12 Best Backpack Diaper Bags — 2020 Products Review

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Do you struggle to handle the baby while trying to get the diapers from the bag? Like many other consumers, you strain to reach the items and at the same time, may lose a firm hold on the baby. And if not careful, you may drop the things. The best solution to this is a backpack diaper bag. It gives you a hands-free experience, which allows you to get the dippers without letting go of the baby, or having to remove the bag. There are many good choices in the market. However, the following are the best backpack diaper bags in the market.

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List Of Best Backpack Diaper Bags In 2021

#12. Diaper Maternity Nappy Backpack

By: Upsimples

Kicking of this review is this backpack by Upsimples. It is ideal for new moms & dads as well as seasoned parents. The item has a nice capacity (10.3(L) x16.5 (W) x 5.9(H) inches and will accommodate the right amount of diapers. It also comprises several pockets for more space and it also improves the organization. You, therefore, don’t have to mix up the different items.

The high quality is attributed to the Oxford fabric that is more resistant to ripping and wearing comparison to other types. It is also waterproof to keep the items dry and prevent a bad odor. What’s more, it cleans easily and can be a simple as using a damp rag/ cloth. Similar to top picks, it has good comfortable straps, which are also easy to adjust.

#11. Wide Open Multi-Function Travel Backpack

By: Ticent

Consisting of Premium quality Oxford cloth and sturdy zippers, this backpack will ensure the diapers and other accessories are safe. It will not open accidentally, the stitching will not rip open, and the fabric will not be torn. Also, it does not contain any chemicals that may affect the items inside. It has an excellent capacity to handle a decent number of diapers and comes with extra pockets for other things such as bottles, baby clothes, milk bottles, or towels.

Accessing the items is easy and you don’t need to place the baby down or remove the bag from your bag. When not using it for carrying diapers and other baby things, you can use this multifunctional piece as a handbag, a normal backpack, or with a stroller. Thanks to the waterproof nature and seamless design, cleaning this bag is straightforward.

#10. Baby Diaper Backpack With Insulated Pockets

By: CoolBELL

The CoolBELL baby diaper backpack is a good solution to the problems you go through when trying to reach for the diapers. It measures 17.3(L) x 13.3(W) x 7.4-(H) inches and fits nicely on the back. It is not too big or too small. The good volume of 26 liters can hold many diapers whereas the easy opening mechanism gives you quick and easy access to the items inside the back.

On top of this, it doesn’t need removal since the opening, as well as other pockets, are within reach. The additional pockets are insulated for extra protection from falls, abrasion, impact, and falls. And since it has compartments, organizing things is easy. Other than diapers, this versatile unit can be used for carrying milk bottles, water bottles, shoes, baby clothes, napkins, and more.

#9. Multi-Function Travel Backpack

By: Jewelvwatchro

This diaper backpack combines effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. It’s made of a tough 600D Oxford fabric to withstand everyday carrying, abrasion, regular washing, and handling diapers and other things. The bag has a large capacity to ensure all your things fit into one space. To ensure the items are not damaged during storage or movement, it features a smooth lining.

For extra storage of other items such as milk bottles, baby clothes, water bottles, shoes, and napkins, the accessory also has additional pockets. The green color and nice design suit the bag for many situations, whether travel, restaurant, shopping, and more. It opens wide to fit and remove the things easily but stays shut courtesy of the high-quality zipper. You also won’t have problems arranging the items thanks to the many pockets.

#8. Multi Function Large Diaper Backpack With Stroller

By: Hap Tim

Forget backpack diaper bags that are boring or cumbersome to carry. With this piece by HapTim, you get a high quality and spacious bag that can hold a sizeable amount of diapers. The main aspect about it is that it gives you ready access to the accessories. All you do is to simply stretch your hands to get the diapers. It comprises a nylon garment fabric that can endure the abrasion, washing, and doesn’t fray or tear over time.

What’s more, it also features a PU coating for extra strength. The bag is fit for both women and men and has a nice design and simple gray color to suit different occasions. It measures 18(L) x 14 (W) x 7(H) inches and consists of a large compartment and several smaller pockets. The waterproof bag comes with a reliable and durable zipper.

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#7. Multi Function Waterproof Maternity Nappy Bags

By: KiddyCare

If you want a smart, spacious, and functional backpack bag for carrying diapers and other things, then this item by KiddyCare is worth buying. It has good spacing to hold any diapers and a protective, smooth interior to prevent scratching or damaging the product. Apart from the main compartment, the unit also has 15 smaller pockets for things like wipes, bottles, towels, clothes, and food. The pockets are also insulated to prevent damaging the contents and also to maintain the right temperature of the milk, water, or breast milk that may be inside the bottles. It features heavy-duty iron zippers that keep everything secure. It does not open accidentally and is also unlikely to break or come loose. Despite the bag’s large dimension of 11.4(L) х 9.1(W) х 16.5(H) inches, the bag’s weight is only 1.6 pounds.

#6. Diaper Bag Backpack With Multiple Compartments

By: Mancro

Accessing diapers while still carrying the baby is made easier with the Mancro backpack diaper bag. It is ideal for dads and moms and fits well on the bag and you can adjust the straps to get the perfect fit. The roomy bag is 11.8 inches; on, 7.1 inches wide and 16.5 inches high. And although it may not be the largest in its class, it still provides adequate storage point.

The manufacturer claims that it has a total capacity of 23 liters. The stylish bag is made of Premium nylon fabric, which is both light and durable. It also cleans much more comfortable than other fabrics and is also tolerant of scratches and regular use. And similar to other top-selling units, this bag comes with several compartments. You can, therefore, carry Water Bottle, Milk Bottle, and Breast Milk Bottle, Shoes, Baby’s clothes, Snacks, and more.

#5. Multi Function Waterproof Travel Nappy Bags

By: HaloVa

The HaloVa Diaper Bag is among the most multifunctional pieces you will find in the market. It comprises of a large compartment measuring 10.6(L) x 8.3 (W) x 16.5(H) inches and provides a good spacious storage point. You can fit diapers, baby clothes, towels, bottles, shoes, and other things. It also features other smaller pockets fit the smaller items like baby bottles, water bottles, and more.

Moreover, it helps in organizing things to avoid mix-up. The waterproof bag doesn’t allow water or moisture and this ensures the diaper as well as other things stay dry throughout. Moreover, the zipper shuts the back tightly for extra protection. A good number of users say that it is very comfortable even when carried for long periods or distances, and this is because of the nice padding and well-designed straps. It also weighs just 0.65 kilograms.

#4. Large Waterproof Diaper Backpack

By: Hafmall

This backpack diaper bag from Hafmall also deserves mentioning. First, it is very spacious (10.6(L) x 8.2(W) x 16.5(H) inches and can accommodate a good volume of diapers. Second, it’s sturdily made of durable polyester which is also resistant to tear, wear, and to fade. You are thus certain it will keep its integrity for a long time. Third, it comes with strong zippers that ensure the contents don’t fall or spill on the way.

Moreover, operating the zipper is easy and you don’t need to remove the bag from your back. Other reasons why consumers choose this item include the good waterproofing, which ensures the items stay dry, the multifunctional characteristics that also make it a good bag for travel, and the several pockets that help in the proper organization of the items.

#3. Diaper Nappy Bag

By: Upsimples

The days of you struggling to reach for the diapers, nappies, and other baby things in your bag while still holding the baby should be long gone and forgotten. With this backpack by Upsimples, not only do you have convenient access to the diapers but also keep an eye on the baby. The bag is suitable e for both women and men and has a good size to fit nicely on the back.

The straps are also padded for additional comfort and are adjustable for the tight fit. It comes in a nice pink color, which gives it a fancy look and is made of an Oxford fabric that is resistant to scratches. Reaching for the diapers, nappies, bottles, or other items is as easy as stretching your hand. No need to let go of the baby or straining too much. The versatile accessory also features a USB Charging Port and an anti-thief pocket.

#2. Large Multifunction Travel Backpack


This backpack will simplify handling your baby and the diapers. It is suitable for anyone who wants convenience and maximum safety for the baby. And with a dimension of 11.8 inches length, 7.8 inches width, and 16.5 inches height, it fits well on the back. In addition, it has adjustable straps to cater to various situations. The 25- liter capacity bag holds a good volume of diapers as well as related items like clothing and bottles. Moreover, it is waterproof and won’t be ruined by moisture, water, sweat, or rain.

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The multifunctional bag is also useful in other situations and can offer a convenient storage for a laptop. To prevent damage to the items, the backside has good padding. It also features insulated bottle pockets and 16 pockets for other items. And with a weight of just 1.78 pounds, carrying the bag for a long period is a non-issue.

#1. Diaper Bag Backpack With Stroller Straps

By: Bag Nation

The final item on our list is this backpack diaper bag from Bag Nation. It combines everything you need in a good bag. For instance, it opens wide for quick and easy access to the diapers, has a decent capacity to hold a good volume, and is made from durable fabric that does not fray or rip easily. The unit also features reinforced and you can be sure it will not come apart anytime soon.

Moreover, the thickly padded material feels comfortable on the body and you won’t experience any fatigue. This item offers you a hand free experience to allow you to focus on your baby without too much inconvenience. It is also simple to clean and it doesn’t fade or lose its elegance easily. Other than diapers, it also holds clothing, food, and other things.

Final Word

There goes our list of the best backpack diaper bags. We chose products that we are sure are the best, offer the right service, have a good capacity and are well built for durability and convenience. Furthermore, they have amazing reviews from experts and consumers and regularly feature among the top items. With these best backpack diaper bags, you and your “bundle of Joy” will have peace-of-mind.

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