12 Best Bidet Attachments That You Need In 2021 — Products Review

The bidet attachment is becoming popular as people are looking for a more hygienic alternative to toilet paper. A bidet attachment is also an alternative to a permanent bidet system, and there is no plumbing work involved. All you have to do is attach the attachment on the toilet seat and connect it to any water supply. Bidet attachments are compact, and they will go well with any bathroom décor. There are different types of bidet attachments available based on their features. Check out the best bidet attachments below for your toilet to replace the toilet paper with ergonomic water supply for cleaning up.

List Of Best Bidet Attachments In 2021

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#12. Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment

TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment


This bidet attachment comes in an exquisite design, and it will give you a whole new experience when you are in your toilet. It will upgrade your lifestyle, and it is also very easy to install. You will be getting all the necessary parts to install, and there is also an instruction guide. Besides, it does not require any electricity, and it is very convenient to use. This has a nozzle adjuster, and there is also a pressure control knob which helps in self-cleaning.

With this, you will feel cleaner, and there will be no more spreading infections or skid marks. Moreover, the nozzle spray will give the water in the pressure you desire, and it will also save your money. This has many other benefits and comes with tailored control. Furthermore, there will be less toilet paper use and will give you a refreshing experience.

#11. Dual Function Stainless Steel Handheld Sprayer

Zen Bidet Fuentes 300 Dual Function (Soft:Jet) Stainless Steel Hand Held Sprayer Shattaf Toilet

By – Zen Bidet

This bidet attachment is made up of stainless steel, brass, and chrome. This is a durable product and is very easy to install. It comes with all the accessories necessary to install, and there is also a plumbing tape. Moreover, there is a shut off valve which helps in the control of water flow, and it will also save water. The chrome adapter is very useful, and it also includes a long hose.

There are two ways to install this attachment, and it can also be used for other purposes like pet shower, shattaf, and diaper washer. You can easily attach it to a toilet tank or a wall. This is a versatile product which is also convenient to hold. It is very convenient to use, and there is also a ‘T’ adapter which is for the water flow. Furthermore, this is very safe to use in your toilet and easy to unattach.

#10. Hot & Cold Two Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Zen Bidet Z-500 Hot and Cold Water BRASS Components Two Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

By – Zen Bidet

This is another amazing bidet attachment which has the self-cleaning feature. With this, you don’t have to bother about using your hands to tear off the toilet paper or event to hold a manual attachment. It is very convenient to use and has high-quality components. This product is very durable and has metal construction. This has ceramic valves and comes with an easy and quick installation.

You will be getting all the accessories including the plumbing tape. Additionally, this will look beautiful in your toilet seat as it has chrome-plated knobs. The attractive design bidet attachment has a retractable nozzle, and there is also an adjustable sprayer angle. This is a quality product which will help in preventing disease. Moreover, it will protect your genitals and will give a refreshing clean feeling experience.

#9. Non-Electric Bidet With Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Bio Bidet A3 Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Attachment with Self-Cleaning Nozzle

By – Bio Bidet

This is an adjustable bidet attachment which comes in a universal design. This will easily fit in your toilet and has a self-cleaning retractable nozzle. There is easy pressure control where the change of water will be very convenient. This will give you hygienic wash in a convenient way. Moreover, the product also comes with easy installation, and there is no electricity required. It comes in a quality design and has a brass valve and inlet.

This will give you a reliable support and includes a metal water hose. This will keep your bathroom tidy as there is also an effective splash guard. Furthermore, this is an eco-friendly product which will ensure that your genital health remains safe. It has simple user controls and is built to last for a long time. This has double body construction which ensures durability. There is also a brass “T” connector, and it has been certified by UPC.

#8. Patented Handheld Bidet With ABS Polymer Sprayer

RinseWorks - Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet - With ABS Polymer Sprayer

By – Aquaus

This is a sprayer bidet attachment which is made up of ABS polymer. With this, you will be getting all the accessories to install it in your bathroom. This has NSF certification where there is a long pressure hose made up of stainless steel. Additionally, there are also brass hose nuts, and it is very flexible. The entire product is corrosion free and is impact resistant.

Moreover, this is very easy to install and does not require any tools or an expert. The spray wand is very convenient and lightweight, and it can also be used for other purposes. You can use it for rinsing potty seat bowls, clothes, and even as a shower for pets. Furthermore, this has dual precision pressure controls, and there are three interchangeable spray heads. It will give you precision rinsing and will target the specified area.

#7. Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Bidet Toilet

Brondell Bidet - Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 | Fresh Water Spray | Non-Electric | Bidet Toilet

By – Brondell

This is a premium bidet attachment which is very sleek and simple. There will be no toilet seat gap, and it is also easy to install. This will give you a refreshing experience and will ensure that your bathroom remains neat and clean. It will take good care of your genital health, and you will also don’t have to worry about tearing toilet papers. This is a self-cleaning attachment which has a retractable nozzle.

It is made up of quality materials and has a metal braided hose. Besides, there is also a “T” valve where there is Safe Core internal valve. You don’t require any tool or plumber to install this, and it will secure your health. Moreover, it is a very stable toilet attachment which will eliminate the stress points which does not lead to cracking of the seat.

#6. Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle

Luxe Bidet Neo 185 (Elite Series) - Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical

By – Luxe Bidet

This bidet attachment is made up of high-quality materials. This will add luxury to your bathroom, and it is also very convenient to use. Besides, it is constructed in a perfect way to secure your genital health. This will self-clean and has water pressure control knobs. This is ideal for feminine wash and has dual nozzles for both rear and frontal spray. Moreover, this also has high-pressure valves and includes braided steel hoses.

Additionally, there is a chrome-plated control knob for water pressure. This will give you maximum sanitary protection and is quick and easy to install. Moreover, there is also a movable nozzle guard which will retract and allows easy maintenance. This is adjustable and has a nozzle guard gate. This has unobtrusive control panel features where you can adjust the water pressure. It is one of the best bidet attachments on the list.

#5. Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Luxe Bidet Neo 110 - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

By – Luxe Bidet

This is a non-electric and mechanical with freshwater bidet toilet seat attachment to fit any type of two-seat toilets. This extravagant bidet comes with a chrome-plated water-pressure monitoring button. It is equipped with optimal quality portions, and this bidet attachment lasts really long. With very much of cost-effectiveness, this product enables high pressure generating faucet valves for maintaining proper hygiene.

Moreover, the braided steel home complements the metal or ceramic base by replacing the old-fashioned plastic. With a manageable nozzle guard gate, this product provides sterile protection and stress-free repairing. This takes less than a few minutes to fix or detach this attachment from your toilet, with the proper instruction.

#4. Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle Non-Electric Bidet

Luxe Bidet Neo 320 - Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle - Hot and Cold Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet

By – Luxe Bidet

This bidet attachment is a chrome-plated water pressure tool. It comes with a lever for water temperature control to get a comfortable and hygienic wash. This bidet attachment with pressure-creating faucet valves and the ceramic/metal core has a braided steel, cold water pipe. Besides, it has the ‘T’ shaped metal adaptor for a stylish appearance.

Moreover, it includes a polyurethane pipe for hot water supply, and you can cut this pipe with a knife according to your requirement. The bidet attachment directly connects with your hot water sinks to mix with the cold water, for your ultimate contented usage. You can attach or detach this bidet attachment easily from your two-piece toilets. Besides, the frontal movable nozzle guard gate provides a gentler and hygienic wash to your genitals. It is one of the best bidet attachments to buy.

#3. Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle Bidet

Luxe Bidet Neo 180 - Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet

By – Luxe Bidet

The doubled nozzle of the bidet attachment provides more intense rear and frontal wash for feminine. This bidet is highly recommended for expecting mothers and women having monthly cycles. The movable nozzle guard gate also incorporates the sanitary protection with trouble-free maintenance. It has the ceramic or metallic core with the high-pressure faucet valves. Along with that and the braided steel hose, it brings a modern look to your bidet attachment.

Moreover, the chrome-plated water pressure control knobs offer full control over the water flow. You can also install this product on any average two-piece toilets within minutes. The bidet attachment is easily attachable or removable. Furthermore, it comes with a self-cleaning feature for your disinfected washing experience. You can get this product at a pocket-friendly price.

#2. Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000

By – Astor

This is a non-electric and mechanical type bidet attachment. Unlike any other ceramic/ metallic valves, this bidet attachment is manufactured with brass valves for its longevity. You do not require any further tools to install this product. Besides, it takes less than 15 minutes to assemble the attachment with any standard two-piece toilet seats. With a custom dial, you can monitor the water flow according to your preference.

Moreover, the rear nozzle provides the desired cleaning and maintains the proper sanitation for you. It comes within a healthy budget. The movable nozzle guard gate supplies the sanitary protection and easy maintenance. Made of premium quality plastic, this bidet attachment fights against leakage and rust with robustness. It is surely one of the best bidet attachments for your toilet.

#1. Self Cleaning Nozzle Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet

By – Luxe Bidet

This is currently the bestselling bidet attachment on the market. The design is very attractive, and it is going to add beauty to your bathroom. It comes with the chrome water pressure control knob plate which adds to the elegance. Moreover, all the components in the attachment are of high-quality to long-lasting durability. It has metal and ceramic core with quality valves and braided steel hoses. It is a better product than those coming with a plastic tube.

Besides, the product is also very easy to install, and all the tools are available. You can easily attach or detach this two-piece bidet attachment. You can also trim the hose as per your requirement with a knife. Moreover, its self-cleaning feature is the reason for its high sales figures as it maintains the hygienic factor perfectly. There is also a nozzle guard gate for extra protection. It is a complete value for money purchase.

Benefits Of Using A Bidet

  • It is fast, convenient, and effective to use.
  • With a bidet, you won’t have to use as much toilet paper as before.
  • Bidet promotes better hygiene and cleans more thoroughly than toilet paper.
  • Using a bidet helps to reduce the risk of having bacteria and viruses on your hands.
  • Bidet offers better relief and comfort for people suffering from a certain bowel condition.

Electrical vs. Non-Electrical Bidet

  • Electrical Bidet: allows you to control the bidet using various convenient functions. Those are water pressure, water temperature, natural sounds, soothing ambient noise, and more. There are many features, and those features ensure convenient and comfortable use every single time. Plus with the stylish and modern design, electrical bidets are perfect for bathrooms these days.
  • Non-Electrical Bidet: connects the cold water line that runs water to the tank. This type can clean more effectively and hygienically than toilet paper. If you don’t mind the cold water than non-electrical bidets will do just fine. Also, it is easy to install, use, and it fits on any toilet. The best part is non-electrical bidets are more affordable which is a total plus.

Additional Features In Bidets

Bidets are very convenient to use, and they are very popular in many countries. If you are new to bidets, there are some super great features that you might want your bidets to have. Let’s see if you find any of them interesting.

  • Adjustable Spray Width: provides the ease in changing the spray coming out from the nozzle. Depending on how the amount of spray that you prefer, this feature is quite nice.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure: allows you to choose how strong or light the water sprays are. This is convenient, and it is a great feature to have.
  • Air Deodorizer: works by absorbing any odor through a filter system to ensure that there is no smell. You should replace the filter system every six months if your bidet comes with this feature.
  • Enema Wash: is a special feature in electric bidets that helps users with conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. This wash gives a gentle and swirling massage to relax the anus before bowel movement which is super helpful.
  • Nozzle Sterilization: helps to improve the hygiene of the bidet to ensure that it is clean to use.
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzles: keeps the bidet as clean as possible. That way, you won’t have to worry that the bidet that you use may contain germs or bacteria at all. The nozzles clean itself to ensure that the water from the bidet is clean and safe.

How To Clean Bidet Attachment

  • Loosen the bidet attachment so that you can get in the space between the back of nozzles and the toilet.
  • Use a gentle cloth and cleanser to thoroughly wipe down the bidet attachment. This method also works with a bidet seat which is so easy and simple.
  • Make sure to clean the nozzles as well to ensure that the water coming from it will be clean.


There are various types of cheap and low-quality bidet attachments available, and you should never buy them. A bidet attachment should have metal connections and brass valves along with high-quality hoses. Otherwise, leakage will start in a few days as it will undergo heavy water pressure. Therefore, we have chosen the high-quality yet affordable best bidet attachments that you should buy and use instead of the unhygienic toilet paper. There are various control knobs available on the attachment for easy control and faster clean up.

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