The 14 Best 40-Inch TVs In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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If you are not satisfied that the most popular size TV ( the 32-inch), then you can opt for 40-inch TVs as they are ideal for medium-sized rooms. It is true that the bigger the screen size, the better will be the viewing experience. But the TV’s size should match with the room size to keep the aesthetics intact.

If you are planning to buy a 40-inch TV, you can go through the following list of the best 40-inch TVs available in the current market. They have the best-balanced features, and you should choose the one that satisfies all your requirements perfectly.

The List of Best 40-Inch TVs in 2021

#14. 40-Inch LED Full HD TV T4000F (2020 Model)

By: Impecca

This is a smart television which will completely enhance your television viewing experience. The 40-inch TV comes in a sleek design and can place in any room of your home. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is a backlit LCD TV. It has a V6 hexa-core processor and is easy to mount on a wall. Moreover, this will allow you to browse web content and will let you watch videos from YouTube.

Furthermore, this is lightweight and comes with an easy to use remote control. This is many input/output ports, including HDMI. This can be a perfect upgrade to your old television, and it is also affordable. You can do many things with this television and can also place it on a desktop.

In Summary:

1920 x 1080 resolution for better picture clarity.
LED Smart TV with browsers and YouTube functionality.
V6 six-core processor and backlit LCD.

#13. Samsung UN40N5200AFXZA Flat 40-Inch FHD 5 Series Full HD

By: Samsung

If you want to experience realistic viewing with a crisp picture, then this is the one for you. The 40-inch TV has many input/output like HDMI, USB, composite in, audio jack, and RF. In this, you will be able to view 1080P full-HD picture, and it also has impressive sound quality. Moreover, this has Hi-Fi audio and comes with the ultra-surround sound mode. This has a 2-channel speaker system and features DTS decoder. It comes in an elegant design and will give a perfect picture.

Furthermore, this is lightweight and comes in a black piano finish. This will get in any room of your home and has a captivating sound. This is perfect for enjoying any movie, sports, or entertainment with your family, and you can also watch many other programs like news and chat shows. You can easily mount this television on a wall or even place it conveniently on a desktop.

In Summary:

Full HD 1080P LED TV with great sound quality.
Crisp picture quality with 60 Hz refresh rate.
Ultra-surround sound with DTS decoder.

#12. Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV

By: Proscan

This 40-inch television will look great in your home. This is a full-HD LED TV which has a motion rate of 60. In this, you will find fast video processing and is very easy to set up. You can process the video game very quickly in this one, and it will also reduce the input lag. Moreover, this has HDMI CEC support which will save you time. There is also HDMI audio return channel which will minimize the requirement to have multiple cables.

The television will let you view any scene with incredible detail and is also very lightweight. Furthermore, this has easy mounting options and is a must-have TV for small rooms. You will also find a headphone jack in this one, and it will automatically delay during fast-moving scenes.

In Summary:

1080P LED TV for detailed picture.
Full-HD with Motion Rate Technology.
HDMI ARC which eliminates multiple cables.
Fast video processing with no minimal blur.

#11. E20300 40″ INCH 1080P LED A53 Quad-CORE Android TV

By: Skyworth

This is a 40 inches LED television which has got a resolution of 1920×1080. It has got three HDMI ports, which allows you to stream contents directly from a smartphone or tablet to your television. You can enjoy movies, sports, and even play video games.

Besides that, you can either place it on a table or mount it on a wall. It has got DTS SRS TruSurround HD, which will provide maximum bass as well as smooth treble. The TV weighs 14.2 pounds and will give you the ultimate experience of everything you watch.

In Summary:

Full HD with better clarity and detail.
No motion blur in a fast-moving scene.
TruSurround technology for better bass and treble.

#10. 1080p LED TV Metal Black 2018

Sceptre 43 Inches 1080p LED TV X438BV-FSR (2017)

By: Sceptre

(Note: This is a 43-inch and not a 40-inch TV. We include it in the list because we think that this is also a trendy model in the market.)

In this television, there are three HDMI ports, including 1 for MHL. It has got clear QAM and ATSC as well as NTSC. This is a 43 inches television which gives a full HD view. It can easily be mounted on the wall and comes with “Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation” 120. The television has a resolution of 1080p, and it weighs 15.2 pounds.

Also, you can catch your favorite films, sports, music in enhanced quality. It also offers you to play video games. This can also be connected to your personal computer.

In Summary:

Slim and modern design.
High brightness and contrast ratio.
No motion blur and clarity issue.

#9. 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung UN40MU6290 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

By: Samsung Electronics

In this television, you will see a vibrant and clear picture as it has got four times more pixels when compared to other television. It has hot full HD resolution and will give you an experience beyond High Definition.

Moreover, this is packed with apps where you can stream films as well as TV channels. It also allows you to play games, connect to social media, know about the weather, and much more. The television has got a motion rate of 120 which allows you to grab fast-moving content. It has got the 4K color drive and 4K HDR Pro.

In Summary:

Vibrant color and smooth action.
Four times better than Full HD TV.
A wide range of useful apps for all-day entertainment.

#8. TCL 40S325 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV


With smart functionality, this 40-inch television will give a crisp picture with 1080P HD resolution. In this, you can watch from over 500,000 films and television episodes. You can access everything easily from Roku TV. The television has a direct-lit LED where you will get amazing picture quality. When it comes to input/output, this has RF, USB, HDMI, Headphone jack, and optical audio out. Moreover, the television is very lightweight and comes from a popular brand.

It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz that produces minimal motion blur. Furthermore, this comes in a slim design and looks very attractive. This is a perfect device to bring your family together and have a great time. The TV will let you watch movies, entertainment, songs, and sports in HD and will give you endless entertainment. You can control everything with the help of a convenient remote. This is easy to mount and also make it stand on a desktop.

In Summary:

1080P Smart LED TV with Roku.
Direct-lit for excellent picture quality.
Multiple inputs/outputs with three HDMI.

#7. Electronics UN40M5300A 40-Inch Class 1080P Smart LED HD TV

By: Samsung

In this 40 inch TV, you will be getting a full HD resolution and will give you an experience of the lifelike picture. It can offer a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p. In the TV, there is an optical digital audio out, composite & component, RF, and USB port. It has got amazing picture quality making it perfect for watching movies and sports.

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Additionally, with a refresh rate of 60Hz, you can grab fast-moving action scenes without any motion blur. This premium television allows easy mounting, and it has got a weight of 13.9 pounds.

In Summary:

Minimal motion blur.
Lifelike picture and scenes.
Direct-lit LED for better brightness.

#6. Flat 4K UHD 7 Series Smart LED TV (2018)

Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA Flat 40 4K UHD 7 Series Smart LED TV (2018)

By: Samsung

This is one of the best 40-inch TVs that has a motion rate of 120 which will let you see fast-moving scenes without any motion blur. It supports HDR10+ and will provide stunning high dynamic content. In this, you can view millions of color shades which will create a vibrant picture. Moreover, it comes in a slim design which makes it look very attractive. It is also lightweight and comes with easy mounting options.

This is a UHD TV which is from a leading brand. With 4K viewing, the television has a powerful UHD engine. Furthermore, it has incredibly fluid motion and will let you adjust the picture quality from every scene. It is stylish and comes with a universal guide. You can browse from multiple devices and has an easy-to-browse menu. This will bring your family together and will also let you search for many apps. It comes with a standard remote control which allows you to navigate from the menus. It is undoubtedly one of the best 40-inch TVs on the list with modern features.

In Summary:

An Ultra-HD TV with 120Hz motion rate.
Supports HDR 10+ with fluid clarity and a spectrum of colors.
Elegant and slim design with a powerful system.

#5. 1080p Smart LED TV (2016)

Sony 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV KDL40W650D (2016)

By: Sony

This 40 inches television has got a direct-lit LED, and it is also a smart television. It offers a full HD resolution with a clear picture. There are two HDMI ports as well as two USB ports. Along with the TV, you will be getting accessories like video adapter, batteries, remote control, AC Power cord, AC power adapter, and tabletop stand.

In addition to that, the television has got a native refresh rate of 60Hz and an effective Motionflow XR of 240. As a smart TV, it allows you to get connected to YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and also many other apps.

In Summary:

Direct-lit LED with full-screen brightness.
Decent refresh rate and with motion flow.
Various accessories available making it a complete set.

#4. 1080p LED TV (2014 Model)

Samsung UN40H5003 40-Inch 1080p LED TV (2014 Model)

By: Samsung

In this television, there are two HDMI ports and one USB component. You can either place it on a table with the help of a stand or get it mounted on a wall. This has got a CMR of 120 and refresh rate of 60HZ. You will be able to see a different spectrum of colors as it comes with Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology.

Of course, the color will also be witnessed even if it is a non-HD content. It comes with DTS Studio Sound which is perfect to stream media. The TV is in the resolution of 36.1 x 9 x 23.3 inches and weighs 16.8 pounds.

In Summary:

Edge-lit LED for better details around the edges.
DTS Studio Sound for a better throw around the room.
High processing speed for minimal motion blur.

#3. 4K Smart LED TV D40U-D1 (2016)

VIZIO 40 4K Smart LED TV D40U-D1 (2016)


This 40 inches television will offer you a stunning view with its amazing clarity. The Ultra-HD television has got 8.3 million pixels and has got a spatial scaling engine. This is perfect for watching TV shows, movies, and sports.

In addition to that, this is also a smart TV which allows you to use Vizio apps and get connected to music, movies, and many other things. In this TV, there is a dual-band Wi-Fi, which is also faster and allows fast streaming. It has got a dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU. This TV weighs 17.63 pounds, and you can also get it mounted.

In Summary:

Stunning picture quality and clarity.
Scaling engine transforms Full HD to 4K videos.
Hexa-core processor for no motion blur.

#2. 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

By: Samsung Electronics

This is another best 40-inch TV from Samsung. This television has got four times more pixels and will offer you full HD view. It will give you a realistic experience of true colors with its Dimming Technology. You do not require any manual programming as everything can be accessed with the help of remote control.

Moreover, with a motion rate of 120, it allows you to catch mast moving contents and has also got premium sound quality. It has got a mega dynamic contrast and will enable you to get connected to the internet. The television weighs 19.2 pounds and comes in a dimension of 36.1 x 11.3 x 23.5 inches.

In Summary:

Four times better than Full HD TVs.
Pure color and realistic scenes.
One universal remote automatically detects all connected devices.

#1. 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)


Although the year is not the latest, this TV can still be counted as one of the best 40-inch TV according to its features and price. In this TV, you will be getting the Roku Television Streaming Program. This is a smart television. There are three HDMI ports, one USB port, an optical audio out, headphone jack, composite, and RF. It comes with a refresh rate of 120Hz and does not give any motion blur when watching fast-moving action scenes.

On top of this, it produces superior picture quality with its Direct-lit LED. The television will give you a lifelike picture and you can do many other things on this television. This TV has got a weight of 14.6 pounds and comes in a dimension of 7.8 x 36.3 x 23.4 inches. Watch this YouTube video to understand its usage.

In Summary:

Real-life like picture clarity and color.
Direct-lit LED for high brightness and quality.
No motion blur due to a high refresh rate.
Featured under Amazon’s Choice for 40-inch TV category.
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Guides To Buy The Best 40-Inch TV

Paying more money may not always get you the best TV because there are many parameters available that determine the picture quality. There are other factors like brightness, clarity, detailed, motion blurriness, and likewise. Go through the following list of parameters, and you need to keep them in your mind while buying a 40-inch TV.


The first thing you have to decide is the resolution of the TV you want to buy. The more money you spend here, the better resolution you are going to get. Most of the buyers check the resolution while buying. There are three primary resolutions available – 720p or HD, 1080p or Full HD and 4K. An HD TV is the minimum resolution you can buy. Still, since the TV is quite large in terms of sizing, it is recommended to buy at least Full HD TV to get a good enough picture clarity. But if you can afford, you should always opt for a 4K TV as the picture quality is four times better than Full HD and this is what will make your TV modern. It will not get old regarding market values for a few years to come.

Smart or Non-Smart

If you are buying a TV to watch TV channels that you get through a cable connection or DTH connection, a traditional TV is suitable for you. But if you have children of the modern generation, you need to buy a smart TV and use it more like the way you use your smartphone. There are going to be various video streaming apps of unlimited video content. You can do web browsing and access social media accounts on the big screen. Not only that, you can download games apps and play games seamlessly. All this is achieved via an internet connection and Android-based OS that comes pre-installed.

Voice Activation

A voice-activated device is becoming a mainstream thing as different voice assistant devices are hitting the market and making it easy for users to perform various operations by giving commands. There are certain smart TVs available that have voice command activated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can just sit and give a voice command to change apps, channels, play specific videos, music, or images as per your requirement.

Screen Types and Others

Most of the TVs in the current market have an LED screen. In the LED displays, there are three types – backlit, edge-lit, and direct-lit. Back-lit is common, but you should insist on buying a direct-lit for higher brightness and clarity. The edge-lit ones are rare or relatively new, but if you get one, you should always buy that because it supports dynamic contrast feature. Read more about television screen types. Among other parameters, you should watch out for a refreshing rate which must be 120Hz for no motion blur. The sound quality is where you have to pay attention so that the audio and video combination is ideal for the best possible and most satisfactory entertainment.


Buying a 40-inch TV is an ideal choice for a room of medium size. The viewing experience will be better, and you can turn your room into a small home theater. If your budget is slightly on the higher side, you can opt for a smart TV so that you can watch the latest movies and TV series and even play games on the big screen. To make the best purchase possible with your budget, you should keep the parameters in mind and buy the one that fulfills your purpose completely.

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