Top 6 Best 90-100 Inch TVs Review – In 2021

Most households use a television as a form of relaxing or entertainment. With the many designs and sizes available, you can get the best 90-100 inch TV that supports your viewing. What makes it better is that it has a larger display to improve a comfortable viewing. Also, it works well in extensive places such as boardrooms, conference halls, and other leisure centers. If you are looking for one that has multiple features and delivers excellent service, you are in the right place. In this review, we look at the best 90-100 inch TVs available in most stores.

List Of The Best 90-100 Inch TVs

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#6. 100-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV

Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV

By: Hisense

Hisense is a global leader in the production of laser televisions and home theater technology. The above TV has a large 100-inch display with 4K HD resolution to offer incredible picture. Watch your favorite movies and videos during the day or night to experience crystal clear viewing. With a simple and slim table-top setup, turn your living space into a wide entertainment center. There is no need to mount onto your wall to get clear visuals and comfortable viewing angle. The above product has dual-band Wi-Fi and multiple apps that improve your home theatre action.

The use of modern laser light source and 110W Harman Kardon sound makes this screen among the best big inch TVs in the market. You get to enjoy comfortable listening without adding external speakers and more audio accessories. Another thing is its Alexa voice control that encourages a hands-free operation. Using your voice, you can activate and deactivate some settings comfortably on your couch. You don’t have to go back and forth from your suitable location to enjoy a relaxed operation. Get everything that meets your entertainment at home, thanks to additional features.

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Boasting of a sleek beautiful design, this television looks appealing than the previous models. The structure plus a shiny black finish coordinates well with existing decor. In case of dust or dirt., wipe the surface with a soft cloth to enhance durability. This panel-less Smart TV gives you more advanced functionalities than the standard set. Besides, this top big inch TV uses the latest Hisense’s proprietary technology. It helps to produce motion rate, luminance, and color that enhances premium viewing. Also, the integrated Harman Kardon speakers give you better sound output. Additional features include a UHD Upscaler and 3000 lumens for brighter colors.

In Summary:
  • Wide 100-inch display for comfortable viewing
  • Excellent 4K resolution to enhance clarity
  • Supports Alexa voice controlling
  • It has a sleek black finish
  • Easy to set up without wall mounting

#5. Display E905 90” 1080p Full HD LED

NEC Display E905, 90'' 1080p Full HD LED


NEC company has joined the leading TV brands that deliver cost-effective screens. If you are on a budget, this display is the best option that does not disappoint in performance. It has a large 90-inch diagonal screen that suits multiple applications. You can use it to watch HD videos and movies in the comfort of your home. Note that the size works well in spacious places that can accommodate its size. E905 delivers quality visuals like commercial-grade designs without too many hassles. With its expanded connectivity and full external control, makes it the ideal solution for a conference room, meeting room, and also boardroom. With a backlit LCD, it lets you have better visibility, no matter the brightness of the room.

We love the black finish of this top-rated TV that easily blends with existing decor. Whether you have subtle or bright furniture in your entertainment room, it does not cause color clashing. Also, black is a timeless shade that is much easier to maintain. Moreover, this product comes with a bi-directional external control through both LAN and RS232. Its terminal interface features 2 HDMI ports that let you connect other components. That means better video and sound quality to improve your entertainment session. Also, there is a VGA DisplayPort for more viewing convenience. The Ops slot allows simple integration of a variety of accessories like an ops-drd, hdbaset, or a digital tuner.

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The previous bulky TVs require a lot of effort and time to set up. To avoid all these, you can use the NEC to have an effortless placement with minimum assistance. Measuring 81 inches wide x 48.2 inches diameter with the stand, it takes only the needed floor room. Without the base, it has a dimension of 81 x 46.7 x 4.9 inches to give you an easier assembly. The above 90-100-inch TV has a modern VESA hole configuration mounting types suitable for 400 x 400mm VESA pattern. Also, to improve the placement and portability, this gadget weighs only 178.6 pounds. Two or more people can manage it comfortably for quick and safe operation.

In Summary:
  • It delivers a cost-effective operation
  • Comfortable and easy movie watching at home
  • Multipurpose design that allows use on boardrooms, conference rooms, and larger places
  • The multiple ports including 2 HDMI improve video and audio functionality
  • Compatible with VESA 400 x 400mm for easy setup

#4. 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

By: Sharp

Are you tired of your current TV because of its few functionalities? Then we have a solution to give a superior viewing experience. The sharp screen is among the best 90-100 inch TV that allows seamless connection to multiple features as well as apps. With the Remote Control App, you can change the current channel from your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. This is more advanced than the conventional models that only operate with a physical remote controller. Now, you can pick your favorite application, including Netflix, YouTube, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, and Facebook to stay connected with your friends and family. Not only that but the music sites have a wide variety of playlists to ensure you never have a dull moment at home.

Surf multiple sites with maximum comfort. This gadget comes with an inbuilt web browser that offers a super-fast connection to the internet. Also, its SmartCentral functionality connects to a variety of content via the integrated Wi-Fi. Now, you can access streaming movies, websites, games, apps, and music to improve your home entertainment. Alternatively, you can invite your friends over for a friendly gaming session on a wide display. An added advantage that this TV offer is a modern split-screen TV. You can surf the website while watching television. That means a more flexible viewing without choosing between a favorite site and show.

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Furthermore, this product is faster than the other, thanks to an innovative dual-core processor. It improves load times when browsing as well as picking apps. Now, you can enjoy quicker entertainment with less wait-up time. The optical picture control automatically adjusts the image brightness to your room’s light. The 120Hz panel and a unique AquoMotion 240 backlight scanning system, multiply the refresh rate to deliver crystal clear. It does not matter if you are watching fast-motion scenes. You still get the best clarity. Besides, it provides a sharper picture with more electrifying action perfect for HD movies and videos.

In Summary:
  • Provides an advanced viewing experience
  • Supports Android or iOS remote controlling when changing channels
  • The inbuilt web browser function offers a super-fast surfing
  • A split-screen TV allows multiple functions at the same time
  • Quick multiplying of the refresh rate to eliminate fast-motion blurs

#3. 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV

Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV

By: Sharp

This is the old model of the Sharp 90-inch TV with a high 120Hz refresh rate. It helps reduce motion blurs, especially when watching fast-moving action scenes. Now, you can invite your friends for an entertaining sports game in the comfort of your home or a conference room. We also love the versatility of this product that allows use in boardrooms when presenting a project or discussing office matters with a larger audience. Measuring 90-1/64 inches, the diagonal screen brings out a more comfortable viewing. Also, you don’t have to strain to find your most comfortable viewing portion, unlike the compact ones.

The other factor that makes this among the best big inch TV is its smart connectivity technology. You get more advanced features like the inbuilt Wi-Fi that lets you connect to an existing internet connection. Now, you can enjoy live streaming as well as the latest movies and music to keep you updated with current matters. To enhance your viewing process, it has a Smart TV fearing a web browser. Surf all your favorite sites as well as apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Prime Video. The above accessory measure 81 inches long x 49 inches wide x 18 inches diameter to guarantee a comfortable viewing from a far distance.

More info:

Its large LED delivers breathtaking colors, amazing details, and crystal-clear pictures. Boasting of a full 1080p resolution, it supports HD movies and videos. The clarity plus an Active 3D system delivers twice the resolution of the other passive 3D technology. In addition, this accessory is sleek and thin to allow quick mounting on your most suitable location. It weighs 150 pounds to give you maximum stability after placement. No more worries of shakes or vibrations even during an intense gaming session. The LC-90LE745U LED TV has a premium brushed aluminum black bezel to improve the overall design look. Wipe away dust with a soft cloth to maintain its original shine as well as look.

In Summary:
  • High 120Hz refresh rate to minimize motion blurs in fast-moving scenes
  • Suitable for large places such as boardrooms
  • Excellent 1080p 3D LED panel delivers vibrant pictures
  • The built-in Wi-Fi and SmartCentral user interface allows access to popular apps
  • Brushed aluminum bezel improves the overall look to complement the TV room decor

#2. 100-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR Laser TV

100-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR Laser TV

By: Hisense

If you want to experience a clearer and fuller sound, Hisense TV is your best option. It has four Harman Kardon speakers and quality dbx-tv sound effects that improve audio output. Also, there is a separate wireless subwoofer with the Hisense Laser TV that delivers 100 watts of excellent audio. Another feature that makes this among the best super inch TV is its lightweight frame. Weighing only 42 pounds, it is super light. Even one person can enjoy the installation. For best results, a pair of extra hands is recommended when placing onto your ideal spot. The lovely black finish looks more appealing than other colors and requires minimal maintenance. Blend it with the existing decor such as furniture, cabinet, media components, and even ornaments.

Getting a comfortable and clear viewing is simple with this gadget. Boasting of 100-inch screen size with laser projection, it supports 4K videos. Not only that but also you get a wider viewing to enhance your entertainment at home, conference halls, and other larger spaces. We take note of the wide color gamut that delivers crisp imaging without any distortions. Besides, this display comes with a modern Ambient Light Rejection that gives you impressive 180-degree angles. Whether you are in a dark or well-lit room, you get a comfortable watching angle.

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Tasks are effortless and easy to perform, thanks to the Voice Remote Control. It comprises of integrated Amazon Alexa that allows hands-free operation. Speak commands like searching for favorite episodes, ordering pizza and also changing channels to control your TV. Besides, enjoy built-in movie apps like YouTube, Pandora, Prime Video, and Netflix as well as music to customize your content in your entertainment session. Dip technology provides ultra-smooth and vivid images in sports and fast action scenes. What this means is less to zero blurs when watching quick motions on your favorite movie. Also, another system known as Laser technology produces accurate images with fantastic colors and contrast.

In Summary:
  • Delivers a clearer and fuller sound than the other brands
  • Comes with Harman Kardon speakers that improve audio
  • The lightweight design of 42 pounds that enhances the setup
  • The Ambient Light Rejection deliver 180-degree viewing angle
  • A Dip technology provides you with smooth images in sports

#1. 90″ 1080p LED LCD TV

Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90 1080p LED-LCD TV

By: Sharp

There is a reason why this screen is among the best 90-100 inch TVs in the market. It is made from lasting and eco-friendly material to give you a safe service. The elements are free of toxins, chemicals, and other compounds that might cause harmful effects. With a widescreen measuring 90 inches, it is large enough for use in your home, boardroom, and even conference centers. Not only to give you a comfortable view but eliminates neck as well as head strains. The other compact designs need the correct mounting to deliver a healthy viewing angle. This gadget uses modern backlight technology that supports either a vertical or a 176° horizontal viewing angle. Now, your entire family can enjoy a wider display to make movie nights a memorable event.

Moreover, this display features a variety of viewing modes to suit a variety of applications. There is a sport mode when watching games and a digital tuner/ wallpaper mode to allow personalizing the screen saver. With an excellent Video Signal feature, no more signal interferences when viewing your favorite episodes and shows. Another feature that makes this product among the best 90-100 inch TVs is its Scan Format of 1080p. It delivers quality pictures that can handle even HD videos such as Blu-ray. Connect to an existing internet via the Ethernet port when browsing multiple sites. Additional functionalities that improve viewing and usage are the inputs. It has a USB port that accommodates your flash disk with saved files. You don’t have to change the format of the video or audio when listening and watching movies.

More info:

The total number of HDMI ports this machine offers is three. That is more than what the conventional designs have. Use them to connect to other multimedia components to improve sound as well as video. You can use your laptop, computer, and other devices to personalize your entertainment. Save the electricity costs in your household every time you unwind after a long day. The above unit has a 120V input v and 290watts power consumption. With a 47.7-inch height, you get better visibility from up-close or far watching range. Moreover, this accessory weighs 141.10 pounds for easy placement to your ideal location. The included RS-232C command set permits flexible remote controlling from your preferred devices.

In Summary:
  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Suitable for homes, boardrooms and conference centers
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal viewing angle
  • The 1080P Scan Format guarantees clear images
  • Has a 47.7″ height that improves comfortable watching

The Top Difference Between a Digital and Analog TV

Televisions come in different sizes with similar and varying features. When you are planning to buy one of the best 90-100 inch TVs, you have to know some basic information that influences its performance. Factors like weight, inbuilt features, and the type of connectivity. The following guide focuses on the latter which is connectivity, the most common one being digital and smart.

Signal Processing

Digital screens have a huge popular than the analog ones. Most countries have done away with the latter to give people a blur-free and flicker-free viewing experience. The main difference is that digital TVs process both analog and digital signals, while the other type only analog signals. Because of one signal processing, the digital models are prone to problems. For example, they have higher interference, noise, and distortions than other conventional systems. Note that digital screens are affected by these problems if using an analog signal.

Display Type

Analog screens use cathode ray tubes while digital use flat panel as their display. The flat panel includes LED, LCD, or Plasma. For the analog designs, they are much bigger and heavier than digital ones. They require a bit of effort for placement and also consume lots of power.

Picture Resolution

The most common picture resolution is found in digital displays is 780 or 1080 known as high definition. Also, some models have 480p resolution referred to as SD. The HD typically increases as the size also enlarges but does not interfere with the image quality. Previous attempts to implement HDTV on analog televisions found that it requires too much bandwidth.

Size and Weight

The many designs of analog televisions come in various shapes and sizes. Even if you are looking for the best 90-100 inch TV, you will some of the previous models on display. Their dimension is less than 30 inches because of creating larger screens still delivers low-quality images. That’s why manufacturers stick to the aforementioned size and below.

Additional Information

If you have an analog TV at home, don’t discard it because it has some benefits. It uses CRT which does not break as quickly as the flat panel displays. Also, they have a fast time response suitable when watching fast motion videos. That means fewer blurs and interesting sports or other speedy action scenes. Another thing that makes analog televisions better is their contrast ratio, which is better than most digital screens.

Smart Connectivity

Smart TVs, much like smartphones and smart home devices, offer internet connectivity, and support is like a smart home device or smartphone that provides internet connectivity. Not only that but it also allows you to download a variety of popular apps such as YouTube and Netflix. Compared to analog and digital TVs, they guarantee advanced entertainment options. You can stream movies, sports, check social media as well as play live games. Other models let you speak command using Alexa Voice control to activate or deactivate some settings.

How To Take Care Of A TV For Elongating Its Life Span?

Turning Off

You must always turn off your television when not in use. Each television has its lifecycle and turning it on when you are not watching it can affect its lifecycle. Make a habit of turning it off when you are doing some other work. Never forget to turn off the television before you go to sleep.

Clean at Regular Intervals

It is important to clean your television set from time to time. Dust can accumulate on the screen and affect visibility. You must be careful while cleaning and never use water for the purpose. It is always suitable to use anti-static electricity cleaners for the screen. Dust can also enter on the interior of your television even if it is a flat-screen set. If there is dust inside your TV set, that can respond slowly. By using an electronic vacuum pump, you can take care of this.

Voltage Regulator/ Surge Protector

Sever voltage spike can damage your television or any of its parts. Voltage spikes usually happen when there is a power cut and returns back suddenly. It can also happen due to voltage fluctuation or due to lightning or thundering. By using a surge protector or voltage regulator, you can protect your television and other electrical appliances. This is affordable and expands the longevity of your TV. Thundering or lighting can damage your television beyond repair and affect your pocket.

Contrast and Brightness

A flat-screen television with high levels of contrast and affect the lifespan of your device. It is advisable to keep on changing the contrast level from time to time and maintain the picture quality of your television. The other important factor that you need to maintain is the brightness of your TV. Maintain the brightness at an optimal level so that there will be no eyestrain. You should also not let your television run for a longer duration.

Keep in a Safe Place

If you are having an LCD television with flat screen, then mount it place it in a decent place that offers good ventilation. Your TV will generate a lot of heat, as it tends to use a lot of electricity. It is important to place the TV in an open space where there will be no humidity. In doing so, this will cool on its own when it is off. Furthermore, open spaces let your television to cool down even when you are using it and increases the lifespan.

Restrict Low Temperatures

With cold temperatures, there can be condensation that can affect the vital components of the television. You must never turn on the television during freezing conditions. You must also keep sharp objects away from your television set as it can destroy your television screen. Sharp objects can cause permanent damage to your television screens, as it is much thinner.

Prevention of Burn-in

Always refrain from watching your television for a longer period of time. Images that stay for a longer time than the others can lead to have burn-ins and damage the set.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A TV

Screen Size and Screen Type

Most of the flat-screen television sets come in a wide variety of sizes. One can easily select the size of the screen depending upon user preference and upon the size of the room. A television with a large screen size can be expensive but lets you watch at a higher resolution. Most of the television comes with a flat LCD screen and have a sleek profile. However, it is completely an individual preference on which one to get.

Resolution and Sound

Always go for a TV that supports 4K resolution if your budget supports. With the 4K resolution, you can watch 1080p pictures and have an enhanced television viewing experience. It will have millions of pixels and have good color and brightness feature. This will let you capture even the smallest object in vivid detail. You can also see if it supports HDR10 and let you have the experience of a theater at home. The sound is another factor that you cannot compromise. Surround sound lets you hear amazing sound quality. It should let you capture even the smallest sound without any disturbance.

Smart Functionality

Most of the modern-day flat-screen television comes with built-in Wi-Fi that lets you watch entertainment from other sources. You can easily connect to various apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video and watch your favorite shows. Some will even let you browse social networking sites and eliminate the use of computers or tabs.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate determines the refreshing of the picture on the screen. It will let you capture good details even in fast-moving action scenes. Refresh rate varies from television to television, and it can be a minimum of 60 Hz. Always see if the refresh rate is more than 120 Hz so that you can watch a more solid picture. You will also have to see for LED backlight options that let you see television according to the lighting conditions.

Connectivity Ports and Easy Mounting

A good television will easily allow you to connect it to various other devices and stream the contents directly from there. See if it has outputs like USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and other features. You must also see inputs like sound jack and others. See if it has easy mounting options. Your television must be secure on the wall and must be easy to do. If you are planning to keep it on a desktop, ensure that it has a good stand so that there is stability. You can also see if it offers better wire management so that it will create a clean look of your room.

Additional Features

The other additional features that you need to look out for are a convenient remote control. Some television sets let you connect with your smartphone and control it directly from anywhere you want. It will provide you a touchscreen remote and use it with ease. It will also let you stream the contents of your smartphone on a large screen. Some other factors can be Alexa compatibility, which lets you search the program with the power of your voice.

In Conclusion

There is a better way to improve your viewing at home or in other large spaces. The use of the best 90-100 inch TV is more practical, especially if you spend a lot of time in conference rooms. It has a large display to eliminate eye, neck and head strains when watching an entertaining show. Also, the newer models allow you to connect to the internet to personalize your entertainment. You can watch movies on Netflix or watch music on YouTube. It all depends on your preferences. Check the products above and pick one of the best 90-100 inch TVs currently in the market.

Old Version: Version 1 - Best 90-100 Inch TVs

Old Version: Version 1 – Best 90-100 Inch TVs

If you plan to bring the multiplex inside your home, you need first to get a huge TV. Some of the biggest TVs in this range are 90-100 inch TVs, and you can get as much thrill as you get in a cinema hall sitting at the comfort of your home. In fact, your room has to be large enough to accommodate a large TV of size 90-100 inches. Though there are only a handful of such large TVs available, they are surely worth purchasing. Check out the best 90-100 inch TVs available online to entertain you beyond limits.

#4. 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2018 (100L8D)

Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2018 (100L8D)

By: Hisense

Here is a 100-inch television that is compatible with Alexa. In this, you will find the feature of ambient light rejection that makes it adapt perfectly in dark or light environments. This has DLP technology that provides clear images in different types of screens. This is a smart television and has built-in Wi-Fi. Moreover, this has the function of Bluetooth that lets you stream wirelessly from various apps and a web browser. This has viewing angles of 180 degrees and produces amazing colors with its laser technology.

Furthermore, this will let you see bright pictures as it has 3000 lumens. With this, you can enhance your television experience and select from several apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu, and Netflix. This is in large size and does more than television. You can control everything with the help of a convenient remote control by sitting in one place.

#3. 98-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV With Web OS (2015 Model)

LG 98UB9800 98-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV with Web OS (2015 Model)

By: LG

This is a 98-inch television that comes with smart functionality and has many other features. The TV has 4K resolution and lets you watch full HD picture. It has 8.3 million pixels and lets you enjoy vivid colors. Furthermore, it has an IPS 4K panel that determines the quality of the image. There is also Tru-4K Engine Pro that delivers a neat picture in high quality. This can display any 4K content with its High-Efficiency Video Coding.

Moreover, it has TruMotion 240Hz that lets you un-blur any fast-moving action scene. This also has a webOS interface that enables you to access to different apps and customizes the home screen. You can easily switch from one app to various app and pick up from where you left. In addition to this, you will find tons of other features like 2D to 3D conversion, magic remote, dual play, and 4K 3D+. The television has many input/output ports. Coming from one of the best TV brands, it is one of the best 90-100 inch TVs on the list.

#2. 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

By: Sharp

Equipped with smart functionality, this 90-inch television has a super-thin bezel. This has a dynamic contrast ratio of 4M: 1 and the native refresh rate is 120 Hz. In this, you will find built-in Wi-Fi and comes with a web browser. Moreover, this has the feature of Optical Picture Control, which adjusts the brightness of the picture according to the light in the room. You will also find the feature of Split Screen, where you can watch two shows at a time.

Furthermore, this has a Dual-Core processor that reduces the waiting time and loads faster. This is super-fast and lets you choose from several popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody, Twitter, and Facebook. It also has AquoMotion 240 that delivers crystal clear images during fast-moving action scenes. In addition to this, you can easily sync it with your smartphone and control it with your touchscreen phone.

#1. 90-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV (Old Model)

Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV (Old Model)

By: Sharp

This 90-inch television comes with many amazing features and has a sleek profile. This is a smart television that lets you have access to many popular apps and includes a web browser. This is large in size and has a crystal clear picture. It has full HD resolution and supports 1080p contents. Moreover, this has a full-array LED backlight system and has the feature of surround sound. Apart from the incredible picture, you will also listen to outstanding sound quality, and it lets you control it with the help of a convenient remote control.

In this, you will find the backlight scanning refresh rate of 240 Hz and is perfect for fast-action moving scenes. Furthermore, this comes with two pairs of 3D television glasses and has an optical digital audio output. It also has many inputs like USB, HDMI, HD component, Ethernet, and composite video. This will let you have more than a television and lets you view it on a large screen. There is no doubt that it is one of the best 90-100 inch TVs to buy.


We have listed the handful of the best 90-100 inch TVs from the best brands. All you have to do is keep the buying guide in mind and choose the best one as per your requirement. The parameters and features vary a lot in them and therefore, you have to pay attention to the product description to understand them Ideally speaking, you should at least opt for Full HD and buy a home theater separately to get the best visual and audio experience.

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