The Top 10 Best 4-Person Tents – In 2021 Review

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One of the must-have accessories for a camper, hiker, or nature lover is the tent. It gives him/her the same comfort as a home but is temporary. And to satisfy the appetite for good and reliable products, manufacturers are always releasing newer and better products. If you have been keen on the products, you will note that modern types are much lighter but stronger, are very compact and fold to tiny pieces, and are also suitable for different environments.

They also take a very short time to set up and pull down and don’t require lots of skill. The only challenge is typically picking a particular item from the broad range of items. In this review, we have identified the best 4-person tents that are currently available from the market. Check it out!

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The List Of Best 4-Person Tents In 2021

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#10. Hooligan Tent

By: Coleman

The Coleman Hooligan Tent is among the sturdiest 4-person tents on the market considering it is made of heavy-duty polyester. The unit will shelter 4 people and still leave enough room for their movement and belongings. It has 1 large side entry/exit door and comprises a 1000D polyethylene bathtub floor.

The welded seams are leak-proof and ensure the inside of the tent stays dry always. It features a smooth interior surface that is also coated with a 450mm waterproof substance. The tent doesn’t stretch or sag even after prolonged use and also maintains its beautiful appearance.

By: Sportneer

Camping and hiking with family or friends is more fun when using this Sportneer tent. And just like other types in its class, it mounts quite fast because it relies on the instant Pop Up mechanism and requires very few support points. But despite its simplicity, it remains firm even in windy conditions as long as it’s fitted right. The dark green tent blends well with the environment.

Besides hiking and camping situations, it’s also suitable for the beach. The water-wicking fabric keeps the interior dry in the rain and the pre-assembled hydraulic automatic system simplifies setup and takes down. It comes with strong lightweight polyester and 2 large D-shaped doors at the front and rear. The mesh door screens and mesh window ensure there is a good circulation of air. And you also get a detachable rain fly as a bonus.

#8. Meramac 4-Person Tent

By: ALPS Mountaineering

This polyester taffeta made tent provides decent space for 4 people and their gear. The free-standing unit has two poles for support and is designed for most outdoor applications including camping and hiking. The base measures 7’6 x 8’6 and while the Center Height is 5 feet (60 inches). The polyester fabric is supported by shock-corded poles made of fiberglass and Guy Ropes.

This best 4-person tent has 2 zippers window doors, one at the front and the other at the back. This setting gives easy access to the tent. Carrying it while folded is easy taking into account it folds to a small size and only weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz.

#7. 4 Person 3 Season Tent

By: Mountainsmith

The Mountainsmith Genesee tent is suitable for many outdoor settings and can also be used in different climates and seasons. The lightweight product may look small, especially when folded, but when unfolded, it will accommodate 4 people quite well. It comes in a free-standing design which is easy to put up and take down and has a 185T polythene fly.

The 3 season tent has a bathroom construction floor for sturdiness and improved functionality, tent fly windows for good air circulation, and Two Vestibule /door layout for easy accessibility. For improved breathability and lighter weight, it features a Clip-pole attachment.

By: ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

If you are tired of the long process of setting up or pulling down a tent, then you will like the Lynx tent from ALPS Mountaineering. Assembling and pulling it down is very straightforward and doesn’t require specialized tools. In fact, by following the included instructions, it will be up or folded in a few minutes. 4 people fit nicely inside it and still have adequate space for movement.

The free-standing unit features a two-pole design and is stabilized by stakes and guy ropes. It is water-resistant and also provides protection from UV. It’s fully equipped and comes with 2 large doors, several storage pockets, and a gear loft. Weighing 8 lbs. 10 oz., carrying the tent is hassle-free.

#5. Double Layer 3-4 Person Lightweight Tent


If you want to blend well with nature, then this SEMOO double layer tent is perfect. The Army Green item is suitable for 3-4 people and is fit for traveling, camping, hiking, and related situations. The 3 season tent is lightweight, folds easily, and will fit perfectly in the included carry bag. The piece measures 126″ L x 94.5″ W x 51″ H and comes in a dome-shape which is more functional compared to other designs.

The poly fabric features a 2-ply design for extra strength and is supported by lightweight but strong fiberglass poles. The spacious vestibule offers decent storage space for your items and the poly rain ply extends the protection from the element. It’s supported and secured by 6 windproof Guy Lines and 19 steel stakes.

#4. Taurus 4-Person Tent

By: ALPS Mountaineering

Assembling a tent when out camping or hiking doesn’t need to be a struggle. With the Taurus tent, you only need a few minutes to set up a decent shelter for you and 3 other people. It has a free-standing design which is very easy to assemble and is also lightweight thanks to the fiberglass poles and poly fabric. This best 4-person tent has a polyester taffeta floor for an excellent standing, sleeping or standing area, and 2 entryways.

The mesh roof and zippered windows ensure the air circulation is good, especially on the hot sunny days. For storing your things, you get 2 vestibules while the Guy ropes and stakes secure the tent to the ground. It weighs just 10 lbs. 11 oz. and carrying it is easy.

By: Kelty

2 to 4 people will fit nicely inside this outdoor tent. The Kelty Grand Mesa is loved by campers, hikers, and many other propel who usually take shelter outdoors. It has a simple design for stress-free setting up and dismantling and has a green color that should look great with the outdoor environment. The 3 season tent is perfect for most seasons including spring, summer, and autumn.

Like other tents that come with Free-standing design, moving the tent around is easy and less cumbersome. It can be placed in different spots has free and remains intact if properly harnessed using the 2 aluminum poles and stakes. The color-coded clip construction simplifies the installation process while the 1 large doors provide access. One folded, the 98 x 80 x 56 in // 249 x 203 x 142 cm tent shrinks to a small size to fit in the stuff sack.

#2. Sundome 4-Person Tent

By: Coleman

If you know outdoor tents, then you know Coleman is one of the famous brands. There have released many products in the market, and one of the notable ones is this Coleman Sundome tent. It is targeted at 4 adults and comes in a dome-design which seemed to be the preferred design in the market. The spacious tent has a length of 9 feet and a width of 7 feet. Setting it up requires about 10 minutes while removal needs a shorter period.

Once installed, it remains firm thanks to the continuous pole sleeves and tough fabric. It doesn’t snag or stretch and will retain its integrity for a long period. The WeatherTec system and inverted seams and patented welded floors guarantee you of a dry floor and interior.

#1. Canyon 4 Person Tent Copper Tan

By: Eureka!

The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 is a 4 person tent suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor applications. It has a large spacious interior to hold up to 4 people. The floor area measures 8 x 8 feet and comes in a beautiful copper tan color. The 7 feet center height is among the highest on the market, and tall people won’t have a problem fitting inside the tent.

The large D-styled door provides easy entry/exit during the half window and full mesh roof support circulation of fresh air. The interior will stay cool even in warm weather. The waterproof material and seams keep the occupants dry during rain whereas the free-standing design makes installation and removal easy and quick.

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4-Person Tents Buying Guide

A 4-person tent is ideal for a small group or family camping, and they enough space for 4 campers. If you are new to camping and buying tents, we have some tips that you can check out. Below are some of the important things that you should have in mind when buying 4-person tents.


The tent has to be durable so that they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions while protecting you. Durable camping tents are resistant to wear and tear, and they are tough enough to handle extreme temperatures. Even better, the 4-person tent that you choose should be windproof and waterproof or at least resistant to both. There are times when it gets windy or rainy, a durable and tough tent should get to live through that.

Easy Setup

You have no idea how many campers give up camping because they hate the tent setup part. There are tents that allow for an easy and convenient setup that you can find on the market. With easy and simple steps to follow, it is less time consuming so that you will get to do other things. In fact, there are instant and pop up tents that you can find, and they are super easy and fast to set up. If you are a beginner, then that is the type of tent that you should start with.


No matter how many people in the tent will be, size is always important. The perfect tent does not only have enough space for 4 people but also for gear storage as well. Also, make sure that the 4-person tents that you choose have room for 4 adults if all the campers are adults. That is because there are 4 person tents that fit 2 adults and 2 small children. The trick is to go for a 6-person tent if you want a comfortable room for 4 adults.

Another thing that you consider in the size of the tent is actually height. Most camping tents come with standard size for campers with average heights. If you are too tall, then you will not be able to sleep comfortably in the tent at all. Always check for the overall size and dimension of the tent and see if they are suitable for you or not. At the same time, make sure that there is enough space inside for your backpacks and gear.


Different tents are resistant and ideal for different types of weather. There are some tips on how to choose the right tents for the seasons that you want to camp in.

    If it is a summer camping, find the ones with multiple ventilation systems. That will keep you comfortable and cool as you sleep at night.
    If you camp in regions where it usually rains, get a waterproof tent. It will protect you and your belongings from the rain.
    In case you want to camp in any season of the year especially winter, go for the 4-season tent.

Final Thoughts

We can’t deny that the outdoors provides an excellent opportunity to be one with nature. They allow you to escape from life stresses, bond with your family or friends, or simply rejuvenate your tired soul, body, and mind. A good tent, such as the ones above, will offer you a nice shelter. It will stop the rain, sun, wind, moisture, and other debris, provide good storage for your gear, and won’t interfere with your movement.

Besides showcasing the best 4-person tents, we also have provided you tips for maintaining the tent. As any expert will tell you, many are ruined because of poor pitching, wrong folding, improper operation, rough handling, and lack of timely repair. We believe that this article has given you helpful information as you plan to buy your next tent.

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