The 10 Best Babyliss Hair Dryers In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Running late for a morning meeting? You can use the best BaByliss hair dryer to cut down the time for drying and styling your hair. We understand there are a lot of brands that come with multiple features. That’s why we are here to give you the top products that deliver premium service. Some have various heat settings to suit different hair applications. Others are lightweight and compact which is perfect for on-the-go professionals. If you want more information on these items, read further. In this review, we focus on the best BaByliss hair dryer in 2020.

The List Of Best Babyliss Hair Dryers In 2020

#1. Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

If you want the best BaByliss hair dryer, you are in the right place. The above one is made of quality material that can withstand both aggressive and continuo use. Its ceramic construction produces infrared heat that aids in protecting your hair’s luster. Whether you reside in a house with multiple occupants, it does not malfunction. With a 2000-watt motor, it ensures the other parts don’t overwork. At the same time, it delivers enough power to give you amazing results. Another thing is an innovative ionic technology that eliminates static as well as reduces drying time. Your hair will dry much faster than using other brands.

The effective drying system helps leave your hair shiny and smooth, even for frizzy type. Now you have a chance to reveal your healthy and smooth locks to friends and colleagues. Every time you turn this item on, natural ions work their best to improve your hair texture and look. There is no use for spending too much time trying to get a suitable location to dry. With a convenient concentrator nozzle, it helps pinpoint to the wettest areas for more convenience. Also, this device comes with a removable rear filter and cold shot button to maximize smooth operation.

In Summary:

Quality ceramic to improve durability
Powerful 2000W motor and ergonomic design
Ionic system to eliminate static
Enhances your natural hair look
A concentrator nozzle to pinpoint suitable areas

#2. Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

We love the PRO Nano dryer from BaByliss that prides of an ergonomic design. Featuring a sturdy handle, it is much comfortable to hold to improve your drying skills. The grip has enough texture best for use with both dry and damp hands. Besides, this product comes in either black or blue shades. Pick one that meets your taste and also a bedroom or salon decor. If you want to improve your hair drying experience, this equipment is an excellent option. The included cord is long to allow smooth movement without staying too close to a power plus. Plus, the cable is flexible and well-insulated to protect against shocks.

Whether you are running late in the morning or want a quick hair drying, use this product. Using Nano Titanium technology, it blows hot air fast and hard. Choose the heat settings from the available options to get one that suits your hair texture and needs. You can get dry hair in under a minute than the conventional brands which require more time. Equipped with a 2000W Italian motor, this gadget distributes heat evenly across your hair for optimal results. The negative ions remove any static hair electricity and close the cuticle for a shiny outcome.

In Summary:

It has an ergonomic structure for a comfortable hold
Two color choices, black and blue
Comes with a long cord to improve movement
The Nano-Titanium technology distributes even heat
Quality 2000-watt motor

#3. Compact Nano Titanium Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

Don’t just style your hair using a repetitive method, when you have this dryer. It comes with six heat options to deliver a versatile styling option. Also, it helps meet different hair needs suitable for a variety of people. Using the highest temperature, it drys wet hair quicker and in a shorter time. But if you prefer less heat, go for a medium to low power. Moreover, this item looks great in its lovely blue finish. The color pops a bubbly and fun effect in most surroundings, such as bedroom, bathroom, and more. BaByliss unit weighs less than 2 pounds and has a solid handle to improve your hold. Carry it from site to site effortlessly.

Store this hair accessory in a small place, thanks to an 8.5 x 3.5 x 10-inch dimension. The size is perfect for small bathroom closets, bedrooms, and other areas. Note that the removable filter allows you to improve the air quality after cleaning or replacement. Furthermore, this equipment combines speed and power with the integrated 2000-watt motor. Not only for safe use but also improved performance. You can have total control to get your desired style using the durable concentrator nozzle.

In Summary:

Available six heat options for different hair styling
It has a lovely blue finish for more appeal
Weighs under 2 pounds suitable for extended hold
Measures 8.5 x 3.5 x 10 inches
The removable filter improves cleaning

#4. Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

If you want a quieter travel dryer, the above one offers that and more. It has an integrated motor that drives the internal parts smoothly to avoid overworking. Now, you can experience reliable and peaceful hair drying action indoors and even outdoors. Designed with resilience and quality in mind, it delivers excellent performance. The design plus a cool blue finish coordinates well with your current decor. Besides, this accessory delivers stronger air pressure, less vibration, faster airflow, and lower noise suitable for extended use. You get a maximum of a lot of hours of ultra-speed drying.

Using the Nano Titanium technology with integrated grille, this best BaByliss hairdryer delivers superior heat transfer. This process is further improved with an ionic generator that maximizes your hair’s shine. Make this professional luxury dryer your main hairstyling gadget. Not only is it lighter, but also faster and reliable. The BaByliss Pro is efficient and full-sized for delivering intense air pressure. With a removable stand, cleanup is a breeze.

In Summary:

It has an integrated motor to run the other parts smoothly
A cool blue finish adds lovely aesthetics
Delivers long hours of fast styling
Has a Nano Titanium grill for even heat distribution
The removable stand improves cleanup

#5. Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

Get maximum power with this BaByliss dryer suitable for home and professional use. With modern ceramic technology, it delivers gentle far-infrared heat. Your hair gets maximum protection from heat damage to retain its healthiness. A bonus function is a user-friendly construction to ensure you have a super smooth operation. First, dry your hair with a towel then use this machine for a beautiful styling and finishing. Incorporating an ergonomic handle with a rubberized surface, it improves your hold. You can control the direction of the drying element without worries about slips.

Engineered with 2000 watts and a powerful A/C motor, you achieve superb service. That’s one of the reasons why this item is among the best BaByliss dryer in the market. Moreover, this gadget has four temperature levels to meet different hair styling needs. Also, an 8mm concentrator nozzle comes in handy when you need a more beautiful and silkier finish. The housing of this device is well-made and looks great to fit into multiple settings naturally. Store it when not in use in a compact location, thanks to its small profile. You can get a comfortable and convenient cleaning with the removable filter.

In Summary:

For home and professional use
Ceramic technology delivers gentle heat
It has a rubberized handle to maximize hold
Comes with a powerful A/C motor for superior service
A convenient concentrator nozzle suitable for silkier hair results

#6. Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

The first outstanding feature about this dryer is its rubberized finish. It feels and looks good and guarantees a comfortable grip. Also, the design reduces hand and wrist stress suitable for widespread application. An on-the-go stylist can use it to serve multiple clients. Set the heat level that you are most comfortable with from the six options. For the maximum temperature, slightly press your thumb on the knob for the highest level. We understand maneuvering freely can improve your styling performance. That’s why there is a 9-foot cord that offers a fantastic drying length.

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Finding the best BaByliss dryer that leaves your hair shiny can be tricky. Not to worry because this item boasts of a Tourmaline Titanium technology that emits ions for amazing silky results. Also, a far-infrared heat helps dry your hair quicker than using other tools. Note that the temperature is easier for any hair to handle without causing overheating problems. The above product combines power and speed to allow different hairstyles. Also, its ergonomic structure is best for home and professional users to have an effortless session.

In Summary:

A rubberized finish for maximum grip
It has an ergonomic design to reduce wrist stress
Comes with 6 heat setting perfect for professionals
The 9-foot cable allows comfortable control
Combines power and speed

#7. Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

If you love looking great even on the go, this item is the best travel companion. Measuring 5.5 x 2.5 x 8.9 inches, it takes minimal storage space. Now, you can enjoy simple portability to and from different destinations without carrying an extra backpack. Also, this gadget has a compact profile to allow a variety of usage, such as professional on-the-go styling. The design is perfect for a hairstylist who travels a lot for makeup gigs. Featuring a dual voltage and 1000-watt power, it is more energy-efficient than the rest. Others consume too much electricity leading to high bills.

Infused with gemstone tourmaline crystals, this device emits millions of ions. Not only to eliminate static from your hair but also leave it shining. Plus, the far-infrared heat dries your natural hair quicker while protecting it from heat damage. Use the folding handle to reduce the overall structure when not in use. Fold it in seconds and enjoy effortless storage. Another essential function is the two-speed settings. Pick either the fast or low option to meet your hair drying needs. BaByliss dryer comes with a rear filter for convenient cleaning.

In Summary:

It measures 5.5 x 2.5 x 8.9 inches
Compact design perfect for travel
1000-watt power for quick drying
Comes with 2-speed options
Convenient rear filter for convenient cleaning

#8. Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

Technology is changing the current hairstyling to make it easier to perform at home. Tourmaline Titanium is best for both males and females with a lovely unisex design. Whether you are running late for a morning meeting, this gadget does not disappoint in giving you better results. Using modern technology, it emits millions of ions to get a longlasting shine. Also, your hair is much brighter as the far-infrared heat dries it faster. That ensures your hair remains silky and healthier than using traditional styling tools. Built from reliable and sturdy material, it does not break as easy as the other brands. Now, you can enjoy premium service with less to zero maintenance.

With a high-torque 1900-watt motor, it provides excellent drying power. Plus, an ergonomic handle improves comfort when creating another hairstyle. The above equipment is ultra-lightweight, perfect for people with arthritic wrists. Have a personalized action by picking a suitable heat level. There are six temperature settings with variable speeds within a smooth finger or thumb reach. Press one option and style away, eliminating the complex operations. It comes with an ion generator, a back filter, and a lovely finish to improve performance.

In Summary:

Unisex design for males and females
Emits ions to deliver lasting shine
It has far-infrared heat to dry hair quicker
The 6 heat options allow a comfortable use
Comes with a back filter for simple cleaning

#9. Lightweight Rapido Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

We take a look at another best BaByliss hair dryer available in popular stores. It weighs just one pound, making it super light for secure handling. Not only that but the dimension of 4 x 10.4 x 12.2 inches ensures minimal storage space use. Place it inside a cabinet or drawer to have easy access every time you want your hair. Using this gadget improves the way you dry and style your hair. The innovative drying technology and quality motors deliver up to 10,000 hours. That means you can enjoy a safe and comfortable hair styling at home without worrying about a malfunction.

Furthermore, this item has a better versatility than other similar-priced models. Choose one of the snap-on concentrators from the three options to have a personalized action. They come in different sizes, including 60mm, 75mm, and 90mm, to suit everyone’s preferences. If you dislike blow-drying your hair with a tool that is too noisy, you have an alternative option. BaByliss prides itself of a noise-reducing filter that eliminates extreme noise. Remove it for easy cleaning to enjoy a germ-free drying environment.

In Summary:

Weighs 1 pound for a lightweight service
Measures 4 x 10.4 x 12.2 inches
Delivers up to 10,000 hours of operation
Comes with three concentrators
Convenient noise-reducing filter

#10. Italo Luminoso Dryer

By: BaBylissPRO

We understand the most common hair dryer color for conventional designs is black. It’s time to have a gadget that fits your hairstyling and beauty needs. Choose your favorite color from the variety of choices, including black, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and more to coordinate current decor. For better effects, go for a bold color like yellow. Another thing this product delivers is superior airflow and air pressure. This is possible due to the Italian AC motor that withstands pressures from an extended operation. Ensure you dry your hair with a towel first before proceeding with this tool for best results.

Boasting of superior ceramic heat technology, it helps maintain your hair’s natural hydration. Also, it dries faster for a brilliant shine, even for frizzles and natural locks. The previous models of hair dryers have two heat settings, but this one has two extra ones. Pick one that can handle your hair type to get desired results. With a cold shot switch and ergonomic handle, they improve safety during operation. In addition, this styling equipment comes with a long 9ft cord to facilitate a flexible movement. No more restrictions to a short hair drying path every time you want to change your current hairstyle.

In Summary:

Comes in a wide range of colors
The Italian motor delivers superior airflow
Superior ceramic heat technology to maintain hair’s natural look
It has four heat settings
A 9ft cord improves flexibility

Top Features to Consider When Buying The Best BaByliss Hair Dryer

Styling and drying your hair should not take too much time if you use a reliable product. Most people prefer a hair dryer because of its numerous benefits. For instance, you can hold it comfortably without experiencing hand fatigue. Also, the design of the newer models has a rubberized handle. Not only for safe but improved hold suitable for extended operation. The following are the top factors that make the best BaByliss hair dryer among the best in the market.

Length of The Cord

Consider the cable length of the drying tool. If it comes with a short rope, that forces you to use it near a wall outlet. Ensure the wire is long enough for you to enjoy a comfortable styling in a broader length.

Wattage Power

The other factor is the wattage power. The higher it is, the more electricity bills you will pay. But there is an advantage to this, and that’s quicker operation. You can dry your hair in less than a minute, especially if you are running late. Also, the shorter periods does not leave room for hand and wrist stress.

Construction and Size

If you know you take time to dry and style your hair, then go for a compact model. It is much friendly to manage than bulkier designs. Make sure you pick one with less than a 2-pound weight for easy controlling. Besides, a professional hairstylist gets a helpful travel gadget when meeting clients in different locations.

Heat Levels

The previous models of hair dryers have less than three heat levels. This limits you and different type of hair from getting reliable results. You can pick the best BaByliss hair dryer because it comes with more than five-speed settings. Now, you can enjoy the temperature level that meets your styling needs without causing heat damage.

Color of The Hair Dryer

If color matters a lot when you buy a product, there are a variety of hair dryer tones. For a brighter feel, pick a fun-filled shade such as yellow and pink. Or if you prefer a laid-back tone, black, grey and silver are also attractive options. The other reason why the overall look is essential is that you can coordinate it with the current decor. Match it with other styling tools, cabinet, and more accessories easily.

Operation and Storage

The last feature is the ease of use. Do you need to refer back to the instruction booklet every time? Make sure you check the overall construction before you purchase. Some models are quite tricky to manage and need some practice for proper operation. Check online tutorials to get additional information on how to use the unit.

What Makes Babyliss A Top Brand?

Like other brands, there are reasons that make Babyliss a top product in regards to hair dryers. After focusing on personal reasons and also talking to other like-minded individuals, the Babyliss brand stood out in the following ways:


Do you now that Babyliss has been around for more than half a century? It began from humble beginnings and had grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the world. The firm has offices across the globe and is always investing in the latest technology.

Product Variety

By merely looking at these reviews, you can tell that the company does have a broad selection of hair dryers. And if you were to look at the market, you’ll be overwhelmed seeing there are many products. The company believes in releasing newer and better products so as to ensure the consumers get the best results.


What sets the company apart from others it’s the quality of the products? In my salon, I have 2 hairdryers that are more than 2 years old, and despite them being used regularly, their performance is excellent. They deliver good heat, are consistent, and are also easy on the hand. The story is the same as other consumers who say that the quality of the brand is excellent.

Brand Reputation

Since a child, I’ve always heard good things about the company. When helping my mom to buy a hairdryer some years back, I know very little about this hair accessory. But what I knew was Babyliss was often talked about in a positive way. I heard about its excellent design, durability, energy efficiency, reliability, affordability, and more.


If you usually read reviews on hair dryers, you’ll notice that it’s highly unlikely not to come across one, two, or even three Babyliss hairdryers on the same discussions. The consumers, as well as analysts, will have encouraging things to say about the products. This is one of the reasons that the brand has such a large following.

How To Pick A Good Hair Dryer

Thanks to my years of experience, it’s much easier for me to distinguish a good product from an average or not-so-good one. Nevertheless, it wasn’t always this easy. I remember my first unit that was so erratic. At one point, it produced too much heat, and in the next moment, the heat was so low. This happened without touching the control. This obviously meant that it wasn’t a good choice and confirmation came when it died a few weeks after purchase. After this incident, I was keener when buying the hair dryers. The following are the key things I look out for:


Since I can work on several clients in a day and I time, I will deal with one for a lengthy period, I always go for lightweight products. They are not only easy on the hand but also won’t make my fingers or hands too tired. Babyliss has many lightweight products to suit daily requirements.


You know that you can have a light hairdryer but still enjoy the good power. Good power means that you can work on the client’s hair faster without messing it or affecting the longevity of the unit. An excellent piece will have a variable set to suit different needs. The lighter or dryer the hair, the lower the power it needs while course or very wet hair requires a higher had.


A good item has a user-friendly style for smooth operation. It will direct the maximum heat to the desired location, reaching the control buttons is easy, and is easy to handle. Babyliss invests in small, powerful motors and reliable heating elements that work fast and deliver good heat.


You should look at the control buttons whenever you are buying a hairdryer. You don’t want to struggle to operate the unit or briefly losing focus when switching button. Top hair dryers come in a simple design and have easy-to-reach buttons. They will also have fewer buttons for added convenience.

Heat Range

The kind of heat you need for dry hair is different from that required for wet hair. A thin hair also has a different requirement form course hair. A good product has a wide heat range to cater for different hair types. Choosing the right setting is also easy, thanks to the many temperature levels and user-friendly controls.


I once used a heavy hairdryer and I regretted why I used it. It was not only hard to control it, but my hands were tired after I finished working on the hair. When picking a product, I make sure that the surface is comfortable on the hands and won’t cause too much sweating, it has a firm grip surface, and also doesn’t get hot even after extended operation. Other important things include color, safety, price, and reputation.

Final Verdict

Protect your hair from heat damage ever time you change the current style. Using the best BaByliss hair dryer can improve the entire drying process to leave great results. Ensure you choose a model with different heat settings to have a customized action. Also, the weight and size of the item matter a lot regarding performance. The heavier it is, the cumbersome it gets during travels. If you are a professional, check for quality brands that can withstand excessive operation. Features like different heat settings, premium material and also handle structure will help. Choose the best BaByliss hair dryer we have in the list that has the features you want. Now, you can show off your shiny and smooth hair without spending too many resources and time.

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