Top 10 Best Airbrush Kits To Buy – In 2021 Review

An airbrush kit is an essential thing for makeup and creative artists. Along with the airbrush, all the supporting accessories are available to complete any creative work without any hassle. The primary focus of an airbrush kit is the airbrush, and its sustainability determines its quality in longer duration work.

We have chosen the best airbrush kits for you which are worth the money. All the top brands are selected, and the airbrush kits are tailor-made for versatile uses. Without further ado, here is the list of the several top-rated airbrush kits in the market.

The List Of Best Airbrush Kits In 2021

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#10. Professional Airbrush Kit With Compressor & Air Filter/Regulator

Master Airbrush Professional 3 Airbrush Kit with Compressor and Air Filter:Regulator

By: Master Airbrush

This airbrush is what you need for all your needs ranging from hobbies to other necessities. You will be able to carry out motorcycle painting, tanning, cosmetics, fine art, crafts, and so much more with just this airbrush by your side. It also comes with a highly useful guide booklet and manual that makes it suitable to use without any hassle for the beginners.

Moreover, the more experienced ones will undoubtedly love it for the versatility that it offers. It also comes with cleaning brushes and mixing wheel for the colors. This one is high on performance and longevity.

In Summary:
  • High-performance airbrush compressor with air filter.
  • Designed for versatile applications and professional works.
  • Color mixing wheel and cleaning brushes available.

#9. Professional Master Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System

Complete Professional Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System

By: Master Airbrush

This is one of the top-selling products from the brand, and the reason for its popularity is the ease of using that you get with it. The multipurpose airbrush comes with a siphon feed of dual action that offers seamless precision every time you work with it.

In addition to that, you will get all the add-ons necessary with this product like the water trap filter, gauge, regulator, air hose, and compressor along with two holders. It is the one-stop solution for all your airbrush needs. The product is also durable and robust in its built.

In Summary:
  • High-performance dual-action airbrush system.
  • All the supporting accessories for professional works available.
  • Suitable for long duration use without overheating.

#8. H-SET Single Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set

Paasche H-SET Single Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set

By: Paasche Airbrush

If you are a beginner in terms of working with airbrushes, this one will suit your needs perfectly. The smooth and quick spraying enabled by this airbrush makes it simple to operate. The set comes with all the three head sizes that you can require.

Also, this high-quality airbrush is made under the guidance of experts in the United States of America. Furthermore, the best variety of materials used in manufacturing makes this airbrush sturdy. It is long-lasting enough for you never to need another airbrush ever again.

In Summary:
  • Suitable airbrush set for the beginners.
  • Different sizes of heads available.
  • Durable construction with compact size.

#7. Art Airbrushing System Paint Kit

Master Airbrush KIT-SP19-20 Art Airbrushing System Paint Kit

By: Master Airbrush

One of the reasons why this one is among the highest selling airbrush painting kit is because it is highly user-friendly. It is versatile enough to cater to all of your needs. The product is useful for functions that range right from fine art, crafts, hobbies, nail art, cake decorations, artificial tanning to cosmetics, and much more.

Last but not least, the airbrush comes with a needle of dimension 0.3 mm which is ideal for a wide range of functions. It also comes with a tip of 0.8 mm and two siphon bottles.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for large to fine works with precision.
  • Dual-action airbrush with finer needles and nozzles.
  • Versatile applications and easy to use by beginners.

#6. Dual Action Airbrush Kit With 3 Guns

PointZero Airbrush Dual Action Airbrush Kit with 3 Guns

By: PointZero Airbrush

This high quality airbrushing set comes with multiple uses. The best part of this model is that even the beginners can use it with complete ease thanks to the seven unique free e-books that come with it to act as airbrushing guides.

Also, it comes with an extended six feet of air hose that gives greater mobility to the product. The three guns ensure that you can interchange and use according to your need at hand. Furthermore, you get a chance to master the art of airbrush thanks to this kit that also comes with DVDs for extra support.

In Summary:
  • Premium-quality construction for all parts.
  • Braided air hose for longevity and preciseness.
  • Three different guns for versatile works.

#5. Multi-purpose Professional Airbrushing System

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Professional Airbrushing System with 3 Airbrushes, 6' Air Hose

By: Master Airbrush

Master Airbrush is the best brand in the airbrush kits industry. That is why we have included so many products from the same brand. This airbrush set contains three airbrushes with different abilities. You can efficiently handle these airbrushes by following the training book given with it. You can efficiently use the 6 inches long air hose to create a plastic art.

Furthermore, you can also control the pressure of the compressor as you want. You can also clean the brushes after using them efficiently and keep them long-lasting as well. This multipurpose airbrush set is perfect for the professionals and the beginners at the same time. On the other hand, the different size containers of the airbrushes can help you to use the product continuously.

In Summary:
  • Complete premium airbrush set with all accessories available.
  • Suitable for performing all professional artworks.
  • Maintenance-free air compressor and prevents overheating.

#4. Multi-Master Performance Pro Set Dual-Action

Master Airbrush G233-SET Multi-Master Performance G233 Pro Set Dual-Action Gravity Feed

By: Master Airbrush

The set of airbrush set is available in a strong plastic cover. You can get different sized needles to use in the airbrush. This best airbrush kit is easy to handle, and you can also control the flow of the spray by adjusting the trigger of the fluid control knob. A cutaway handle is another useful feature which allows cleaning the airbrush fast.

To add more, you can easily control and adjust the knobs and use the airbrush for various purposes. The removable needles make the airbrush more useful. You can use this airbrush to create nail art, tattoo, cosmetic, cake decoration, or more. Moreover, you get a free 6-foot air hose in the package.

In Summary:
  • Different ranges of needles and nozzles available.
  • Greater control on paint flow with better trigger adjustment.
  • Cutaway handle allows faster cleaning and flushing.

#3. Professional 3 Airbrush System With Compressor

Master Airbrush Professional 3 Airbrush System with Compressor

By: Master Airbrush

This model of the airbrush is made of modern features that are easy to handle and use for multiple purposes. You get the 6 acrylic colors with this model of the airbrush. The color mixing wheel feature makes this model more advanced and useful for professional artists. This airbrush kit is available with a guidebook which helps you to understand the uses of the features.

Besides that, you can control the pressure of the compressor by adjusting the regulator. You can also use the cleaning brush with this airbrush model and maintain this kit is also very easy. There are a total of 3 airbrushes available in this set. Moreover, the thermal protection of this device can keep the airbrush cool even after using for a long time.

In Summary:
  • Improved design for greater control and accuracy.
  • Consistent high-performance compressor with air filter.
  • Different acrylic colors available with color mixing wheel.

#2. Portable Mini Airbrush Air Compressor Kit

Master Airbrush MAS KIT-VC16-B22 Portable Mini Airbrush Air Compressor Kit

By: Master Airbrush

This best airbrush kit model is not only long-lasting and durable but also designed in an easy to handle manner. This airbrush is available with a 3mm needle. This model’s maximum air pressure is 25PSI and the minimum is 15 PSI which can fulfill your multiple purposes. This is the best selling airbrush set at present.

Moreover, the parts of this model come with different warranties. The feature of the device for adjusting the airflow of the device makes it more successful and user-friendly. The weight of this portable airbrush kit is very low, and you can carry it easily wherever you want. This compact model can fulfill your various needs smoothly and smartly, and you can maintain it easy as well. On top of that, the company offers a two-year warranty.

In Summary:
  • Dual-action gravity feed airbrush for better performance.
  • Power efficient with auto shut-off feature.
  • Suitable for low to high-pressure applications.

#1. Multi Purpose Gravity Feed Dual Action

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action

By: Master Airbrush

If you are a beginner artist, then this particular user-friendly, modern, and compact airbrush kit is your ideal choice. You can use it by regulating the air pressure. The compressor of the model is available with an air filter. A guidebook is possible with this model to make you understand how to use the features of the device in multiple cases. This model is available with a 1-year warranty.

In addition, the modern features like Air On Demand are imposed in this model. The auto shut off option can keep the use of the airbrush kit safe and secure. Auto turn-on feature is also there in this model of airbrush to save your work continuous. This is the best airbrush kit that will provide excellent value for money.

In Summary:
  • You can regulate pressure for different applications.
  • Suitable for beginners as well as professional for consistent accuracy.
  • Maintenance-free motor with automatic shutoff feature.

What Are The Different Applications For Airbrush Kits?


Airbrushes are commonly used in the automobile industry for detailing in their designs. They are used for stripes to abstract designs, and you can give fine detailing to characters and figures for perfection. They are mostly used on the fuel tank of motorcycles as well as the hood of the cars by expert airbrush artists. Furthermore, it is extensively used by the taxidermists who preserve the skins, scales, and coats of dead animals and make different designs on them. The airbrushes help in fine detailing, and thin lines and soft shadings can be achieved conveniently.


One of the most extensive uses of airbrushes are in the makeup industry. There is no dearth of makeup parlors in every locality and airbrushes are a must-have for them. Apart from human skin, they can be used for painting different objects to attract attention as in the departmental stores. The movie sets become such attractive thanks to those artists using high-quality airbrush kits.


The different body colors and painting that you see on the models and celebrities, they are actually done with the help of an airbrush kit. The coating is uniform on the porous human skin, and hence, the tattoos are long-lasting. Apart from that, they are used for manicure and doing the custom design on fingernail which has become a fashion these days. The nails will look healthy and better, and the painting will be better and more vibrant.


The designs on the body of the trains and buses and even some walls on the roads are given perfection using airbrush kits. Artists use them to make the painting realistic and intricate. Similarly, small-scale models and toys’ designs are done with it. Furthermore, the drawing on the books and comics can be done using airbrushes conveniently.

How To Choose An Airbrush Kit?

You can choose a suitable airbrush kit by deciding on four different parameters. First, you have to decide the type of surface you are going to use. Some are good for fine art while others are better for large areas. There are different types of pain feeds available such as gravity feed, siphon feed, and side feed airbrushes. Some airbrushes trigger with single and dual-action. The way the pain atomized is also significant for actually working.

How To Use Airbrush For Beginners?

If you would like to know more about how to use an airbrush, you can always learn more from this YouTube video:


It is true that the use of airbrush kits is on the decline, but they are yet to be replaced with a better product. People use temporary stickers for detailing these days and the appreciation for modern airbrush arts is also on the decline. It is an indispensable thing for the artists of all categories.

In the best airbrush kits, as mentioned earlier, you are going to get all the necessary accessories. You can check the description to get the exact list and take your decision accordingly.

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