Top 10 Best Android Car Stereos In 2018 – Product Reviews

The interior of a car is incomplete with a proper stereo system. Since most of the people have Android devices, having an Android car stereo is the most profitable thing to buy from your car. There is no doubt that it will make your car modern and your dashboard look stunning. An Android car stereo has all the features you need. Apart from USB and SD card support, you can connect your Android smartphones and tablets to play songs and control the operation. Some of them have voice control, and the touchscreen allows distraction-free operation. Check the top 10 best Android car stereos available below for your car.

List Of Top 10 Best Android Car Stereos In 2018

#10. TOCADO Android 7.1 Quad Core Car Stereo with Backup Camera


This car stereo has the Android 7.1 operating system and has a 7-inch touchscreen display. This will offer you HD videos, and you will also be getting a backup camera for free. This is a double-din car stereo which has built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, 3G, GPS navigation, MirrorLink, steering wheel control, and AM/FM. There is also subwoofer and EQ settings, and you can enjoy hands-free calling with its built-in microphone. With the help of Bluetooth, you can connect to other devices and enjoy music. You can even transfer files with the same.

This supports various file formats like MP3, WMA, and there is also OBD2. The android system has a Quad Core 1GHZ CPU, and the RAM is 1 GB. This has an inbuilt memory of 8GB, and it can be expanded to 32 GB. It supports many languages and is also lightweight. With the Wi-Fi, you can connect to various sites and download your favorite music. This is a great product which will look great in your car. The screen resolution is 800X480 pixels, and there is also a portable hotspot.

#9. Boss Audio BVCP9675A Double Din, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

By – BOSS Audio Systems

With this Android car stereo, you can make easy phone calls when you are in your car. You can do many other functions with it as the car stereo system has many amazing features. This has an inbuilt Bluetooth which allows you to connect to other devices and also receive calls. You can also control apps like Pandora and Spotify. The audio out feature will let you relate to other devices too and share music. This will also tell you about the directions and help you while driving. This is mech-less and does not require any DVD or CD player.

This supports various files and includes a capacitive touchscreen. Additionally, there is steering wheel control, iPod control, and there is also a rear camera. You can charge it easily with the USB charging, and it can also work with Apple CarPlay. There is Aux input, and it will listen to music in high resolution. This has rear and subwoofer channels and will let you focus on the road. With this, your journey will be very enjoyable as it allows you to do many functions.

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#8. Lexxson Android 7.1 FM/AM Car Radio Stereo 2Din 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen

By – Lexxson

With this Android car stereo, you not only listen to music but can do many other tasks. The device has Android 7.1 OS and will work without any problems. This is very simple to use and has an operator interface. This has many inbuilt apps which allow you to explore more. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect to the internet and download your favorite files. You can even update the apps and play games online. This will allow you to play wireless music and also make or receive calls in wireless mode.

This has a rear AV input and it also supports FM radio. With the GPS, you can track where you are and get directions. You can even download the navigation map app and be on the go. There is also a Mirror link which will let you connect to various apps. This is very portable and looks very attractive. The device offers a touchscreen display and there is also USB input.

#7. Pumpkin Android 7.1 Car Stereo Radio Double Din with GPS, Wi-Fi, 7-inch Touchscreen

By – Pumpkin

In this Android car stereo, there is 2GB RAM which lets you for faster operation. This is Android 7.1 and has a digital touchscreen. It is multifunctional and boasts a large 7-inch screen. You can make hands free calls and also get directions while driving. You can tune in to your favorite FM channels and also download both online and offline maps. This comes with steering wheel control, rear camera, ODB2, and a dash cam. This has also Wi-Fi and is fully 4G. With this, you can watch videos on YouTube and also connect to other devices and transfer files.

You can watch 1080p HD videos and there is also an AV out. With the subwoofer audio output, you will get an amazing audio clarity. You will be getting many other items like an external microphone, AUX cable, Cam cable, frame, Wi-Fi antenna, USB cable and installation accessories with it. This is an amazing product which will cherish your journey when you are traveling. This is also very easy to install and easily one of the best Android car stereos to buy.

#6. Lexxson Car Navigation 7inch 1024×600 Super High Definition Digital Screen Built-in GPS 1.2G Quad

By – Lexxson

This is another amazing device which will let you enjoy your journey. The Android car stereo has many features and is multifunctional. You can make wireless calls and also play music via Bluetooth. Thus supports FM radio and you can even download a phonebook. The Wi-Fi will let you download your favorite apps as well as other files like music, videos, and images. You can also update your apps and play games online. The navigation along with map and GPS will let you the location.

It offers navigation when you are connected to Wi-Fi, and you can even download the map app. The device has Android 6.0, and you can update it to the most recent version. This is very beautiful and will offer you a smooth operation. This will work in an affluent way and will ensure that you don’t get bored when you are traveling. Both the sound system and the video are great, and you can focus on driving and listen to music with this.

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#5. Pumpkin Android 8.0 Car Stereo Double Din 4GB with GPS and Wi-Fi, Android Auto

By – Pumpkin

This is the most recent car stereo which has Android 8.0 operating system. The product comes with a backup camera and has 4GB RAM. This has Octacore CPU, and the ROM is 32 GB. This is very powerful and will allow you to install more apps. This has a quick fast boot feature, and there is also screen mirroring which will enable you to get your phone connected to other supporting devices. There are USB and SD card drives which you can expand the memory up to 128 GB.

You can store more videos and songs on this, and there is also a mirror link. Additionally, there is Wi-Fi, GPS navigation, and has pre-loaded Google map. This will give you a better signal reception, and you can make hands free calls. You can watch videos in 1080p HD resolution, and there is also subwoofer output. You can watch YouTube videos and play games online. This is a power packed product which has many features. It will fit perfectly in 2-din, and there is also FM radio.

#4. Android 8 Car Stereo DVD Multimedia Player

By – Corehan

This is a fantastic Android car stereo which has powerful hardware. This has the latest Android 8.0 OS and is a multipurpose device. This has a wide screen of 6.95 inches and also has the option of DVD/CD playing. It will also assist you in driving as this has dash cam recording and steering wheel control. The OBD II will give you instant information, and there is also a backup camera input. You can listen to music via USB drive, and there is also Bluetooth which lets you connect to other devices and share files.

This has a reliable navigation system and it also supports GPS navigation. This is a multimedia center which will not disappoint you when it comes to performance. With Wi-Fi, you can get access to many media contents and you can also upgrade your apps. This has 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM and there is also Mirror Link. It is the most modern and one of the best Android car stereos to buy.

#3. Premium 7In Double-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth

By – Pyle

With this Android car stereo, you will be able to travel with luxury. This is designed in a tablet-style and has a touchscreen. This has s double-din dashboard stereo system which lets you do various functions like stream music, watch videos and make calls. With this, you will not get lost on the road as it has built-in GPS. The device also has a fantastic dashboard camera, and there is also a rearview backup camera. The product comes with an integrated Google Play Store and has a high-resolution 7-inch screen.

There is also Wi-Fi which lets you have wireless streaming and the operating system is Android KitKat. In this, you will be able to watch HD videos and there are also o USB and SD card readers. Additionally, with the Bluetooth, you will be able to connect to other supporting devices and there is also mic which lets you make hands-free calls.

#2. ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo Dual Bluetooth


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This is a very stable Android car stereo which will perform very well in your vehicle. The Steering Wheel key Control will assist you in secured driving. This has Android Marshmallow operating system and has many other features which will give you an amazing driving experience. This has dual-Bluetooth chips and will allow you for media streaming and hands-free calling. With the micro SD card, you can expand the memory to up to 256 GB.

Besides, you will be able to drive safely as it will offer you GPS navigation. With the app setting, you can also do offline navigation, and you can also download d Google Map. Apart from this, the device has the amazing sound system and will let you watch HD videos. This has the ATOTO Wi-Fi which will give you the nice reception for internet connectivity. This is a lightweight product which has the highest compatibility for vehicle installation. It is one of the best Android car stereos you can have.

#1. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth

Sony XAV-AX100 6.4' Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth

By – Sony

Sony is the most popular brand in the audio world, and this is an advanced Android supporting car stereo system. You can control its operation with your voice commands. It supports both Apple Car Play as well as Android Auto. Therefore, whether you have an Android or Apple device, you can control it and connect to it seamlessly. The product sports a 6.4-inch touchscreen, and you can control anything with soft touches. There are also tuner features available for FM radio.

The sound output is very powerful and comes with 4 x 55W dynamic speakers with amplification. You can adjust the sound level from -8 dB to +18 dB. The look and feel of the dashboard are going to change forever. Moreover, there is an ergonomic rotary dial for easy operation. It is a total value for money purchase, and there are many advanced features also available like rear camera compatibility for easy reversing, sound expansion system, dynamic stage organizer and likewise.

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Even though most of the cars come with an inbuilt car stereo system, we all know that it is sub-standard. An Android car system can increase the value of your car multiple times in the eyes of the passengers as the experience will be immersive. Apart from better sound quality and features related to audio, some Android car stereos are compatible with rear camera for easy reversing. They have GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, radio connection and some of them also support Apple Car Play. Check out the description of the best Android car stereos and buy the best one.

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