via Bluetooth. The devices serve you with a simple alarm setting and operation. The surge protection of this device helps you to prevent the voltage spike from damaging your phones.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also comes with a single day alarm option. Furthermore, this device has the display dimmer to lower the brightness at night. The alarm clock has a minimal footprint design to fit in your cabinet. The device delivers the automatic update for daylight saving time. This Bluetooth alarm clock has the pass-through plug. The security c-clamp of this device helps the body parts of the clock to stay together by preventing the movement.

#2. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker + Alarm Clock

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood + Taupe (SFQ-08WT) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker + Alarm Clock

By: Soundfreaq

This Bluetooth alarm clock comes with the best-in-class audio quality. The alarm clock is also very much user-friendly. Moreover, this Bluetooth connectivity of this alarm clock is a prominent feature of this device. The alarm clock comes with the multi-functional usability. This wireless Bluetooth alarm clock easily connects with your smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth connectivity. The device wakes you up every morning with soothing music, radio, or chime. You can set both the weekly and weekend alarm on this alarm clock.

The Bluetooth alarm clock also allows you to listen to the FM radio. Furthermore, the alarm clock comes with the nap and sleep timer options. This Bluetooth alarm clock has an adjustable brightness option. Even, you can dim the display light of this clock. The ‘Full Blackout’ option helps you with this. This alarm clock includes a USB charging port. So, you can charge your smartphones, tablets, or other devices during the night with this device. Therefore, it is one of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks to buy.

#1. Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock & FM Radio

iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio

By: iHome

This beautifully designed Bluetooth alarm clock is a multi-functional design. The alarm clock also has a 5 color changing LED cabinet and display. Moreover, the clock comes with the 6 colors and wake up- modes. You can conveniently change the color of the cabinet and display at the touch of a button. This clock is very much convenient and comes with a compact design. The smart-device easily connects to the maximum Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity. You set the alarm, FM Radio, and built-in tone on your device.

This Bluetooth alarm clock also streams music from the Bluetooth-enabled devices. Furthermore, the speakerphone of this alarm clock connects with the paired cellular phone functions with the microphone. This clock comes with the talk and end button. The Bluetooth alarm clock mostly charges your smartphones. The alarm clock comes with a USB charging port and charger. This alarm clock supports both wired and wireless audio connectivity.


Even in today’s world of smartphones, people love to have a beautiful alarm clock on the bedside desk. Instead of the traditional alarm clocks, people are opting for Bluetooth alarm clocks. That is because such clocks are so versatile that they are worth buying. You do not have to buy a Bluetooth speaker separately if you buy of these best Bluetooth alarm clocks from above. It is useful as a desk clock for the students who can get entertained by listening to their favorite song. The tunes of the alarms are changeable to set the mood for your day ahead.

Old Version: Version 1 - Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

Getting out of bed early in the morning is not something we all want to do. People naturally want to sleep. However, this is, to most of us, a duty to wake up in the morning. Because it has some difficulties, it is also ideal to have a device to help you wake earlier. Normal people would use a normal alarm clock. However, with the advancement of technology from day to day, let me introduce Bluetooth alarm clock!

Smartphones have been part of our daily lives, and at one point or another, we might have used them as our digital alarm clock, and it’s a fact that it simply doesn’t cut it. You may find yourself sleeping through it, yet we still rely on it as our bedroom clocks when, in a real sense, it’s just not cutting it. For these reasons came the genius invention of Bluetooth alarm clocks, which have taken over the role of traditional alarm clocks by a landslide.

Due to their increase in popularity and demand, the market has seen an influx of Bluetooth alarm clocks, this apart from giving you a vast majority to choose from, it has also made getting the ideal item to compliment your specific wants and needs to be a daunting and frustrating activity. Fortunately, to save you the hassle, we took the initiative to research and compile to you thoroughly, this second to none review of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks the market has in store for you at this point.

#10. Alarm Clock Radio With FM Radio & Wireless SpeakerSoundance Alarm Clock Radio - with FM Radio, Wireless Speaker, TF Card USB Disk Player

By: Soundance

We kick off the list with Brandstand Soundance charging alarm clock. The Soundance alarm clock radio is an alarm clock radio that comes with black LED interface (about 9.4 inch) which weigh about 2.4 pounds. With the LED screen, you can easily adjust the brightness with 3 default levels. The device can provide you the date and time, tell temperature (in Fahrenheit) as well as being an alarm clock radio at the same time. It also comes with a battery percentage to tell the users when it needs charge. With several buttons, you can control the volume, control the alarm functions, and use FM radio, allowing one to choose the radio stations of their choice.

Additionally, when talking about the design, this device has its buttons on the top with a black surface. It comes with white coating on the sides, complementing its’ elegant looks. And if that’s not enough, it also uses glass and aluminum as its material making it beautiful and durable at the same time.

#9. Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker With Night Light

Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker - XREXS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Night Light


Coming in strong on the 9th position, this alarm clock from XREXS is a 7 in 1 device. Within its crafting, it features a total of 7 functions, including Clock model, Alarm model, Bluetooth model, MP3 Player model, Line-in mode, FM Radio mode, Sleep mode. Also, it comes with a mic that is already built-in as well as a lamp with a warm light. In addition to that, it features a compact a rechargeable battery – the lithium-ion 2000mAH.You can use it for approximately 6 hours, with a charge of around 4-5 hours.

And if that’s not enough, it is compatible with both Android and iOS and almost all kind of tablets and computers, making it very convenient. On top of that, it also supports TF Card, AUX Line, and USB. And that’s not all; this wireless Bluetooth speaker is elegant and classy thanks to the design that comes with a classic black shell and bezel-less LCD screen. The device is also compact and sturdy as well.

#8. Portable Alarm Clock With Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker, Houzetek Portable Wireless Speaker Multimedia Touch HIFI V4.2

By: Houzetek

This is a durable portable Bluetooth alarm clock that has a dimension of 7.4 x 5.4 x 3.8 and weighs 1.96 pounds. It is durable thanks to its metal and plastic raw material. Also, this portable wireless speaker multimedia touch HIFI V4.2 1.96-pound Bluetooth alarm speaker. At the side of the device, there are several necessary ports for users, including Micro-SD slots, USD, and AUX. And on top of the device, you will find several control buttons that allow you to take full control of time, alarm, the volume, and the mode of use.

A difference between this one with most of the other Bluetooth alarm clock is that this one has a digital illuminated orange LED interface. On the display, you will find the clock, the alarm time, and temperature (in Celsius). What’s more, it features a built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium polymer that can be replenished via the Micro USB charging port.

#7. Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Digital FM Radio, Stereo Sound, Night Light

By: Petssence

Coming in the 7th position is the Petssence alarm clock radio with a powerful Bluetooth speaker. First, it will complement your room décor due to its elegant design and fancy features. It comes with a full black color on the whole body with mesh on the side. And with a shape of rectangular, it is measured in 9.3 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches and weigh 1.17 pound. Furthermore, the interface is equipped with a dimmable LED which can change the brightness according to different situation. In addition to that, this 6 in 1 Bluetooth speaker is multi-functional and can also be used as MP3 Players, hands-free call, Digital Radio.

#6. Alarm Clock Radio With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Alarm Clock Radio, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Digital Alarm Clock USB Charger for Bedroom

By: Homtime

This alarm clock radio has a shape of a cube. This elegant device comes with an entirely black color, where you can find the VN LED interface in the front and control buttons on the top. From its interface, you can see the time and the alarm that you have set. The brightness can also be adjusted in 4 different levels. There are also two USB ports in the front a bit under the screen. You can use these two ports for charging.

On the top, there are 10 buttons, which in my opinion, is more than enough to take full control of all the features, including time, alarm, volumes, the Bluetooth functions, and modes of use. Moreover, there is a plastic phone holde which allow convenient use of smartphone with this device. To be frank, you can hardly see this add-on on other devices.

#5. Digital Alarm Clock With Radio INLIFE Digital Alarm Clock Radio Thermometer Clock LED Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker


What makes this alarm clock to have such a positive vibe is the fact that this digital alarm clock radio can give you two different wake-up times. On top of that, you can choose to either waking up with the standard alarm tune or waking up with your favorite radio channel. Whenever you hit snooze, the device allows you to have 5 more minutes of sleep before the bell rings again.

What’s more, the device uses the Bluetooth 4.2 technology which smothers the connection. Besides, this Bluetooth alarm clock is equipped with the ultra Hi-Fi audio technology that can provide the user with high-quality audio in different circumstances.

#4. Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker (2nd Gen) Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and USB Charger for Bedrooms


This dual-driver portable wireless speaker and an alarm clock featuring low harmonic distortion and superior sound from SVINZ is indeed a masterpiece Bluetooth alarm clock. It’s equipped with elegant features that will complement the décor of your bedroom, office, or even business premises. Indeed, it may look harmless, but without any doubt, it will blast your favorite tunes like there is no tomorrow. To add on that, if you have been craving for an alarm clock that will wake you up with your favorite tune to kick-start your day, then this item was crafted explicitly with your likes in mind.

What’s more, you will get a reactive light bar to turn on when you touch it, as well as a rechargeable battery that ensures you won’t be left without your alarm, even when there’s a power failure in the middle of the night.

#3. Bluetooth Stereo Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio

iHome iBN43BC Bluetooth Stereo Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio and Speakerphone with USB Charging

By: Sound Design

It’s time to upgrade your alarm to this masterpiece iBN43BC Bluetooth alarm clock from Sound Design. Priceless to note, without any doubts nor contradictions, this is just the alarm clock that you will love. It’s ideal, especially for the heavy sleeper. In addition to that, it has a display dimmer control and features a plug-and-play Bluetooth Speaker that enables you to play song right just from your phone.

What’s more, this masterpiece alarm clock offers you a wide variety of options to wake up to for instance your own music, favorite FM program or alarm sound.

#2. Charging Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

Brandstand BPEBL CubieBlue Charging Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

By: Brandstand

Do not let the position dupe you, this masterpiece alarm clock is a force to be reckoned with and performs much better than most of its competitors. It looks like a Death Star droid out of Star Wars Movie, giving it futuristic looks while getting the job done with the tricks up its sleeve. To add on to that, you can charge your phone and tablet at the same time as it comes with two power outlets and two USB ports. What’s more, it has a large circular button atop of the device for controls in most of its functions like turning it off or setting the alarm as needed. Beside it, a snooze function is encrypted within it, enabling you to adjust the alarm for nine minutes.

Aside from that, the device is compatible with Bluetooth. Thus, you could connect any of your Bluetooth supporting devices from phones to tablets to play music or sound. You could also play your favorite radio stations using this device.

#1. Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker, Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Color Changing Speaker, Touch Sensor

By: WamGra

Finally, the crème de la crème of Bluetooth alarm clock the market has in store for you at this particular point in time is none other than the WamGra digital alarm clock Bluetooth speaker. Featuring classic multi-functional design with dimensions of 4.3 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches, the WamGra Bluetooth speaker alarm clock weighs about 1.4 pounds and is crafted from high-quality material.

Its front interface situates a cool LED illuminated display. Nevertheless, the brightness of the display is easily adjusted as needed. Atop the device, it features excellent buttons which are easily pressed on to set alarms, adjust the volume, and make any calls to anyone. And that’s not all; it features a snooze function for which you could use in times when you required it.

Additionally, it’s electrically powered using an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Priceless to say, it is Bluetooth supported with excellent compatibility with a plethora of phone brands.

Final Thoughts!

The Bluetooth alarm clocks listed above have been compiled after considering their product descriptions, features, and reviews of other users. These digital alarm clocks have been highly rated, and they have also been proven to be durable. One thing that is evident about these clocks is that even if you are a heavy sleeper or bad at timekeeping, with them by your side, we can guarantee you that your time management will be supreme. Your next best buy this year is definitely one of the above-listed masterpieces Bluetooth alarm clocks, the market has in store for you at this point in time.

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