Top 10 Best Automatic Gate & Fence Openers Review In 2021

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Like everybody else, you hate the idea of leaving the warmth inside your vehicle to get outside and open the door. Also, you fear being attacked by unscrupulous individuals who may be waiting to pounce on you as you get out of your car. But, have you ever thought of installing an automatic opener for your gate or fence? And just as the name suggests, this device will open the fence or gate without you leaving the comfort zone.

All you do is simply press/push a button on a remote control and it will open and later close once you have entered. There are different types of automatic openers and they will vary in design, operation, reliability, cost, efficiency, and many other factors. We went a step further and reviewed the current products and now we can reveal the top 10 best automatic gate & fence openers in the market.

List Of Best Automatic Gate & Fence Openers

#10. Stainless Steel Automatic Dual Swing Gate Openers

By: E8

The 10th position goes to the 400MM automatic opener from the well-known E8 brand. And as you can see, it has a straightforward design that makes installation easy. In fact, consumers say that you should be able to install it within minutes if you follow the included instructions. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel very competent, you should always seek help from an expert. The item is made using top-grade premium steel which handles even heavy gates and fences well.

It is ideal for dual swing gates and the 2 can hold a maximum weight of 1000 pounds or a gate/fence length of 22 feet. The item has a smooth opening mechanism and produces minimal noise for maximum satisfaction courtesy of the screw-driven mechanism. Additionally, it features a nice wired keypad and highly sensitive exit push button for quick action to minimize the time and effort needed.

#9. Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener


The ALEKO AC1400 is commonly mentioned when talking about dependable openers. And like all the other featured gadgets, it is compatible with different gates and fences. You, however, need to ensure that the target fence/gate is not longer than 40 feet and also doesn’t weigh more than 1400 pounds. And with such specifications, it is good for residential, commercial, and also industrial settings.

The simple, stylish unit is easy to fit even for a user who isn’t very competent and the manufacturer includes easy installation instructions to aid you. One thing consumers love about the 110V AC electric powered unit is the strong corrosion-resistant aluminum construction that can handle the weight, regular use, and is also long-lasting as well as the programmable remote control that has a good range. You also can program as many as 100 remote controls to work with the automatic opener.

#8. 400MM Stainless Automatic Gate Opener

By: E8

Also from E8 is this 400MM gate opener that targets single swing gates. Similar to the earlier one, it’s also made of corrosion/rust-resistant steel and is very easy to fit on different gates. The device features 1 leaf and is okay for gates with a maximum length of 13 feet and whose weight doesn’t exceed 600 pounds.

It uses both DC and AC electricity and can be hooked up to the mains electricity or connected to a battery or even solar power unit. The backup power comes in handy when there is power interruption or outage. And to open the gate faster, the device depends on a powerful electric motor whereas the Screw Driven Mechanism opens and closes the gate smoothly and with minimal noise.

#7. Package Stainless Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener

By: E8

If you own or are targeting a gate that is 26 feet long and weighs no more than 1200 lbs, then this gate opener is just what you need. The 400MM Stroke unit has durable steel construction to deal with the weight, length, the elements, and everyday operation. And since the steel is stainless, chances of rust or corrosion are minimal and will, therefore, maintain its beautiful appearance.

It works with dual swing gates and seamlessly opens 2 leaves thanks to the Screw Driven mechanism. Power to the electric motor comes from the mains electricity, but you can also connect to a DC battery or even a solar system to act as a backup in case there is a power outage. The unit has a wired keypad with sensitive buttons and opens via the highly sensitive IR beam.

#6. MM360 Automatic Gate Opener

By: Mighty Mule

The Mighty Mule name is not a stranger in regards to gate openers. The MM360 is one of the credible automatic openers and can be seen in many homes, business premises, institutions, and other locations. According to the company, this unit works best with single swing gates and is perfect for gates that weigh a maximum of 550pounds or measure up to 16 feet long.

The unit is simple in design and also ready to fit in most of the medium-duty gates. And to help you in the installation process, the package also has an installation DVD and detailed instruction. This best automatic gate & fence opener can be used with different gate types such as chain link, ornamental, wood, tube, vinyl, and panel. The opener runs via 12V DC power and can be linked to a 12V marine battery, automotive battery as well as a solar power system.

#5. Stainless Automatic Gate Opener

By: E8

The days of having to get out of your car and living the comfort will be over when you fit this gate opener on your gate. The E8 400MM is ideal for gates with a maximum length of 26 feet and whose weight is 1200 lbs or below. It opens 2 leaves and works perfectly with a Dual Swing gate.

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And like the other E8 openers on these reviews, this accessory is also made of strong steel for the best support, reliability, and efficiency. Moreover, it won’t fade, lose its appeal, rust or corrode thanks to its stainless steel nature. The smooth opening/closing unit has a powerful electric motor that works with a Screw Driven system for seamless operation. It works with both AC and DC power outputs, and you can also connect it to solar to lower the power bill or use it as a backup when there is power interruption.

#4. Solar Gate Opener Kit

By: Mighty Mule

If you have used gate openers from Mighty Mule, you can agree with us that the firm has some of the best products. A good example is the EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener that runs via 12V DC power and works with an automotive, marine, or power adapter. The unit is also compatible with solar power systems, and this will come handy for people who are seeking to lower the monthly power bills.

The kit is appropriate for gates up to 16 feet long or weight no more than 550 pounds and is suitable for residential and commercial use. It features 2 remote controls for smooth opening/closing and one 5-watt solar panel. And to hasten and simplify the installation processes, the kit also includes an interactive DVD.

#3. Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

By: US Automatic

The USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 is without question one of the heavy-duty gate opener’s you will get on the market. And just like other leading products, it will improve the opening and closing of the gate and also boost your safety. The item is made of steel to endure the gates’ weight, the elements, and constant operation.

Additionally, it has a smooth mechanism that minimizes friction that can contribute to increased power bills. This best automatic gate & fence opener works perfectly with gates with a maximum length of 20 feet and has sensitive sensors for convenient operation. You get 2 remote transmitters with every purchase, detailed instruction for quick installation, and peace-of-mind, knowing it has a 3 Year Limited Warranty. If you are confident with installation, then you will accomplish the task in a few minutes and won’t have to worry about regular maintenance or frequent breakdown since it’s very sturdy and durable.

#2. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

By: CO-Z

The first runners-up position belongs to the CO-Z Automatic gate opener for some reasons. One, it is very tough and can handle gates as long as 40 feet and weigh as high as 1400 pounds, and this makes it ideal for residential or commercial settings. Two, it’s versatile and straightforward nature works well with most gates on the market and will remain useful for a long time. Three, it opens and closes thanks to the powerful motor very smoothly and drive mechanism and also is among the most silent.

You don’t need to worry about waking up the family or the neighbors. Four, the auto-close options gives you several choices on how fast you want it to close the gate once you enter to leave. You have 12, 24, or 36-second delay. Five, did you know that you can program as many as 23 extra remotes to work with this gate? This device is fit for sliding gates and features RF Hopping Code Technology for stopping interference of your remote codes.

#1. Heavy Duty Dual Automatic Gate Opener Kit


Symbolic with the manufacturer’s name “Ghost Controls,” this opener will open and close with no visible wires. It works quite fast thanks to the superior drive mechanism powerful motor and highly responsive remote. The item is ideal for swing type of gates and is very easy to install even for complete novices.

All you do is follow the simple instructions, and the setup should take you a few minutes. It’s fit for tubular, chain link, decorative, ornamental, tubular, and plantation gates, among other types. Nevertheless, you should ensure the gate isn’t longer than 20 feet. The unit runs on 12V Dc and works with solar power as the main power source or backup.

And to assure you of its quality build, reliability, and durability, the item comes with Lifetime Warranty. It is on the Gear and Motor Assembly as well as 18 Month Warranty (extendable to 24 months if registered online) of remaining parts.

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Best Automatic Gate & Fence Openers Buying Guide

Having an automatic gate and fence openers is one safe way to get into the house or farm. So if you are new to this, this buying guide will totally help you out. There are a few simple things that you have to know before buying an automatic gate and fence opener. Let’s find out and see what they with us below.

Additional Features

There are some extra features that the best automatic gate and fence openers should have which are:

    Automatic Obstacle Detection: It is one of the safety mechanisms that an automatic gate and fence should have. It keeps the gate from harming humans or pets as it closes or opens.
    Emergency Release: This feature allows you to open the gate or fence even if the power is out. It is very helpful because accidents happen and that is why this feature is important.
    Speed: A safe automatic gate and fence opener should open and close at an acceptable speed. If it works too slow, you will wait quite long to get in. Also, slow-closing also gives other people the chance to follow you inside as well which is not safe.


With the purpose of protection, an automatic gate and fence opener should be durable and heavy-duty. That includes high-quality materials along with the ability to withstand outdoor and weather conditions. When you look for an automatic gate and fence opener, find the ones with tough and strong construction. At the same time, make sure that they are resistant to weather, corrosion, rust, and more. The durable they are, the longer you will be able to use them. Automatic gate and fence openers are not cheap, so make sure the one that you choose is worth it.

Easy Operation

When an automatic gate and fence opener is easy to use, you will be able to open and close it faster. That is why you should always find the one that you can easily program and operate. The remote control should come with specific buttons so that one simple press will do the job. Along with that, make sure that the gate or fence that you choose is easy to install. That will save you time and energy so that you can start using it right away. Each operation and installation means convenient to use, so don’t overlook that part.

Power Consumption

Bear in mind that an automatic gate and fence opener has to be in connection with the power supply instantly. There are options that work great with low power consumption that helps you with the bill. This type works on standby mode so that it does not consume a lot of electricity at all. Usually, there is information that you can find on the product manual. So if you come across one of that, don’t forget to check it out and see if you like it. Low consumption helps a lot, and that is why this part is important.

Bonus: Basic Step on How to Install an Automatic Gate Opener

Final Thoughts

You no longer need to exposé yourself to the risk of being attacked by unscrupulous people as you get out of your car to open the gate. You also don’t have to leave the vehicle to open or close the gate. Furthermore, you shouldn’t take chances and leave your car unattended while the engine is still running.

What you should aim at is installing an automatic gate opener that will enable you to open/close the gate while you are inside the car. And knowing the challenges that come with picking an item from the broad variety, our team of experts reviewed the top products and identified the best automatic gate & fence openers that are available on Amazon.

The listed products are well made to handle regular use, versatile to work with different gates. They are easy to install durable and don’t break down easily and also require minimal maintenance.

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