Top 13 Best Beverage Refrigerators 2020 Review

Human beings consume a lot of beverages regularly, starting from cold drinks, fruit juices to hot drinks. Instead of storing them in a freezer, you need a beverage refrigerator so that they do not take up space in a regular freezer. If you have a shop where you sell beverages, a dedicated beverage refrigerator will showcase your collection perfectly. In fact, the same is true at home, where you can show off your rich beverage collection to the guests through the transparent front. There are different sizes of beverage refrigerators available, and they are designed to store beverages perfectly in slots. Check out the best beverage refrigerators for different types below.

List of The Best Beverage Refrigerators

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#13. Beverage Refrigerator & Cooler

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


With 17.3-cubic feet of large capacity, this beverage refrigerator comes with a freestanding design to fit into your small kitchen. This cooling unit also comes with a double panned-glass door and stainless-steel frame. Moreover, the transparent and left-hinged front door allows you to view your wine or beverages at a glance. The small and portable beverage cooler is suitable for your playroom, RV, office, or home bar.

This unit also comes along with three adjustable and removable slide-out chrome-plated shelves. Furthermore, the 5-grade manual temperature control knob of the cooler helps you to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator. You can adjust the temperature from 39 to 50-degree Fahrenheit. The compressor-based cooling system supports the faster, quieter, and vibration-free operation.

In Summary:
  • Comes with a large capacity of 17.3 cubic feet to hold different beverages
  • The temperature can be easily varied from 39 to 50-degree Fahrenheit
  • The transparent door allows you to view beverages from distance
  • Being portable, it is easy to shift and use anywhere

#12. Built In Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler

Phiestina 24 Inch Built In Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler

By: Phiestina

The dual-zone wine and beverage refrigerator comes with a French door. This unit also has an advanced compressor cooling system with air circulation process for ultimate noiseless and vibration-free operation. Moreover, this energy-efficient unit with the freestanding design is ideal for your small kitchen and home bar. The left-zone of this refrigerator comes with a temperature range from 40 to 66-degree Fahrenheit and is ideal for storing wine.

The right-zone of this cooling unit with a temperature range of 38 to 50-degree Fahrenheit is also suitable for beverages. Furthermore, the tempered glass door ideally showcases your wine collection without damaging them. The interior LED lighting helps you to find your drink in the dark, as well. The adjustable shelves offer convenient storage option.

In Summary:
  • The temperature range supported in the left zone is 40 to 66-degree Fahrenheit
  • Comes with the tempered glass door to display your wine assortment
  • Hassle-free storage facilitated by adjustable shelves
  • Equipped with the bright interior LED lighting

#11. 60-Can Beverage Refrigerator & Cooler

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, 60 Can Mini Fridge


This mini beverage refrigerator comes with a minimal footprint for installing at tight workplaces. The fridge is also suitable for your small kitchen, RV, playroom, or office. Moreover, the 3-grade temperature control knob of this cooling unit allows you to adjust the mechanical thermostat without much hassle. You can adjust the temperature from 39 to 61-degree Fahrenheit.

With higher efficiency, this cooling unit also supports faster refrigeration to ensure optimum beer and beverage cooling. Furthermore, the three-tire and height-adjustable beverage shelves are easily removable for convenient storage. This machine is able to hold up to 60 pieces of 12-Oz standard cans. The double panned-glass door with stainless-steel frame is easily reversible for stress-free opening.

In Summary:
  • Can conveniently accommodate 60 pieces of standard cans
  • Capable to support wide range of temperature
  • Allows easy installation in small space
  • No hassles while opening and closing

#10. Beverage Center With LED Interior

Danby 2.6-Cu. Ft. Beverage Center

By: Danby

This beverage refrigerator comes with a loading capacity of 2.6-cubic feet. The mini-fridge is also capable of holding up to 95 pieces of 12-Oz standard cans. Moreover, the sleek stainless-steel construction of this cooling unit has a freestanding structure to fit on your countertop or table easily. With the help of mechanical thermostat technology, the machine keeps your beverages chilled and degradation-free.

The unit also comes along with three adjustable no-tip wire shelves for intelligent and compact storing. Furthermore, the stainless-steel door frame with a black cabinet of the machine is very much durable and attractive. The interior LED lighting helps you to find your beverages easily, even in the dark. The see-through glass door permits you to see the beverages without opening it.

In Summary:
  • The implementation of mechanical thermostat technology maintains the chillness of beverages
  • Can easily hold 95 pieces of standard cans
  • Beverages can be easily found in dark by the facility of interior LED lights

#9. 26 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler:Cabinet Refrigerator

By: Antarctic Star

With a working temperature range of 40 to 61-degree Fahrenheit, this beverage refrigerator keeps the wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. The double pane-glass door of this cooling unit also prevents the harmful UV rays from damaging your beverages. Moreover, this door helps to maintain an ideal humidity level for your wine. The soft interior LED lighting allows you to showcase your wine collection without damaging them.

The refrigerator also comes with enough space to hold 26 pieces of red or white wine bottles without any hassle. Furthermore, the horizontal racking system of this unit helps you to store both bottles and cans with precision. The cooling system of the refrigerator delivers noise-free and vibration-free operation. This unit comes along with movable black shelves.

In Summary:
  • Its structure includes double pane-glass door to make sure the harmful UV rays don’t penetrate
  • Sufficiently spacious interior
  • During cooling, no noise or vibration generated
  • Equipped with the movable black shelves

#8. Beverage Refrigerator With Internal Fan

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

By: Whynter

The sturdy stainless-steel material construction of this mini beverage refrigerator has the freestanding structure to match any room décor easily. This cooling unit with a smaller footprint is also suitable to place on your countertop, table, or floor. Moreover, you can easily store up to 120 pieces of standard sized 12-Oz cans in this refrigerator. The stainless-steel door frame comes with a tempered glass door.

This unit also has mechanical temperature control with a temperature range from high 30-degrees to min-50-degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the soft interior LED lighting with on/off switch allows you to find your drink at night stress-freely. This unit comes with five slide-out wire shelves. The reversible system of this mini refrigerator helps you to open the door in two-way.

In Summary:
  • Allows easy storage up to 120 pieces of standard cans
  • The interior LED lighting is accompanied by on/off switch
  • The door can be reversibly opened
  • Will not take up much space during setup

#7. 106-Can Compressor Air-Cooled Refrigerator

Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Compressor Beverage Cooler Air-Cooled Refrigerator

By: Phiestina

This beverage refrigerator with a compressor cooling system delivers quiet and vibration-free operation. The slim profile fridge with a smaller footprint is also suitable to place on your table, countertop, and floor. Moreover, this cooling unit comes with the maximum loading capacity of up to 106 cans. The sleek stainless steel construction and a tempered glass door easily match with the ambiance of your home bar or kitchen.

You can also simply adjust the thermostat of this mini refrigerator from 38 to 50-degree Fahrenheit for accurate temperature for beverages. Furthermore, the six removable wire shelves allow you to store bottles or cans with no difficulty. The energy-saving blue interior LED lighting helps you to find your favorite beverage, even in the dark.

In Summary:
  • The supreme loading capacity is 106 cans
  • The cans and bottles can be safely stored by 6 detachable wire shelves
  • The blue LED lighting inside saves energy
  • Supports a wide range of temperature

#6. 120-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter BR-128WS Lock, 120 Can Capacity, Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator

By: Whynter

With the maximum capacity of holding 120 standard 12-Oz cans, this beverage refrigerator comes with a minimalist design. The heavy-duty stainless-steel construction of this cooling unit is also ideal for areas with little space. Moreover, the freestanding structure of the fridge allows you to place it on the table, floor, or countertop. With a translucent glass door and soft interior LED lighting, this fridge helps you to easily find your beverages.

The recessed handle of the door also offers a flush finish and comes with a cylinder lock and two keys. Furthermore, the mechanical temperature control comes with the temperature range from high 30-degree Fahrenheit to mid-50-degree Fahrenheit. The swing directions of the glass door are reversible. It is one of the best beverage refrigerators to opt for.

In Summary:
  • Use of the stainless steel in the body assures high durability
  • The included glass door is reversible
  • Due to its freestanding structure, it can be installed even in compact space
  • The interior LED lighting lets you easily find the required beverages

#5. 140-Can Built-In Beverage Cooler

Avallon ABR241SGLH 140 Can Built-in Beverage Cooler

By: Avallon

The left-hinged see-through glass door comes along with stainless-steel door with a true-key lock. The stand-alone structure of this cooling unit is also ideal for your table, floor, and countertop. Moreover, the fan-forced front exhaust helps to keep the cooling system cool and workable. The lowest temperature range of this machine is of 34-degree Fahrenheit.

The minimalist design of this unit is also able to hold up to 140 cans without any hassle. Furthermore, the single-zone fridge comes along with an internal LED lighting system for easier beverage selection, even in the dark. This refrigerator has three sanded glass shelves for convenient storage. The touch control panel of the machine helps you to adjust the temperature as per your need.

In Summary:
  • There are 3 sanded glass shelves for hassle-free storage
  • Process of finding beverage is simplified by the interior LED lighting
  • Temperature can be easily varied by the touch control panel

#4. 103-Can & 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar BWC120SS 103 Can and 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler

By: EdgeStar

With the sturdy stainless-steel construction, this stand-alone and mini-refrigerator easily fits into tight places with no difficulty. The cooling unit is also a great way to showcase your antique wine collection. Moreover, the fully-adjustable metal racks accommodate up to 103 pieces of 12-Oz cans or five pieces of 750-mL bottles. The freestanding design of this machine involves a smaller footprint. All in all, it is one of the best beverage refrigerators.

This beverage refrigerator also offers powerful compressor-based cooling. Furthermore, the unit comes with a transparent and reversible glass-door for two-way opening. You get a total number of six fully removable shelves for convenient storage option. The refrigerator allows you to manually control the temperature from upper 30-degree to mid-50-degree Fahrenheit. The white LED light illuminates the interior for easier beverage selection.

In Summary:
  • Capable to hold 103 standard sized cans and 5 bottles
  • Its freestanding design makes sure much space is not occupied
  • The wine collection will be elegantly exhibited
  • Its glass door is made reversible and transparent

#3. Wine Cooler & Refrigerator Chiller Fridge

NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Chiller Fridge

By: NewAir

The cooling system of this beverage refrigerator uses noiseless and vibration-free thermoelectric technology to set temperature as low as 54-degree Fahrenheit. You can also increase the temperature as high as 64-degree Fahrenheit while protecting the sediment. Moreover, this unit allows you to quickly monitor and set temperatures by using the push-button controls mounted on the door-frame.

With the help of the LED lighting, you can also easily find-out your beverages without illuminating the whole room. Furthermore, this freestanding fridge easily stands on a table, countertop, or floor. The adjustable five chrome-plated metal shelves allow you to store any size of bottles or cans with ease. The transparent glass-door of this machine helps you to show off your wine collection with grace.

In Summary:
  • The maximum temperature that can be adjusted in up to 64degree Fahrenheit
  • With the use of push-button controls, it is easy to set the required temperature
  • Bottles of any size can be accommodated by its 5 metals shelves
  • Since the glass door is made transparent, the wine collection can be seen from outside

#2. Mini Beverage Cooler & Refrigerator With Glass Door

NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Glass Door

By: NewAir

This beverage refrigerator offers the lowest cooling temperature of 34-degree Fahrenheit. The cooling unit, with its storage space of 3.4-cubic feet, is also able to hold up to 126-cans without any hassle. Moreover, with the help of chilly temperature range, this machine keeps your beverages in perfectly frosty condition. The refrigerator comes with five heavy-duty and removable chrome-plated metal racks. These racks help you to store bottles and cans of all sizes and shapes with ease.

This mini beverage refrigerator also offers 35-dB of ultra-quiet operation within the frequency range of 60-Hz. Furthermore, the sleek and stylish stainless-steel construction and see-through glass-door of this machine match with your every home décor. This unit comes with the freestanding design to easily make space even at tight places. Overall, it is one of the best beverage refrigerators on the list.

In Summary:
  • The included glass door is durably built
  • The storage space included is 3.4 cubic feet
  • Includes 5 detachable metal shelves

#1. 18-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator

NutriChef PKTEWC180 Nutrichef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator

By: NutriChef

With the maximum capacity of storing 18 pieces of wine bottles, this beverage refrigerator comes with a smaller footprint. The cooler unit also has accurate thermoelectric cooling technology and adjustable temperature control for extreme adjustability. Moreover, with the help of integrated LED lights and inbuilt circulation fan with ventilation grill, the machine delivers super-cooling. The reinforced glass door with air-tight seal offers a compact and modern design for your space.

The freestanding design of this refrigerator also allows you to place it on the floor, table, or countertop. Furthermore, you can control the temperature range of this unit to achieve the ideal temperature for long or short-term storage. The adjustable digital touch-button display allows you to choose the temperature-scale between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

In Summary:
  • Its glass door is elegantly designed to represent a stylish look
  • Can be easily mounted on table, floor, countertop, etc
  • It is possible to set temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Presents modern design in any décor

Buying Guide For The Beverage Refrigerators

A beverage refrigerator proves to be an excellent addition to any home or office. This appliance provides great convenience to access beverages like beer, soda, or wine and appears great in any decor. The aspect in which it differs from the typical refrigerator is the layout is completely optimized for effortlessly storing cans and bottles. One of the best parts to note is they are not confined to the kitchen area and can be located in any space according to your convenience. If you wish to free up space within your main refrigerator, then the beverage coolers prove to be an excellent addition. This is because they offer extra space for storing bulky cans and bottles.

Using a beverage refrigerator, there is no need to concern about how to store a huge pack of beverages. First of all, before purchasing a beverage refrigerator, it is essential to know some essential aspects. Without knowing these points, you may end up with the wrong choice. Take a look at the below-buying guide for the beverage refrigerators:


The first things you must consider while purchasing a beverage refrigerator are the dimensions and location. You need first to decide whether you plan to have it stand-alone inside a room or build it into cabinetry. Generally, the freestanding units require 2-3 inches of clearance on the top as well as sides of the unit. Moreover, they demand the clearance of 3-5 inches on the back. In case you plan on building it inside a cabinet, make sure to check the width. The majority of the cabinets usually come with a width of 24″.

Furthermore, there are slimmer designed units specially built to accommodate inside 15″ wide spaces. Some of the models come with a built-in beverage cooler that could perfectly fit inside the space. It is known that this built-in unit can be utilized as a freestanding unit; however, a freestanding unit could not be built-in due to the fact that it would not be capable of cooling effectively.

Can Capacity

The next important thing to consider is can capacity. If the unit is only for 1-2 people, a 50-60 can capacity will be sufficient. However, for a family of 4 people or more, it is recommended to choose those units that hold a minimum of 80 cans. For the occasion of parties and gatherings, the beverage refrigerators capable of holding up to 150 cans will be perfect. It is true that a large can capacity unit can save you money due to the fact that you will be capable of storing beverages in bulk. Those who are wine enthusiasts, for them, the dual-zone units will work great because it enables them to store wine at a warmer temperature in order to allow optimal storage.

Indoor Use Or Outdoor Use

The choice of beverage refrigerator largely depends on where you want to use it –indoors or outdoors. If you intend to keep it outdoors, make sure to focus on durability. The materials like stainless steel and the triple-pane glass retain the coolness in drink even during extreme weather conditions. Generally, the outdoor beverage refrigerators are presented in the form of the built-in models or freestanding models. Therefore, make sure to check the location of vents and whether they suit your needs or not. On the other hand, while deciding to purchase for indoor use, you need to focus more on the interior space and the sleek design so that it looks elegant with the decor.


Finally, like all other appliances, the budget is a significant aspect to consider while purchasing beverage refrigerators. Typically, the unit which is less expensive will hold fewer cans and bottles. On the other hand, the more expensive models will be able to hold more cans. Such units might include features like digital temperature control, dual-zone temperature, or safety locks. It is commonly observed that the built-in beverage refrigerators are costlier than freestanding units. This is because the design to emit hot air through the front is actually more complex. Though the beverage refrigerators can prove to be a hefty investment for some, the style and flexibility to use make your investment valuable.


Beverage refrigerators are a great way to make space in your main freezer. You can serve cold beverages whether it is cold drinks, fruit juices, or even beer and likewise instantly. You can make the cans and bottles hold onto their positions perfectly, and you should choose the size depending on the number of bottles you will keep at a time. They are perfect for beverage sellers as well as offices. It is easier to grab drinks from these best beverage refrigerators without accidentally making the adjacent bottles fall on the ground. They are sure to enhance the look of your room as beverages come with attractive cans and bottles.

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