Top 8 Best Beach Carts In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Spending your free time at the beach with friends or family is an exciting experience. However, when you have luggage or load to carry at the beach, it can get frustrating. Some moveable items are like sunglasses, body lotion, towels, and umbrellas, and so on. Moving from the car to the beach with quite a heavy load can be quite challenging. That is why a beach cart can be your way out of this problem. Carts for beach use differ from the standard carts used at homes and businesses. The most notable fact is that they roll over sand without sinking in. The design should be beach friendly with features like adjustable and cushioned handles, foldable, fabric mesh material, wide wheels, and sturdy frame and spacious. The following list reveals the several best beach carts that you should put in your shopping cart.

The List Of Best Beach Carts In 2021

The following is the list of the top beach carts we have come up with to help you come to a more concise decision. Let us look at them deeply.

#8. All Terrain Beach Cart

By: Tommy Bahama

The Tommy Bahama cart comes in-built 15 cubic feet of massive storage that is ideal for holding up to 4 chairs plus more beach gear. It contains up to a maximum of 100 pounds that folds up easily and flat. The removable, insulated, water-resistant cooler tote bag is designed aesthetically and practically to load items.

Additionally, it has a removable cooler that makes cleanup more straightforward and quicker. Assembly does not take more than 5 minutes, and zero skills are required. The cushioned handle is soft when maneuvering when pulling or pulling the cart.

In Summary:

Has a 15 cubic feet capacity
Can hold up to 4 chairs
The removable cooler makes clean-up easier
The cushioned handle is soft on the hands
Handles up to 100pounds of weight
Requires zero skills to set-up

#7. Deluxe Ultra Wonder Wheeler

By: Rio Gear

Carrying things from your car to the beach will be more comfortable with this cart. The cart is made of high-quality material and works perfectly on all terrains, be it grass, boardwalk, and also in sandy places. It provides tons of space to hold umbrellas, towels, bottles, lotions, tablets, phones, and other gear.

Furthermore, the well-thought-of 10-inch pneumatic wheel works well on all grounds. A black utility tray adds an extra aesthetic effect and holds drinks securely. Assembling this cart is easy, and no tools are required. It features 3 convenient storage compartments.

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In Summary:

Made of high-quality material
A ton of storage space
10″ pneumatic wheel built for off-road terrains
The black utility tray can hold drinks easily
Assembles and disassembles easily
Has 3 convenient storage compartments

#6. Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

By: BeachMall

This super ultimate beach cart is lightweight (12.8 pounds) and yet durable. It has an attached bag that helps to load beach items quickly and securely. It is made of spun polyester that does not tear easily. The piece can handle up to 77 pounds weight and moves swiftly on different surfaces. The presence of steady 10-inch (diameter) x4-inch (wide) wheels ensures movement on sandy terrain is comfortable and is less bouncy on harder surfaces.

In Summary:

Lightweight (12.8 pounds) and durable material
Inclusive of a big bag to load up items
Made of spun polyester
Sturdy easy-roll 10-inch diameter and 4-inch wide wheels

#5. Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Cart

By: Mac Sports

The cart has a 36.2: by 21.4″ by 24.6″ roomy interior that allows both small and large items to fit in perfectly. It is made of durable poly fabric. A durable frame loads up to 150 pounds with ease and sturdiness. The carry case is essential to lighten up the load which is compact.

On top of that, the beautifully designed stretchy pockets on the front are a perfect size and hold items securely. The wheels are practical and require minimal effort when pulling/pushing. It is well designed and easy to clean.

In Summary:

Roomy 36.2: by 21.4″ by 24.6″ interior structure
Made of durable poly fabric that is long-lasting
A carry case that helps lightens the load
A durable and sturdy frame loads up to 150 pounds
Has stretchy front pockets
Well designed and easy to clean

#4. 3-In-1 EZ Folding Wagon

By: Radio Flyer

This is among the most popular beach carts, and it has taken the second position in our list. It is made of long-lasting material and designed to serve 3 purposes. It can be used as a bench seat, beach seat and also for flatbed hauling. The cart is lightweight and weighs up to 19 pounds for easy maneuvering.

Additionally, the soft padded seats enhance comfort during a sit-down. A canopy in the back pocket with retractable poles snaps easily into place during movement. The cart assembles and disassembles fast and effortlessly.

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In Summary:

Made of a long-lasting material
A bench set, beach set, and flatbed hauler
It is lightweight and weighs 19 pounds
Soft padded comfortable seats
The sturdy wheels move smoothly and efficiently

#3. Folding Utility Shopping Cart


This beach cart is a unique product, especially for the disabled. The well-thought-of design improves practicality and reliability. It has an easy to use adjustable handle which makes the movement more seamlessly and simple. Lift it from a staircase or a car is easy because of the design and lightweight.

Also, it does not take time to fold it up. It is also suitable for shopping, loading things and even the transport of light items.

In Summary:

The YSC Wagon has a well-thought of design
Simple construction that is easy to use especially for the handicapped
Has a simple adjustable handle
It is easy to pull, lift and fold
Also works well in storing and moving small items

#2. Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

By: Rio Gear

This beach cart has 10-inch wheels that move smoothly and efficiently. A beautifully designed mesh steel frame ensures the whole unit is sturdy and durable. The umbrella holder has a nice feature that helps to make beach times more fun during sunny days.

Moreover, it has a removable tote bag for useful storing beach items like towels and sunblocks. The well-ventilated mesh provides excellent airflow. It assembled and folded down reasonably fast.

In Summary:

Extra Wide 10″ tread wheels
Sturdy steel mesh frame
Convenient umbrella holder
Removable tote bag with firm shoulder straps
Mesh fabric allows natural ventilation

#1. Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

By: Mac Sports

This large cart is the top in our list of beach carts. It is not only affordable but also bangs for the buck. It has a spacious interior design that helps to ease up numerous trips from one place to the other. Also, it will handle up to 150 pounds of the load with ease and effortlessness.

Furthermore, the unit has inbuilt with a 600 Denier fabric that is long-lasting making this a perfect item that gives you value for your money. It is also inclusive of 2 mesh cup holders to ensure your beverages don’t spill. The large wheels and adjustable handles move from one place to another very simple. It is constructed with 7 different colors giving a variety of color options.

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In Summary:

The cart is made of 600 Denier Fabric which is long-lasting
Comes in 7 different colors
Suited for all terrains
Extra large wheels and adjustable handles aid in smooth movement
2 mesh cups suitable for holding drinks securely

Some Factors We Have Considered Before Compiling This List

It is never an easy thing when buying a product you don’t have little know-how about. When purchasing a cart, some factors play a significant role. For example, time for research, knowledge of the product, usability and practicability, price, and so on. The following are some of the primary things a good cart should have to make it worth the money.


The size matters a lot when deciding the load that one carries to the beach. You must ensure all the beach gear fits in perfectly without squeezing them. If it is a smaller sized item, it means you have to make more trips than necessary. This can get frustrating and be tiring for the user. One practical way to know the size of the cart is to take the sizeable item and check if the cart can accommodate it. If it fits in perfectly, the smaller loads will be easier to fit.


It is crucial to buy a beach cart that has a long-lasting material. Polyester, canvas, and heavy-duty nylon are durable easy to clean up. Some manufacturers produce wooden carts. Ensure you purchase one made of hardwood rather than softwood. If it is a metallic material, stainless steel is a good option because it does not wear and tear easily.

Weight Capacity

Another critical factor is the loading capacity. All carts have a recommended manufacturing maximum loading capacity. If you exceed this weight, the cargo may damage the cart. Therefore, purchase a cart that can handle the pressure you are planning to transport. Good types can handle up to150 pounds.


A very crucial factor is how portable the cart is. Choose one that is easy to fold, assemble, and resemble and fits comfortably in a car trunk. An efficient and safe way is to measure the size of the unit is to use a beach cart. Always make certain it is easy to store and moves around with minimal effort.


A good cart has large wheels to handle a heavy load. The wide wheels also sink less and can ride on different terrains including sandy ground. Small wheels are more prone to sinking and also more affected by vibrations. Good wheels are made of durable material for longevity and don’t wear out fast.


Some manufacturers overlook the type of handle the beach cart has. It should be easily adjustable and robust enough to pull and push the cart. If a handle is made up of low-quality material, it can easily break hurting you in the process. A padded/cushioned handle is best to enhance compatibility during movement.


Additionally, the appearance should cater for all your beach needs. It should have a beach-friendly design to provide all the functions. Some carts are made up of mesh fabric which is best to filter sand granules. For more in-depth detail on the construction, this page will give you more information.

Why You Need The Best Beach Cart These Days?

    Relieves Back pain: The use of a beach cart will help you in pulling and pushing loads easily from one place to another. You will use minimal effort when lifting, pulling, pushing, assembling, folding, storage and more. And this will prevent back pain, aching arms, neck strains and more.
    Saves Time: A beach cart has a large capacity and will help you to carry tons of items at once. It saves time while avoiding numerous trips. This also ensures you have more fun time at the beach.
    Value for Your Money: A good beach cart will serve you for a long time. It will also be easy to take care of and maintain.
    Easy To Assemble: The cart does not require skill to assemble and disassemble. Moving from place to place on various terrains is easy. If you want to know more about how easy it is to transport and assemble a beach cart. Watch YouTube video below to see how easy it is to assemble a beach cart

Final Verdict

The above reviews list the best beach carts on the market. They offer excellent performance, are easy to assemble, simple to operate, easy cleanup and maintenance, durable and efficient. Always remember to maintain the cart to serve you for many years. Also, avoid exceeding the maximum load capacity to prevent damage. Take the bold step and purchase one of these beach carts, to add a more memorable moment in your life.

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