The Top 11 Best Bench Grinders On The Market – Products Review

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A bench grinding is commonly used to grind various tools and sharpen objects and even give a smooth layout. The versatility and application of a bench grinder depend on the bond and grade of the wheels. Some of them are also good at shaping the materials before welding and fitting. Some of the stiff buffing wheels are best for deburring works, as well. There are a lot of factors to consider to buy a value for money bench grinder. We have taken all those parameters into considerations while handpicking the best bench grinders below.

List Of Best Bench Grinders In 2020

#11. BF600 Heavy Duty Bench Buffer


This bench grinder comes with a 120Volt power supplying motor. The whole design of this grinder is with heavy-duty cast iron. The cast iron provides less vibration. Moreover, it can give the ultimate polished and smooth texture to your metal and other materials quicker than ever. You also get an assured motor performance with the help of an impactful ½ HP induction motor. Additionally, you can operate this bench grinder to get a precise machine-made shaft by utilizing the long ball-bearing.

The 6-inch bench grinder is a robust product with its cast iron construction. The package of this product includes a pair of nut, four flanges, and two buffing wheels. The compact design of this bench grinder also easily fits in a small working space. This grinder has the load speed of 1750 RPM. You can seamlessly polish your silver, copper, knife blades, and handle by using this bench grinder.

#10. 8″ Variable Speed Grinder With Work Lamp

By: Porter-Cable

The easily transportable bench grinder has the dimension of 4-inch and comes with an attached lamp. This grinder helps you to grind and various sharp kinds of materials with the interchangeable speed range of 2000-3400 RPM. Made with cast iron, this grinder also provides an extra firm grip over any surface. It also lessens the vibration while grinding the metals with the help of the mounting holes. To get an accurate drill bit sharpening, it also has a groovy adjustable die-cast aluminum tool rest.

A height-adjustable 40watt lamp lights up your working area for better working experience. The bench grinder has the 36 grit wheel and 60 grit medium wheel dresser. Moreover, this product also comes with a detachable quench water tray. Besides, it also provides the spark guards for your added security. The rubber feet help to keep your grinder machine in a stable position during the vibrating operation.

#9. 6″ Variable Speed Grinding Center

By: Craftsman

To have an accurate sharpening angle, this bench grinder includes the extra-wide adjustable tool rests. This bench grinder also has a water tray for cooling. The handheld wheel dresser helps you to keep your grinder clean. Moreover, the cast iron bottom of the bench grinder prevents the vibration during the operation and increases the longevity of the machine. Besides, the machine also provides the spark guard and broad and clear eye shield to protect you from the frictional sparks.

It requires the 1/5 horsepower to run the motor with the speed range of 200-3400 RPM. This bench grinder also has an attached and adjustable lamp to light up your working area. It comes with the quick-change wheel guard option. The machine has an independent on/off button for a stress-free operation. For the longer material, this machine has a thin line of the motor housing.

#8. 5002A Bench Grinder With Light

By: Sunex Tools

This bench grinder has an appended and movable 40watt light to illuminate your working region. It additionally furnishes with the start monitors for your added security. The machine also gives a wide and clear eye shield to guard your eyes against the frictional sparkles. Made with cast iron, this grinder gives an additional solid hold over any surface. Moreover, it reduces the vibration while crushing the metals with the assistance of the mounting gaps.

The elastic feet help to keep your grinder machine in a steady position amid the vibrating activity. The ball-bearing development of this bench grinder permits a smooth task. The machine has a 6-feet long and tough power rope. A simple on/off switch makes the task of the machine significantly less demanding. This grinder also requires a small space for storage.

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#7. 8″ Slow Speed Bench Grinder

By: RIKON Power Tools

This bench grinder comes with the superior quality 120 white aluminum oxide grit wheels and 60 grits with a diameter of 1”X8”. The bench grinder has the design of the iron cast body with rubber feet to reduce the vibration during the operation to ensure the durability of the machine. With the aid of the spark resisters, you can also keep yourself safe from the metal sparks. Even the wide and clear eye-protecting shield helps you to protect your eyes.

This machine does not cause any heat generated for your uninterrupted working experience. Stronger ½ HP motor has a speed limit of 1750 RPM. It has the 5/8” arbor in this machine. This bench grinder can sharpen any sorts of the metal object with grace. Moreover, it comes with the four mounting holes for the stability on any surfaces. This product is best for sharpening all your metal objects.

#6. DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

By: Metabo

The bench grinder includes the protective cover and bayonet lock to enable the easy and fast disc changing facility. This bench grinder comes with a speed range of 3750 RPM with a 1-inch arbor. To get a precise drill bit sharping, it has an awesomely customizable die-cast aluminum tool rest. There is also a motor in this machine for the single alternating phase current supply. The induction motor of this bench grinder requires no extra maintenance.

This machine is robust enough for the industrial purpose. The design of this bench grinder makes no additional noise and vibration. It has the individual on and off buttons for smooth operation. This bench grinder has the aluminum tool rests for the accurate sharpening and grinding options. The wide and clear eye shields help to prevent your eyes from the metal sparks. It is one of the best bench grinders on the list.

#5. 6-Inch Bench Grinder


The medium and coarse wheels of this bench grinder can easily grind and sharpen any sorts of material. This bench grinder has a 2.1 motor with a speed range of 3450 RPM. With the inbuilt LED lights over both the wheels, you can also work stress-freely in a low-light working space. The adjustable tool rests also give you the accurate grinding option. Moreover, the rubber feet help to enhance the stability of the bench grinder while the vibrating operation.

Furthermore, the cast iron body of this machine reduces the vibration during the operation. You can get the wider and clear eye shields to protect your eyes from the sparks. Even you can also grind woods finely with the aid of this bench grinder. It has a simple on/off body switch for easy handling. You can effortlessly set this bench grinder up on the benchtop.

#4. 8-Inch Bench Grinder


This is a powerful bench grinder with a size of 8 inches. It is suitable for industrial-grade use, and it comes pre-lubricated. Moreover, the ball bearings are enclosed, and there are cast iron wheel guards available. Furthermore, the dust vents help to get rid of the sawdust and other material pieces conveniently. On top of that, there are quick adjustment spark guards available to protect your eyes.

In short, it is the safest bench grinder to work with. It is designed to withstand high-quality and high volume works. It can do grinding, sharpening, and smoothening with precision. You can expect flawless results with this. Besides, there are rubber mounts that prevent movement, and the tool rests are adjustable for accuracy in work.

#3. 8-Inch Bench Grinder


Dewalt is one of the most popular brands, and this is one of the best bench grinders on the list. The most crucial factor in a bench grinder is safety. This one comes with overload protection, and therefore, the motor will be highly durable. There are various guards available which you have to install and at times, remove quickly as per your requirements. These installations and adjustments can be done tools-free which is the most convenient point. There are various types of guards available for complete protection and safety of the worker.

It comes with ¾ HP induction motor which is capable of superior and consistent performance. Moreover, the grinder is suitable for all industrial works. Besides, the product has a rugged cast iron base as well as motor housing, both of which prolong the life of the product. The motor runs at 3600 RPM, and the removal of metals will be at a very high speed. Apart from that, there is also an aluminum tool rests for accurately positioning the work.

#2. 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder With Flexible Work Light


This is one of the best bench grinders on the list due to its complete features. It comes with a 2.1A motor, and the rotational speed is 3450 RPM. The wheels enable versatile applications, and the product has a lightweight design. The best part has to be the work light that will help in achieving precision. Moreover, the visibility will also improve a lot. There are eye guards, 36-grit wheel as well as 60-grit wheel. The base is heavy-duty for everyday application. The work light is also flexible so that you can make the light fall at a desired angle. The company also provides two years warranty which is an added bonus.

The product has a quick startup, and the performance is smooth. Furthermore, the wheel guard removal is easy to change quickly. There will also be no wobbling during the operation, and you can buy a Wen cast iron bench grinder to stand with it to make a perfect match. The overall product has superior construction and performance. It is a perfect worth for money bench grinder.

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#1. 1/3-Horsepower Industrial Duty Big Red Grinder/Buffer

By: Baldor

This is the most versatile bench grinder on the list. It comes with two tool rests, and one of them has horizontal adjustment while the other one has a vertical adjustment. Moreover, the tool rests can be tilted in any desired angle for the ease of work. The product comes with three years warranty which shows its durability. The product is also compliant with the OSHA standards, and the rotation speed is 3600 RPM.

It is needless to say that it is one of the most powerful bench grinders on the list. It is suitable for various types of materials, and it also produces the least vibration while operating. Therefore, there will be no stress and strain in hands. Moreover, the wheels are tailor-made for versatile works, and the base mount has an on/off switch with an 8-foot cord. You can do grinding and buffing jobs perfectly.


Different bench grinders are suitable for different types and sizes of objects to operate on. Apart from that, the motor is the heart of the grinder, and the motor has to be powerful so that you can do industrial work with consistency. Moreover, it has to be of a heavy-duty quality so that you can operate it every day for long hours. One needs to check the speed of the motor as it is going to determine the quickness of the work you will be doing. Most importantly, the grinder should come with all the different types of guards possible so that the safety parameter is not compromised. We have listed the best bench grinders on the list, and each one of them is valuable for your money. Choose one or a few of them to help your work now!

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