The Top 9 Best 8-Person Tents – In 2021 Products Review

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People have always loved the outdoor scene. Some just want to get away from the noisy and bustling city, others like embracing nature, while some people want to have fun trekking, lighting bonfires, and enjoying flora and fauna. Hiking, trekking, hunting, fishing are also recreational activities. Going in large group also means you may need 8-person tents.

After engaging in the activity, you will need a place to lay your head or just to chill, and bond with other people, and this is where a tent comes in handy. It’s more economical and convenient to have one large tent rather than several small pieces if you are many or want better interaction or bonding. If you are a group of 8 persons, then the following products the best 8-person tents will make a nice addition to your camping gear.

The List Of Best 8-Person Tents In 2021

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Made from Polyester and PE cloth, the ANCHEER camping tent will withstand the outdoor environment well. It features a waterproof 3000mm polyurethane coating and is UV protected to keep the users safe. The PU seam is heat welded and chances of moisture or water penetrating through are minimal. It is held in place by extra thick black fiberglass poles that are linked with superior metal and parts.

Chances of it toppling/tipping over, even in windy situations, are minimal, especially if done right. The 4 season tent is perfect for 6-8 people and has a large door that can be opened both ways. Setting up and bringing down should take about 5 minutes and it will fit in the carry bag.

By: Wenzel

The Wenzel Klondike tent Measures 16(W) x 6.5(H) x 11(D) feet and is roomy enough for 8 people. It comes with a tough construction to protect the occupants from the elements. The Grey/Taupe tent is made of durable water repellent polyester that keeps you warm and cozy. The material is coated with polyurethane which also improves longevity and has a full mesh roof to enhance ventilation.

For stability, it features double-staked power corners. It has a screened area that doubles as a second sleeping unit or a sunroom. Setting up the tent is hassle-free and you don’t need to be an expert. It also comes down easily.

#7. Evanston 8 Tent

By: Coleman

If you want a reliable and portable outdoor tent, you should not look beyond the Coleman Evanston Tent. Consumers love it for its large dimension of 12 x 12 foot which is adequate for up to 8 people. Although large, you won’t take a long time to put it up. The

Polyester taffeta 75D material is steam and will endure regular use, the elements, abrasion, mishandling, and more. The 74-inch center height is good enough for most people and the hinged door opens easily. The modified dome structure is more practical and gives you more privacy. The Variflo system allows you to vary the ventilation while the electrical access port makes powering devices easy.

#6 Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-People Cabin Tent with Closet

By: Coleman

The Coleman Tenaya Lake is ideal for up to 8 people and is easy to pitch thanks to the Fast Pitch mechanism. You only need about 9 minutes to set it up while the simple hinged door simplifies entry and exit. It measures 13 x 9 feet and ensures the occupants have decent space. It has a room divider for increased privacy and a center height of 6-foot 8-inches.

The Cabin tent comes with a nice functional built-in closet that comprises a hanger bar and shelves to organize your things. Similar to most tents from the manufacturer, it is based on the WeatherTec system for keeping it dry.

#5. 100% Waterproof Large Camping Tent


You and 7-8 other people will fit nicely in this camping tent. The NTK Laredo GT is built from a strong 190T polyester fabric and comes in a double-layer construction for maximum strength. It’s coated with a 2500mm waterproofing compound to keep you and your things dry even in the rain. This best 8-person tent measures 10 x 15 ft and consists of 1 large door, one room, and 3 well-ventilated windows.

The NANO-FLEX shock poles are corded for easy identification and assembly. For quick and easy setup, it also has an Aluminium Pin-and-ring system. Standing inside the tent is stress-free due to the 6.2 ft center height while the polyurethane 2500 mm water column keeps the interior dry.

By: Timber Ridge

Coming with a length of 14ft, a width of 8 ft, and a center height of 74inches, this outdoor tent by Timber Ridge is ideal for 8 persons. It’s very roomy and will also accommodate airbeds and belongings. The 3 season tent is fit for many climates and weather and has an easy-to-remove seam-sealed fly. It features one inner tent, one flysheet, and comprises 2 rooms.

The tough polyester material delivers a decent shade while the 4 Guy ropes and 14 steel stakes fully secure it to the ground. It has a breathable design and an inner mesh for good ventilation and when folded, it fits nicely in the included carry bag.

#3. Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent


The Cherokee GT is appropriate for 8- 9 people and is easy to set up and pull down. The 10 x 12 ft outdoor tent is spacious and comes with a detachable room divider. The 6.1ft center height provides a decent standing space, especially for taller people. It’s made of robust 190T polyester and has a double layer of rain fly that offers full coverage. Access is provided by 2 large D-shaped doors and 2-way zippers.

The fabric is coated with polyurethane for excellent water resistance and also enhances its strength. The thermoplastic coating is heat-seamed for protection against UV and has a breathable design for better comfort. Carrying the tent is easy since it weighs 18.7lbs.

By: Coleman

One slot shy of the top position is the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent. This portable piece is from polyester and is perfect for campers, hikers, and other people. Setting it up is straightforward and should require about 15 minutes, thanks to its basic design. Bringing it down is equally comfortable and effortless. It has a floor space measuring 15 x 12 feet and can handle 8 mature adults and 2 queen size air beds.

The 72-inch center height works well even with tall people and includes a decent rain fly. It has a separate screen room that will stop insects and bugs and inverted seams and welded floors to keep moisture and water away.

#1. Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

By: Kodiak Canvas

In our opinion, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe deserves the first position on this review. Its raw material is from 100% cotton duck canvas and will keep all the occupants well- sheltered. The spacious tent has a center height of 6’6″ to accommodate tall users. It has 2 large D-doors, one at the front, and the other at the back and boasts of sturdy and easy sliding YKK zippers (#10).

This best 8-person tent has good air circulation thanks to the 4 “no-see-um mesh” windows and the 2 funnel-flow vents. The Hydra-Shield is not only watertight and durable but also breathable. Carrying the tent is uncomplicated due to its lightweight and portable design.

8-Person Tents Buying Guide

8-person tents are large and spacious, and they are perfect for large groups or family camping. This buying guide is here to introduce you to some tips on how to choose the right 8-person tent. You will find some useful points in the list below, so feel free to check them out.

Doors & Windows

No matter if it is day or night, there should be enough light in the tent. The more the doors and windows that the tent has, the better it is. Apart from the additional light, you also get to see the view outside your tent as well. Another thing is that multiple doors allow for easy access and exit even when you separate the tent into different rooms.

Room Dividers

A tent this big should come with at least 2 room dividers to separate the tent into 3 or 4 different rooms. This is for privacy purposes, and it is also quite convenient as well. There are sleepers who prefer to sleep by themselves, and there are snorers who are better sleeping in a different room. In case you can sleep all together in one tent, you can leave the dividers since they come in handy.


Usually, an 8-person tent is like a small cabin that accommodates a group of people together while camping. With up to 8 people, the space inside the tent should be large and roomy. You have to make sure that everyone can sleep comfortably inside the tent without cramming. At the same time, there should also be enough space for backpacks and gear storage as well. Find the ones that can be as spacious as possible because it is better to have room left than having none.

Additional Factors In 8-Person Tents

    Compact: Carrying an 8-person tent is not easy which is why you should look for a compact option. Just make sure that there is enough space in your vehicles for the tent.
    Easy Setup: Large tents can be challenging and time-consuming for set up. This is why you should find the options that allow you to put together everything fast and easily.
    Material: Different materials in tents means different performance, quality, and durability. Depends on the weather conditions and locations of where you camp, the material can vary. The key is to pick the ones that are durable and sturdy enough to protect everyone inside.
    Rain Fly: Just in case it rains and your tent is not waterproof, you should get a rain fly. This will come in handy, and it will protect you and your belongings inside. A rain fly is very cheap and easy to find, so looking for one shouldn’t be difficult.
    Ventilation: A large tent should have enough ventilation so that everyone can sleep comfortably inside. Pick the 8-person tent with as many ventilation systems as possible. That way, you won’t have to worry about sleeping uncomfortably sleeping on stuffy or hot nights at all.


With one of the above best 8-person tents, you and your family or friends shouldn’t have a problem finding the right tent. All you need is zeroing on your favorite piece. It may be the first one, the second one, or even the last one. One sure thing is that any of these tents will deliver excellent service. They come from tough material to compact the elements. They are also lightweight and fold easily for better carrying, provide a decent shelter for as many as 8 people, and they also protect the occupants from the sun, rain, wind, animals, bugs, and more.

You will also spend little time pitching or removing them because of their easy-to-install and straightforward mechanism. So, what are you still waiting for? Owning the best 8-person tent is just a matter of clicking your favorite product.

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