The Top 10 Best ATV Tires – Products Review In 2021

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If you are an owner of a vehicle that has ATV tire in its wheels, the following article is tailor-made for you. There would be times when you have to change the tires of your vehicle because worn-out tires increase the accident chances and the performance of the vehicle also suffers. When it comes to replacing the old tires with one ATV tires, you should choose the best for durability, performance, and safety. The following is the list of the best ATV tires you can purchase for your vehicle based on the rim size.

List Of Best ATV Tires In 2021

#10. Set of 4 New ATV/UTV Tires 2

By – Bestroad

This is a set of 4 tires, and two of them are for the front while the two are for the rear side. Coming to the technical specifications, two of them have MaxLoad of 340 pounds and 7psi while the speed index is 43J. For the rest of the tires, the MaxLoad is 420 pounds and 7 psi while the speed index is 50J. It is a full set, and hence, you can do a complete replacement of the tires of your vehicle. It is needless to say that the tires are extremely durable. However, they are surprisingly lightweight. Furthermore, they have smooth rolling design provides more acceleration and the braking action is very efficient.

The tires are great for muddy roads as well. In fact, it is one of those tires that are suitable for a variety of terrains. They have 6-ply rated nylon construction, and they are resistant to frequent punctures and abrasions. It is the contours that the tires have which provide better gripping on slippery surfaces.

#9. SunF 25×10-12 6 Ply ATV UTV A/T Tires

By – SunF

You can fit this tire for the rim size of 12 inches. The tires have angled knobby tread design which provides greater grip on the surface of the road irrespective of the condition. Furthermore, it enhances the performance by boosting the acceleration. It is an all-terrain tire, and hence, you can use it safely for desert, muddy, and rocky roads. As far as the material construction goes, the tires have premium rubber that can last for decades.

You can dive it through the harshest of road conditions, yet, the performance will be consistent. The pair of tires is suitable for vehicles with ATV, UTV, Golf Cart Lawn Mower, and likewise. They are resistant to punctures and abrasions. Moreover, you can have better control of skid and traction scenarios. It is due to the fact that there are aggressive knobs for better biting power. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most affordable tires on the list.

#8. Set of 4 New Premium ATV/UTV Tires

By – Wanda

This is a complete set of premium tires that you can use to replace the existing tires of your vehicle. There are two front tires and two rear tires. These are 6PR tires, and they are suitable for all-terrain roads. Whether it is on-road and off-road situations, the performance is always consistent. Coming to the technical specifications, the rear tire size is 25×10-12 while the front tire size is 25×8-12. The rim widths are 8 and 10 inches, respectively. The maximum load parameters are 420 pounds at 7PSI and 340 pounds at 7 PSI. The load speed indices are 50J and 43J for the rear and front tires.

Besides, the design of the tires is patented, and they are self-cleaning with superior mud traction. That is why they can grip on different surfaces conveniently and efficiently, providing consistent performance throughout. Moreover, there are shoulder lugs for more traction, and the appearance is attractive. Just like most of the premium ATV tires, they are resistant to punctures and abrasions. Apart from these, there are various sizes of tires available to choose from for your vehicle based on the rim size.

#7. Power.I ATV/UTV All Terrain Tires

By – SunF

SunF is a popular brand in the vehicle tire industry, especially for ATV tires. Just like their competitors, there are a variety of ATV tires; they have different designs and features. These tires are a complete set, and it is always better to replace the existing tires in a set for better performance and synchronization. Coming to the technical specifications, the front tires’ size is 25×8-12, and the rear tires’ size is 25×10-12. They are suitable for vehicle with a rim size of 12 inches. The best feature of the tires is that they are tubeless.

The tires have the traditional angled knobby tread design which makes them suitable for all-terrain roads. Whether it is driving through the desert, muddy road, or rocky areas, you can cruise through consistently. Moreover, it reduces the chances of skidding and tractions to zero. You can use the tires on lawn mower, golf cart, UTV, ATV vehicles. You have fewer chances of puncture and abrasions on the roads with these tires. They bite the surfaces no matter whether it is muddy or slippery. Besides, it offers better protection to the rims and sidewalls.

#6. Set of 4 New ATV/UTV Tires

By – Wanda

Wanda is another famous tire manufacturer and seller with a wide range of tires. This complete set of tires has different sizes to fit your vehicles based on the rim size. The front tires are 25×8-12 in size while the rear tires are 25×10-12 in size. The front tires are suitable for rim size of 6 inches while the rear tires are suitable for 8-inch rims. The maximum loads are 340 pounds and 420 pounds at 7PSI, respectively. The tires are highly durable and surprisingly lightweight than the rest in comparison. The smooth-rolling design increases the acceleration, and hence, the fuel economy also increases indirectly.

On top of that, the widely spaced tread helps the tires to self-clean the mud and other sticky objects. Hence, you can drive your vehicle with these tires on any terrain irrespective of the condition. The heavy 6PR nylon material prevents punctures and wearing out due to heavy-duty use.

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#5. Set of 4 New ATV/UTV Tires 24×8-12

By – Wanda

This is another variant of ATV tires from Wanda. The technical specifications for the front tires are 24×8-12. For the rear ones, the size is 24×10-11, all at 6PR. The front tires are suitable for the rim size of 6.5 inches, and the rear tires are rim size 8 inches. The maximum load capacity is 310 pounds, and for the rear tires, it is 395 pounds at 7PSI. The unique thing about the complete set of tires is that they have directional V-angled tread design. It is this design that offers better grip on various surfaces comfortably.

The wide gaps between tread blocks do not let the mud or any sticky object to hang on and reduce gripping on the road surfaces. Even though the tires are compatible with any road conditions, they cannot enhance the acceleration. But the braking system gets an enhancement. Moreover, the tires provide a complete protection of the rim as well as the sidewall. The design of the tires is such that it has a self-cleaning mechanism.

#4. Set of 4 New ATV/UTV Tires 25×8-12 Front & 25×10-12 Rear

By – Wanda

This is probably the best one from Wanda. The tread depth is 0.8 inch which is a real proof of how good the tires are. It is a fact that the deeper the tread design will be, the better the tires will be, and so will be their longevity. Most of the tires available are having a tread depth of around 0.5 inches. Therefore, it automatically qualifies as one of the best ATV tires you can opt for. The front tires have a size of 25x 8-12 with suitability for rim width of 6.5 inches. The rear tires have a capacity of 25×10-12 with suitability for the rim width of 8 inches.

Whether it is desert, forest, off-road conditions, and uneven surfaces, the tires have superior traction. Due to the greater tread depth, it is better to use in those vehicles that run through off the road conditions more than smooth roads. The nylon construction is a 6PR rating ensures no frequent punctures and abrasions. The sidewall and the rims stay protected. There are various sizes available for perfect fitting in all the different vehicles.

#3. Set of 4 Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

By – SunF

This is the best set of tires SunF has among all the other variants. The tires have a standard size of 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 for the front and rear tires, respectively. But the rim sizes have to be 12 inches to fit in perfectly. If your vehicle has a different rim size, you can choose any other format for perfect fitting. The patented directional angled tread design is still there. But there is a greater tread depth due to which is offers better gripping whether it is desert, smooth, and slippery road and muddy surfaces. You can fit the tire easily with your lawn mower, golf cart, ATV and UTV based vehicles.

There is less chance of puncture, and it is a tire set designed for heavy-duty uses with rough wear and tear. The tire set is going to long for decades irrespective of how frequent you use your vehicle and where you drive. In fact, the drive will have greater control on skid and traction. It is a true all-terrain tire set that runs with a greater acceleration of smoother roads.

#2. Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

By – Kenda

This is only one tire, unlike others that come in a set of 2 or 4. The tire is suitable for non-highway use. Therefore, you can use it on muddy surfaces like small tractors used on the fields, lawn mowers, golf carts, desert transporter, and likewise. Coming to the construction, it has angled knobs to dig into greater surfaces and provide maximum traction. Moreover, there is extra-tough casing to prevent punctures which is what all tires are prone to in various terrains. On top of that, the center lugs provide extra traction and better control.

Besides, there is an inbuilt rim guard that will protect the wheel from dents, especially when you are driving through uneven surfaces. The load capacity of the tire is 340 pounds, and it is tubeless. Just like most other tires, it has a 6-ply rating, and it is one of the best ATV tires you will come across. It is slightly on the expensive side if you get a set of 4 tires. But it is a total value for money product with a longer lifespan than the rest.

#1. Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×10-12

By – ITP

This is the highest-rated ATV tire on the list currently, and it comes with ¾-inch of lugs that make it a favorite among vehicle owners and drivers. It has the standard size, and it is suitable for the latest models of Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda vehicles. In fact, it is a revolutionary tire for all-terrain and conditions. The tires have a unique design not to self-clean the mud and other objects on the go.

Therefore, you get less skidding effect and better gripping. It is due to the fact that the tire is made using computer-aided engineering. The ride will be smooth, and the acceleration will be higher. The durability is unmatched, and the center tread contact area adds to its stellar performance. There is no doubt that you can get the best experience as a driver and rider with the tire on your vehicle.

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ATV Tires Buying Guide

ATV tires are just like other tires, only more durable and long-lasting to use. That is why there are the same certain things that you should have in mind when you want to purchase ATV tires. We list everything in steps that you can follow, so feel free to take a look.

Determine Your Tire Size

Not all tires come with the same size, even for regular vehicles. That is why you have to consider the size of the tires before you purchase one. When it comes to size, there are 3 main things to have in mind including the size itself, height, width, and diameter,. Most ATV tires are measured in inches while auto-motive tires usually use the metric system.

The key is to make sure that the size of the ATV tires that you choose matches the current one in your car. Along with that, you also have to consider the overall height of the tires as well. Just like the size, you have to make sure that the height of the tire is right. This also goes the same with the width and diameter of the rim of the tires.

Determine Tread Pattern

Different tread designs on the tires mean different improvements in the riding experience. If you spend most of your time cruising the neighborhood but purchase the aggressive mud tires, it is bad news. You have to pick the tread pattern to match with the type of road that you usually drive on. There are several tread patterns for different trails from regular to aggressive that you can choose from. All you need to do is pick the option that is suitable for you the most, easy and as simple as that.

Radial vs. Bias Ply

These two are unique and great in their own ways, depending on the riding styles that you have.

    Bias Ply: comes with a ply number that is indicative of its durability and strength. The more plies the tire has, the more durable it is. Many people prefer this type because it is more durable and long-lasting since they have more solid sidewalls. This is to prevent punctures although the tires get can hot much more quickly.
    Radial: have plies set perpendicularly to the center of the tread instead of lying in a diagonal pattern. The plies still run bead to baed, but they go down the tires’ sidewalls in a more wrapping pattern. This type tends to have weaker sidewalls, but they still work great eventually.

Types Of Tires

There are some certain tire types that you should be aware of which are:

    Racing Tires: offers better skid and traction control in the quad.
    Sand Tires: is very effective but quite pricey, and they are of course, perfect for sand.
    Street-Legal Tires: have wide voids and sipes on the tread that help the clan out mud while reducing hydroplaning.
    Trail Tires: offers a great combination of being lightweight and heavy-duty.
    Utility Tires: features an aggressive tread pattern that gives a great grip.


There are various types of tires available, like trail tries, mud tires, highway tires, and likewise. An all-terrain tire is designed by implementing all the best features of the different types in the best possible way. We have listed the best ATV tires that will reduce the risk of puncture, skidding, and tractions. They will increase the performance and smoothness of driving in all the different road conditions. Some of them also extend protection for the rim and the sidewall. Go ahead and choose the best one for your vehicle by finding the perfect fit.

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